Raiders could add QB after workouts, but not this week


With the release of Matt Flynn on Monday, the Oakland Raiders have just two quarterbacks on their roster with a paucity of experience between them.

Terrelle Pryor has looked impressive in his first four starts this season after winning the starting job this preseason. However, despite being with the team for three years Pryor has been active for just eight games.

Pryor’s current backup following the release of Flynn is rookie undrafted quarterback Matt McGloin. He has yet to appear in a game this season.

According to David White of the Fresno Bee, the Raiders are looking for a veteran willing to be a backup to Pryor. Oakland worked out veteran David Carr on Tuesday and he appears to be a favorite to land the job if the Raiders elect to add another quarterback. However, despite a “solid workout” from Carr, the Raiders aren’t biting just yet. If they do elect to sign Carr, or another veteran, it likely won’t happen until during the team’s bye next week.

Carr spent training camp with the New York Giants and had a workout with the Tennessee Titans last week after the injury to Jake Locker.

24 responses to “Raiders could add QB after workouts, but not this week

  1. David Carr has a 23-56 record as a starter. Career passer rating: 74.9 I’m seriously not impressed, not even for backup purposes.

    I say let’s bring in other available veterans for a thorough workout before we decide.

    Vince Young ???


  2. Nope, they want to add QB’s because they care about putting their imprints on the Raiders and not benefit from what Al Davis did.

    Reggie McKenzie isn’t that special of a GM.

    At least Ryan Grigson, Ozzie Newsome, and Mike Lombardi have immediate impact rookies.

  3. This just in: MM Vikings sign Matt Flynn and the team will be introduced to circus music Sunday.

  4. Its not that they dont have faith in TP2. They need a veteran to help with the nuances of the QB position. They need a clip board holder to be the eyes and ears from the sideline.

  5. I watched McGloin go from awful to unbelievable.This is your guy Oakland. Give Matty Ice a shot. You’ll be presently suprised on what this kid can do.

  6. What happen to white workout? Vince Young is the best option and price if your looking for experience with a clipboard.Can anyone think of another QB better? I would like to hear it? Otherwise bring up Wilson behind McGloin and save some money and develop what we have. I thought that’s what a QB coach was for?

  7. To even be CONSIDERING a worthless pile of garbage like Carr makes me question Reggie McKenzie even more than before.
    We have a pretty good thing going this year, relatively speaking, and this clown is trying out one of the worst QB’s on the free agent a.k.a ‘Washed up” list?
    Go get Kolb or Grossman or find an undrafted rookie who is hungry to make a team…..anyone but Carr

  8. I thought McGloin should garner starter consideration for his pre-season play. He has moxie and he knows how to work… however, TP2 has proven to be the real deal and I am now very excited for the future of the Raiders. TP is the unquestioned starter in Oakland for now and the future but his style of play does pose some injury risks. I think McGloin can hold it down if TP goes down…

  9. Some of you people need to calm down. McGloin is doing what TP did last season, learning how to be an NFL QB. He has no business being #2 right now. We need a vet who can help Pryor out and fill a “move the chains” role (something Flynn could not do) if TP gets hurt again.

    VY would make sense to me, Te_Blow can’t throw. Carr has done an excellent job as a clip board holder, but I think RM is still looking out there before making a decision.

    One last thing – this is for the #2 spot. Not a new starter. Some of you amaze me with your lack of reading comprehension. RM is right on schedule and this time next season we should be in a very good place – hell, we’re already better than what most pundits thought this season.

  10. TP is the starter and for good reason. A vet QB is needed to be his sideline guy, or if not a vet like Carr someone who has the brain power to do it like Tebow.

  11. This team should bring in VINCE YOUNG…..
    He has shown everyone that he is NOT a cancer in the locker room and that he is a hard worker (e.g. Green Bay Packers)… Vince is a 6′-5″ mobile quarterback with talent and playoff experience…. He is hungry, motivated and determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. Vince is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… This would be a wise move for any GM/Coach looking to upgrade their qb pool….

  12. I think we should bring in David Carr simply to be the number 3 quarterback. He will provide a veteran presence in the QB meetings. He has alot of experience as a starter and he was the backup to Eli Manning on 2 Super Bowl winning teams. He will provide more to the team in terms of helping Pryor and McGloin prepare for games than Vince Young or Pat White.

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