Panthers doing homework for possible coaching search

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Since the Panthers’ last win was a huge one, and followed by a bye week, the local fury over their 0-2 start has subsided.

But while there was a report by Tom Sorensen on the Charlotte Observer that coach Ron Rivera wouldn’t be fired during the season, that’s not the same thing as long-term security.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Panthers have begun “laying groundwork for a possible coaching search,” including background checks on candidates. Word has apparently gotten back to one of them.

The entire process has had a temporary feel all offseason. Owner Jerry Richardson allowed Rivera a chance to plead for his job and it worked, but then General Manager Dave Gettleman was hired without even meeting Rivera before he took the job.

Richardson stuck it to John Fox in 2010, holding him to fulfill his contract after deciding not to give him an extension. So letting Rivera ride out a transitional year fits with his economic preferences.

Rivera’s still popular within certain parts of the organization, as he’s a good and decent person who players relate with. But while thrashing the winless Giants helped buy him some time, the reality of his 14-21 record (including a 2-14 mark in games decided by a touchdown) means that having a list of possible replacements prepared only makes sense, whenever they need to use it.

20 responses to “Panthers doing homework for possible coaching search

  1. Just when it feels like they are righting the ship, rumors like this come out. RR does seem like a good guy and I hope he can stay the course and just focus on winning games.

  2. Lol sounds like the panthers. There probably is some more interesting coaching choices out there and will be after season. I think they screwed up letting fox go even though he held onto delhomme forever past his lil success.

  3. Mostly I despise rumor mongering stories but in this case, it is just sad. Did the Glazers buy the Panthers? Because this is the kind of drama you see in Tampa. Glazers go back Man U and leave football for those who actually care about it.

  4. While a lot can happen over the course of the season, it has appeared that Rivera is one of many head coaches that is simply better as a coordinator.

  5. Too bad for the Panthers that Tomlin is under contract with the Steelers. You know he won a Super Bowl right? Can you imagine the hell he would unleash with that team?

  6. Guess Rivera should have been coaching for a head coach position also. Chud is 3-2 with a crappy team

  7. Im guessing if the Panthers deep 6 Rivera, they will want an offensive mind who can develop Cam Newton…since three of their four coaches have been defensive coordinators (Dom Capers, John Fox, and Riverathey ) you can probably rule out guys like Lovie Smith and Bill Cowher, because Cowher will want to make EVERY football decision, and that wont happen.

    if they are looking for offensive minds, they should look no further than the monday night a man who has a super bowl title…Chucky..aka John Gruden

    or even to Josh Daniels of New England…if they want to reach in the collegiate ranks, then Chad Morris at Clemson is only an hour and half away from Charlotte

  8. I thought scam newton was supposed to be a winning??? Rejoices over 1st downs and can’t get into the end zone vs. Cardinals. S. Smith dropped ball was a sign of bad things to come. Fire Shula and Rivera. Give the backup QB’s a shot. Bench Newton. Disgusting exhibition.

  9. @citizenstrange
    As a Steelers fan…the panthers can have Tomlin. He won a SB with Cowhers players,and he has destroyed the Steelers with his crappy drafts. Bring back Cowher to the Steelers anytime

  10. Dear Mr. Gettleman,

    Please get Kevin Sumlin’s agent on the phone. Right now. And keep calling him regularly until Texas A&M plays their BCS bowl game. Then hire him. Tell Jerry to pay him whatever he wants. Then go draft some offensive linemen and defensive backs.

    Panthers fan frustrated in 15 of 19 seasons

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