Winslow apparently not happy with his decreased opportunities

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There’s no point being a soldier if there’s no soldiering to do.

Jets tight end Kellen Winslow saw Jeff Cumberland get more opportunities to play and produce on Monday night, and Winslow didn’t like it.

Sure, Winslow made a nice catch of a touchdown pass.  But it was the only pass thrown his way all night, and quarterback Geno Smith reportedly said Winslow was frustrated.

Asked by reporters after the game to respond, Winslow said (via Matt Winkeljohn of, “I don’t think that would be a good choice.”

No, it wouldn’t be.  It also wouldn’t be a good choice to say “I don’t think that would be a good choice” or to otherwise say or do anything that could be viewed as evidence of frustration.

Winslow should have no frustrations of any kind.  After being out of the NFL for most of last year and having to get the Jets’ attention via participation in a minicamp on a tryout basis, Winslow has a job in the NFL and he is contributing.  So what if, for one game, Cumberland contributed more?

And if the problem is that Smith has a greater level of comfort with Cumberland because Cumberland is able to practice more frequently, because Winslow has chronic knee problems, Winslow’s only alternative to doing what he can within his physical limitation is to do nothing at all.

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  1. With the Bucs absent of a TE this season they should of offered a late round pick to get Winslow back. Oh yeah, he isn’t a “Schiano guy” so we would rather just keep losing with guys that are 100% dedicated losers.

  2. You’re right Winslow should be happy that he is on NFL field but even with the knee problem he is a talented TE. That was a very pretty TD catch he had last night.

    I remember last year he couldn’t practice much because of the injury issues maybe that’s why he isn’t on the field much. But Cumberland who played well didn’t even want to come out of the game when Winslow was sent out there I don’t remember if it gave them a 12 man penalty or they had to burn a time out. That’s a bigger story than frustration.

  3. “He couldnt practice” or doesnt want to practice…the only problem with this soldier is that he thinks he is the General too.

    He was a locker room cancer on every team he has been on…nuff said. I think this is his last stint in the NFL, who if you have not noticed are purging themselves of all malcontents regardless of talent.

  4. I guess this is one of the cases where the old mantra of “Winning cures everything,” doesn’t apply here. Ryan really needs to get control of his locker room.

  5. Winslow senior had a big ego, but his superior talent overcame any problem. The son has a huge ego with less talent and it just gets in the way.

    He’ll wonder why he’s not in the NFL again next year.

  6. Winslow better get on the same page. He was responsible for 2 illegal substitution penalties last night & being there I could tell he was bixching & complaining about something to the coach. Stop with being a ‘tool’ (like S.Holmes) & be happy that you are playing at all! It should all be about the team win today not this sideshow crappola!!

  7. Good grief. The Jets are playing a lot better than expected on offense ( I always expect their D to be good with RR there) and their young QB had a phenomenal night. Winslow caught a TD. And they WON in a stadium that is hard to win in. The last thing Geno needs is some slappy complaining in his ear whether outright, or passive aggressively like this. Winslow is lucky the Jets don’t have many playmakers on offense.

  8. I doubt if he will last long on the Jets roster, but at this point you will still have to pay him regardless of if he is on or off/or has he used his termination pay already? This guy is a me first diva, didnt even look thrilled when he caught the TD.

  9. SteelerBen- Your QB calls his own team,” the worst in the league” and you’re talking about the Jets locker room??? See you Sunday.

  10. @dlk, humility is not a cancer-causing agent. Complaining about not getting the ball is.

  11. By the way, Dalco, the person to person visit I had with his Dad was most pleasant and he displayed no ego, but humility instead!

  12. Kellen Winsolw is such a joke. He’s lucky this team picked him up with his bum knees and all his baggage that comes along with him. What’s more is that he hasnt done anything in NY, or anywhere else he’s been, to warrant the kind of attention he thinks that he deserves.

  13. This is a non-story. This is a NFL, not for long (thanks Jerry Glanville) league, and if he doesn’t produce then he won’t get to stay in the league. He can still produce (beautiful toe-tap last night), but has to have more opportunities to justify keeping him and not going younger/cheaper. This is his own mortality he is worrying about here. How would you be on your job if every day the Grimm Reaper came by and all you have on your desk is busy work and no real tasks? You’d be just like Winslow, scared…you know what-less.

  14. @dlk47823 – Roethlisberger said that you could call them the worst team in the league because of their record. Which is o-fer. He went on to explain why he didn’t feel that they are as bad a team as their record indicates. Which I disagree with.

    The adage about winning healing all wounds clearly isn’t the case because the fractures from last years poorly performing team are carrying into this season. Santonio saying that he can’t throw it and catch it as well and now Winslow complaining about his role in the game after making a touchdown catch are doing nothing to help the chemistry on an offense with a rookie quarterback. In a season where it looks like the Patriots are off their game, Buffalo is once again without a quarterback, and Miami is struggling to find an identity and offensive line, an over performing Jets team has a legitimate shot at the division.

    Thus, Ryan needs to get control of that locker room before the chance slips away.

  15. If the Jets want to turn this thing around the “Me” guys have to go. This will be a short stop for the soldier and Metonio will be joining him.

  16. If he is in Genos’ head, then he has to go. Very publicly. Show the locker room what time it is.

  17. Kellen’s despicable self-promoting makes me sick! First his warrior rant and now this. Is it any wonder that TB had enough and eventually so to will the rest of the league.

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