Stephen Jones: There are no moral victories

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In the wake of his team’s 51-48 loss to the Broncos on Sunday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accentuated the positive.

Jones praised the play of quarterback Tony Romo and said he was “so proud” of the way the team played before ultimately coming up short. The owner went so far as to call the game a “moral victory” for the Cowboys even though it will show up in the record books as just another loss.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News spoke to Cowboys players who disagree with the guy signing their checks and the contradictory viewpoint isn’t exclusive to the guys actually playing the game. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones also doesn’t see eye to eye with the boss, also known as his father, on the subject of victories existing anywhere but the scoreboard.

“There’s no moral victories in this thing. At the end of the day, you are what you are,” Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via the Dallas Morning News. “It was obviously a very difficult one to digest. I know we’ll bounce back as a team, and we’ll get to work. There’s some positive things to build on, in terms of this team, but certainly no moral victories there.”

Moral victories can exist at some levels in sports, particularly if there’s a wide gap in resources between teams and competitiors. That’s not the case in the NFL. Any disparities on the larger scale have to do with the choices made by personnel departments and that eliminates the possibility of playing so well in defeat that it feels like anything but defeat. That doesn’t mean the Cowboys can’t build off of what happened in the game, but they can’t turn the result into something it wasn’t either.

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  1. It’s good to know Dallas can compete with the best. 47 points should win any game. But winning is all that matters. A championship QB has to perform in crunch time. Staubach did, Aikman did. I would almost put Danny White in there. Five weeks into the season and the team has a losing record. The lowly Eagles actually lead the division now. That’s all that matters.

  2. I’d say that was one hell of a moral victory. No team has even come remotely close to beating the broncos this season who are by far the best team in the NFL. We proved we can hang with, if not beat the BEST team in the NFL. That says alot. As a team, we can confidently walk into every game, every stadium against every team and know we have the ability to win the game. Yes, the interception was very poorly timed in a very bad situation. We will build as a team. Romo isnt the highest rated Qb in the 4th quarter in NFL history because he always throws picks in the 4th quarter…

  3. Tony Romo is a gift to all opposing NFC East fans. A decade of enough to tease with zero substance when it matters. His extension and the Jones family illusion of his potential extend the Cowboys reign in purgatory.

  4. Remember that they gave up 52 points at home, with 85k fans screaming their brains out.

    Every week the stats for the top 5 QBs contain at least 2 or 3 losing efforts. If piling up a lot of stats in losses counted for anything Vinnie Testeverde would have gotten into the HOF the day he qualified. 46k yards, 7th all time; 276 TDs, 8th all time. But, like Tony Romo, he could not win big games, and never brought home a Lombardi.

  5. No one questions Romo’s talent. It’s undeniable. What IS questioned is his intestinal fortitude to make the right decision at the right time in the exact right moment. It’s a shame that a historically epic passing night is actually eclipsed by a singular event that, sadly, is a microcosm of Romo’s overall career. It’s happened too many time now to be just coincidence. You live by the Romo….you die by the Romo.

  6. A couple of obvious notes to all of the Cowboys fans who say there’s no such thing as a morale victory but are still happy that their team scored 48pts on the Broncos. Many of you have this impression that you should be commended because you scored all of these points on the Broncos high powered offense but that’s the thing the Broncos offense is high powered not the defense. As a matter of fact the Broncos defense is ranked #28 in the league and they have allowed atleast 20 points to every team they’ve played (none of those teams have dominate offenses btw). So before you crown yourselves the best team to lose a week 5 game think about this, although your defense did get pressure on Manning and even got an interception your secondary is still one of the worse. I think eventually the Cowboys will be a good team (especially in the NFC least) but until your offense gets another weapon inside the 5 yard line besides Dez they can’t win games like this. Everybody wants to point blame at Romo and the defense but where was Demarco Murrary? It is proven that when Murray gets 20 carries the team is better but I guess passing for 500yds a game looks better on the stat sheet.

  7. The Jones family must share in this loss. The Cowboys changed defensive coordinators because of the perceived intricate nature of Ryan’s defense. Jerry complained that because it was so intricate the players made too many mistakes. He also complained it was difficult
    For a backup player to learn as well. This can be translated to the players as ” it’s ok not to work hard learning this defense. ”
    So the Cowboys go to a simple Tampa 2 where they play a soft zone and read the QB’ s eyes and react. The defense relies on the front four
    For primary pressure.
    Many in football praise defenses like Pittsburgh. Most don’t realize that in Pittsburgh they allow a player time to learn a defense. Troy hardly played his first year there. A good defensive system takes time and patience. You create a system where a rookie is brought along and learns his first year and then is ready to contribute. The Cowboys ownership has no patience . A simple defense for one’s own defense means a simple defense to beat!

  8. When Jerry eventually passes the reins over to Stephen, Cowboys fans – weary of many years of mediocrity – will not find any moral victory in it. There will be many more decades of the same old same old.

  9. I don’t think Stephen Jones understands the definition and concept of what a “moral victory” even is. There may not be a mindset to accept a moral victory as satisfactory, but that’s not the purpose of why they exist. He seems awfully disconnected from logical thinking here.

  10. As a Dallas fan, if you’re ok with the end of the day result, I cannot fathom your reasoning. So WHAT if they hung 48 points on Denver? So WHAT if they almost won?

    Dallas hasnt learned to be a good team yet. They play well one week (Rams), and then play like crap the next week. The following week after that, half the team shows up, the other half regreses.

    Until Jerry Jones releases his meddling little skeletor fingers from the cookie jar, it’s going to be the same result week in and week out.

    It’s not like the coach can say “okay, we suck, two a days til its fixed” bc I think the CBA prevents that, doesnt it? Not that he would anyhow, bc Garrett is ineffective and over his head.

    Not much fun being a Dallas fan at the moment.

  11. Grulks, I did not get your reasoning, especially if you are a Dallas fan. Cowboys played better offensively than they have in many years. If we continue being that explosive we can win while the defense gets comfortable especially the our backfield.

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