Panthers control clock, up 14-3 at the half


The Panthers are doing Panther things in the first half, and now can only hope that they don’t do Panther things with a lead.

The Panthers are up 14-3 over the Vikings at halftime, with a pair of dominant, clock-killing touchdown drives. The Panthers scored on drives of 15 and 14 plays, chewing up 18:24 of the clock in the first half while out-rushing the Vikings 84-34.

The Panthers were willing to go for a pair of fourth downs early, while the Vikings settled for a field goal just before halftime, drawing some boos from the home crowd.

Of course, the Panthers are no stranger to giving up leads, so we’ll see. But they’ve picked off Matt Cassel and kept Adrian Peterson from being much of a factor (seven carries, 28 yards) so far.

6 responses to “Panthers control clock, up 14-3 at the half

  1. Bill Musgrave an the offensive line are an embarassment. 2nd and 1 within the Carolina 10 and they throw trying to get cute? Then 3rd and one the same? 7 carries in the first half with Adrian Peterson is an insult. The Oline and Cassel have been beat by the same outside blitzes over and over, are they ever going to pick it up?

    Did anyone else notice the size of Musgraves play call sheet? Was it a post card? This coach is a joke

    Where is the defence as well? Absolutely Pathetic.

  2. Huge Vikes fan……. but…….. They absolutely suck. Defense is porous, O line can’t open a hole for their life.

    I am getting close to being done with them, the only thing I’ll look forward to is watching Freeman.

    4 and 12 this year fans……. at best

  3. No points (to speak of) must be Ponder’s fault.

    Dump the entire coaching staff.
    The parts are on the field our coachs can not assemble them.


  4. People can complain about Musgrave and the Cikings QBs if they want but their problems seem to be on defense, not offense. The Vikings defensive coordinator should be fired. The Vikings defense is way too talented to be playing that poorly.

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