Loggains on Britt: Potential just means you haven’t done anything


After the Titans’ 26-17 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, wide receiver Kenny Britt said “something has to change” for the Titans to return to the winning side of the final score.

That something might be Britt’s presence in the lineup. His miserable 2013 season continued as he had one catch for nine yards on the six passes thrown his way by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Several others were catchable, but Britt didn’t come up with them and that led to questions for offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains about whether the team felt Britt’s potential meant he’d get more chances.

“Potential just means you haven’t done anything,” Loggains said, via Terry McCormick of Titan Insider.

Loggains wasn’t through venting his true feelings about Britt’s performance and suggested that Britt’s rope is running short with the Titans.

“We’re gonna have to reassess everything at this point. We’ll evaluate after we watch the tape,” Loggains said. “Obviously, I’m not gonna hide anything. He had probably three drops in the game. The one that bothered me most was when it was 17-13, and you’ve got third and 2, and you’ve got to make that play. We dropped the ball, and it puts you in a tough spot. We were moving the football. We had kind of flipped the field again, and that hurt us.”

Britt’s a sure bet to leave the Titans at the end of the season and it could happen even sooner if someone makes the team an offer they can’t refuse.

18 responses to “Loggains on Britt: Potential just means you haven’t done anything

  1. I bet the Titans would take a bag of candy corn for Britt right about now. They knew this was possible when they drafted him, and while it wasn’t quite Adam Jones level problems, at least Adam Jones is balling in the ‘nati…Britt in Nashville, not so much.

  2. Vikings were best, logical choice for Freeman. Clearest path to long-term starting. Pryor has been WAY better than anyone thought. Ponder and Cassel are awful.

  3. @oaklandraiders666 says:Oct 7, 2013 11:07 AM

    “Florio had me convinced yesterday that Freeman was going to the Raiders with that nice article he wrote. Does anybody know what happened?”

    When Freeman heard from his agent that the Raiders were interested, he threatened to retire.

  4. That draft class of Heyward-Bay, Crabtree, Nicks, Maclin, and Britt sure arent having good contract years.

  5. Even the 49ers haven’t gotten on the phone for this guy and they traded for John Baldwin. Outside of the start of that season with Hasselbeck, he’s done nothing on the field.

  6. The bigger question for Loggains should be: why is Britt still in the line up? I think, at this point in his career,everybody knows who Britt is. Why dont you?

  7. Who wants a player that cant catch?! Not only that hes a puke character wise just by that twitter comment. Release him and itll be just a matter of time before hes sitn across the table from Hernandez in the chow hall.


  8. That draft class of Heyward-Bay, Crabtree, Nicks, Maclin, and Britt sure arent having good contract years.

    Crabtree is injured, he is alright, and he has shown something and is legit, Nicks is fine as well, and of course Maclin is legit. Those guys will be just fine, but thanks for your concern. Britt has checked out of the TN, i doubt if he ever recovered from his knee surgeries and off-field issues.

  9. @fm31970 – I can assure you, as a Titans fan, that Britt has zero off the field issues in College or before. He did grow up in a tough neighborhood but it’s not like this guy had red flags all over him.

    He really turned idiot/moron/punk one he got his money. Sorry to say this guy is done; like Bilbo Loggains said potential don’t mean squat if you haven’t done anything.

  10. I think it is unfair to say Britt” hasn’t done anything.” It is well-documented that he has been a complete @ss and full time troublemaker, as well as a fave of east coast law enforcers. Seems to me that he has done quite a bit. Now, as a football player, wellll…

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