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Sunday night wrap-up: Cowboys make the special plays

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At the rate the Cowboys had been scoring points and the Redskins had been yielding them, it might surprise some that special teams play was the difference.

But Dallas return man Dwayne Harris stole the show, with 222 combined return yards in the Cowboys’ 31-16 win over the Redskins.

Harris had an 86-yard punt return touchdown and a 90-yard kickoff return which set up a short-field score, and was the most dynamic player on the field for most of the night.

Given his surroundings, that’s saying something.

The Redskins helped him by continuing to play unstable special teams, as they have all year.

From letting core players such as Lorenzo Alexander walk, to injuries (including losing long snapper Nick Sundberg to a knee injury in the second half and cornerback David Amerson suffering a concussion on the big kickoff return), the Redskins continued to struggle. Part of that goes back to salary cap penalties that forced them to go young and cheap, but there are institutional problems there.

This is the same unit that had a punt blocked for a touchdown against the Raiders, and allowed a fake punt to be converted the same game. Throw in a missed field goal by Kai Forbath, and the Redskins continue to give away points they can ill afford.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said he felt “rejuvenated” after the bye week.

It’s a good thing, because they obviously feel like they weren’t using him enough before.

He hadn’t rushed more than six times in a game all season, but had nine at the end of three quarters. It’s hardly an accident that’s when the Redskins got back into the game (his 77 yards at that point exceeded the 72 he had on the season).

He also drew a couple of unnecessary roughness penalties, buying even more yards with his feet. His throws weren’t as sharp as they’ve been in the past (which could point to footwork issues more than physical health), but he clearly feels a little better about getting out of the pocket.

2. If you’re going to shift from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3, especially Monte Kiffin’s 4-3, it helps to have defensive linemen.

While the Cowboys are running short, they’re getting better-than-advertised play from defensive tackle Jason Hatcher. He’s always been solid, but has been far better than that this season.

He better be.

No one knows if Jay Ratliff’s ever going to turn up again (he’s on the PUP list), and they’ve already lost Anthony Spencer for the season. When DeMarcus Ware left in the second quarter with a right quad injury, a thin group was left threadbare.

Hatcher’s filled in well, and is far more than just a guy to take on blocks, getting the kind of push up the middle Kiffin’s defense is built upon.

3. It’s hard to find much to brag about for the Redskins defense, but credit cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

He (and some friends) kept Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant from being much of a factor at all.

Bryant had four catches for 19 yards in the first half, with a long reception of a whopping 7 yards. He finished with five catches for 36 yards.

With rookie Terrance Williams making the highlight catch in the third quarter and the other two phases playing so well, it took a bit of pressure off Bryant. But the Cowboys aren’t going to win many games without their star wideout being so quiet.

4. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan’s credentials are well-established, or they were.

But it was difficult to suggest that he had control of things in the second quarter.

From assistant Keith Burns penalized for being in the way of an official (Sal Alosi sees nothing wrong with it) to Shanahan’s offense fiddling away precious seconds at the end of the half (settling for a field goal), it was hard to describe them as well-organized.

5. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw an interception. Funny how it didn’t get as much attention as the last one.

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99 Responses to “Sunday night wrap-up: Cowboys make the special plays”
  1. gdublud says: Oct 13, 2013 11:39 PM

    Before redskins fans blame the refs, the league or global warming they need to be honest and admit that week in and week out the Redskins look unprepared and unmotivated. Shanahan wont last the season. The refs didn’t miss tackles on special teams and allow big returns. The refs, nor the league didn’t fumble in the red zone or throw a pick in the fourth quarter that went for a touchback. Instead of posting the same rhetoric every week about HTTR, Best Coach, QB, WR, RB and owner, be quiet for a week like you did during the bye week and eat some crow with a slice of humble pie. Your ego is writing checks your team cant cash. 2 weeks ago Logicalvoice you where talking about “Even playing field and winning when they want to.” That was against the raiders with a backup QB who got cut and is no longer on that team. That was the most honesty that I have seen you post since last years Super Bowl. You are right it was a level playing field, since RG3 is comparable to a recently cut back up 3rd stringer who was on the 3rd worst team in the league, Jaguars being the worst and your HTTR being second. Hopefully you will shut up now and just be a casual reader and occasional poster but anyone with an IQ of 6 know you will claim conspiracy, say your done with the NFL but be spewing your hot garbage next week like your team is a world beater. Stop swinging from Robert Fumbles III unit and be real, at least for one week.

    I am the first poster on this thread, but we know your classless diatribe will be on the top of the comments section, that is what you call a conspiracy.

  2. mackcarrington says: Oct 13, 2013 11:40 PM


  3. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Oct 13, 2013 11:40 PM

    Illogical voice put a sock in it. Owned by the Cowboys as usual.

  4. dbones750 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:40 PM

    ECU Pirate, Dwayne Harris, is a stud.

  5. timebandit24 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:40 PM

    Hey logicalvoicesays, please don’t bring your garbage excuses to this page, you got beat by the better team.

  6. mwilkins0 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:41 PM

    Logical voice excuse I’m 3 2 q? Rglll wannabe Wilson and kap

  7. mackcarrington says: Oct 13, 2013 11:41 PM


  8. samquix says: Oct 13, 2013 11:42 PM

    What the hell happened to the NFC East? Winning that division is like Seattle winning the NFC West at 7-9 a few years back. So sad.

  9. thesmartest1 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:42 PM

    RGIII and out doing his Vick impression. Awful.

  10. mwilkins0 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:43 PM

    Logical voice excuse in 3 2 1? Rglll wannabe Wilson and kap

  11. dukeearl says: Oct 13, 2013 11:43 PM

    Cue logicalvoices with the conspiracy theories….

  12. mf7krime says: Oct 13, 2013 11:44 PM

    RGIII is a FRAUD. The gig is up and we’re seeing the version of him that will continue to throw for 50% completions, fumbles everywhere and costly interceptions. He’s a one read thrower who panics under pressure. The Skins are dead as long as he’s at the helm.


  13. wholelottaawesome says: Oct 13, 2013 11:46 PM

    Let the logicalvoice bashing begin. But wait until he blames it on Goodrll, his o-line, honey boo boo, and his over hyped, may not even beat the giants, “with the second pick in the 2014 nfl draft” team.

  14. jskzoocrew says: Oct 13, 2013 11:46 PM

    Redskins fail again

  15. bringbackkosar says: Oct 13, 2013 11:47 PM

    I’m not buying it, I will believe illogicalvoice when he states it was all a conspiracy by the league office, the Republican Party and NBC to hold down RG3 and cheat the Redskins out of their rightful victory

  16. mayerobeyer says: Oct 13, 2013 11:50 PM

    Did you really just write “stoled”? Oh my.

  17. lnickdog says: Oct 13, 2013 11:50 PM

    Good Game Cowboys! I’ll be proudly wearing my Sean Lee Jersey tomorrow! I love living in DC when the cowboys win!

  18. usdiveteam says: Oct 13, 2013 11:53 PM

    The team in Washington comes back down to earth.
    RG3 is so overrated!!!

  19. staubach12ismyidol says: Oct 13, 2013 11:53 PM

    The Cowboys dominated in every aspect of the game. Griffin is only average at best as a drop back pocket passer but as long as he believes he is Brees or Brady then let him have at it.

    The Cowboys showed a great deal of heart after losing Ware and Murray for the game. Hatcher is a beast. Skins O Line couldn’t handle the Boys front 4. The redskins D is a total fraud. They only get pressure by bringing 6 or more.

  20. doomsdaydefensetx says: Oct 13, 2013 11:55 PM

    #HailToTonyRomo #HailToDwayneHarris #HailToDoomsdayDefense ****doing my best @logicalvoicesays impersonation #DC4L

  21. knightsounds says: Oct 13, 2013 11:56 PM

    Nice win for the Boys tonight. The injuries to key players really concerns me for the future. Sleep tight logicalvoice, enjoy your 1-4 record.

  22. ronniethec says: Oct 13, 2013 11:57 PM


  23. ronaldmexico7 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:57 PM

    Logicalvoicesays? What???
    Enjoyed all the jock sniffers on RG1-4 on the pre-game show, and of course those awesome Subway Commercials. After they go 2-14 lets see how many specials and documentaries they have on Griffin on NFL network and ESPN.

  24. samquix says: Oct 13, 2013 11:58 PM

    Very satisfied with the quality of games this week.

  25. goldrush4949 says: Oct 13, 2013 11:59 PM

    Where’s logicalvoice to educate us about the greatness of the Redskins?

  26. chargersdiehard says: Oct 14, 2013 12:00 AM

    We know logical. The redskins weren’t trying and will still make the superbowl cause rg3 is a beast. We know.

  27. pooflingingmonkey says: Oct 14, 2013 12:02 AM

    Failskins choke again!

  28. seahawkgoat says: Oct 14, 2013 12:02 AM

    I hope Illogicalvoicesays doesn’t hurt himself tonight

  29. CowboyErik says: Oct 14, 2013 12:02 AM

    It’s Eagle week, 4 of next 5 games on the road; gritty. Jay Ratliff doesn’t show up Cowboys won’t come out of the road trip to well

  30. moterboater says: Oct 14, 2013 12:04 AM

    Hey logical where you at buddy rg3 sucks & so do you

  31. tinbender2000 says: Oct 14, 2013 12:04 AM

    Washington’s gimp quarterback looked pretty average today, a step up for him this year. The refs flagging the Cowboys bench for being upset at their coddling of RGInjured was pathetic, and I’m no fan of either team. For his sake I hope RG lands on a real football team and gets well over time, Shannarat and his boy sure screwed this kid.

  32. moterboater says: Oct 14, 2013 12:06 AM


  33. thetroofishere says: Oct 14, 2013 12:07 AM

    Sleep tight Redskins fans…tomorrow is going to be a long day

  34. calicokiller49 says: Oct 14, 2013 12:08 AM

    I’m interested to hear what logicalvoicesays..,,,

  35. moterboater says: Oct 14, 2013 12:08 AM


  36. calizcowboyz says: Oct 14, 2013 12:09 AM

    And “logicalvoice” and the rest of the foreskins go into hiding..YET AGAIN!
    hey refs if rgknee runs like a runner then treat em like one! those BS calls are just that! BS!
    oooooohhhhhhh BIG mouth logicalvoice ……
    WHERE YOU AT SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. bleedburgandyandgold says: Oct 14, 2013 12:11 AM

    Thinking of changing my tag to burgundy and gold makes my eyes bleed 😦 just terrible in all 3 phases after last year expected a little better

  38. moterboater says: Oct 14, 2013 12:17 AM

    Tony romo is the best QB ever

  39. beardinals says: Oct 14, 2013 12:20 AM

    And logical voice says…..

  40. beardinals says: Oct 14, 2013 12:21 AM

    Logical voice actually has me often rooting against the Redskins. Great way to get people on your side dude. Maybe save it for your three Twitter followers.

  41. donttrip22 says: Oct 14, 2013 12:26 AM

    a win is a win HAHAHAHA fail to the redskins

  42. franklinandbashandflorio says: Oct 14, 2013 12:28 AM

    Even though I loathe the Cowpies, it was good seeing Romo happy for once.

  43. richndc says: Oct 14, 2013 12:42 AM

    I am glad my QB is a choke artist–otherwise he might have made two very costly turnovers and completed less than half his passes tonight. I wonder if (as he did last year) if the immortal RGIII went to Romo at mid-field, patted him on the shoulder condescendingly said “don’t worry about your critics man, you are gonna be fine”. I know RGIII is not a turd and did not mean it that way–but as Parcells said about Romo “let’s not get out the anointing oil just yet”. I think we might wanna keep it on the shelf, RGIII’s poor decision making, off the mark throws and lack of pocket awareness hurt his team more than ANY other single factor. Their D was getting great pressure on Romo, their receivers often wide open. But, special teams and the cap penalty is the REAL reason they lost–uh, ok.

  44. goodellisruiningtheleague says: Oct 14, 2013 12:43 AM

    Move the Redskins to LA. A High school team could beat those bums

  45. nikf99 says: Oct 14, 2013 12:46 AM

    For diehard Washington and Dallas fans, and I’m the later, it’s always a “mini Super Bowl” when these two teams play each other.

    What is getting old though, is the blatantly anti-Dallas comments from Chris Collinsworth. “The key to tonight is Washington can’t get the running game going”….this comment made at the Dallas 21 Washington 9 portion of the game. I didn’t think so. In fact, the key at that point was an incredible kickoff return by Dwayne Harris, and some good throwing by Romo.

    Dallas has a thin defense now with Ware and others out. Collinsworth goes on to root the Skins on, what they should do, and dropped balls “almost got there”.

    Reminds me of the days of Cosell. He didn’t like the Cowboys either. Look what happened to him.

  46. Vim says: Oct 14, 2013 12:56 AM

    I liked to see the ineptness of that team which plays in Washington DC being exposed so easily in this game. Last year was clearly a fluke for this team.
    RG3 is of course a good player, but he does not make others around him better the way Luck or Wilson do

  47. dannyglover21 says: Oct 14, 2013 12:56 AM

    Simply suggesting that not resigning Lorenzo Alexander is the sole reason for the Redskins special team woes is typical of the lazy work on this site. He, along with Madieu Williams, are the only players from last years team that the Redskins didn’t bring back, so I’m confused as to who these missing “core players” are. I know Collinsworth was spouting this all night, but some fact checking can go a long way.

  48. thebirdofprey2 says: Oct 14, 2013 1:13 AM

    Washington fans always point to Trent Williams as some elite tackle. He got beat by Ware’s back up as RG3 got hit with a sack fumble around his own goal line. Matter of fact other than Hatcher I can’t name one of Dallas lineman but they owned the line of scrimmage.

    The writer can say that the QB is getting better but many of those passes sailed and a 19/39 stat line says something different that’s not even taking into account the fumbles and ints. The Rams look to be getting a top 8 pick next year to finalize that epic trade.

  49. greatestgamensports says: Oct 14, 2013 1:14 AM

    Much needed win by the boys, here to hoping they keep it up! Also that D better get healthy and soon…

  50. goindy2006 says: Oct 14, 2013 1:19 AM

    The Skins needs some help…

  51. woodrree7 says: Oct 14, 2013 1:39 AM

    logicalvoicesays….. hey! where are you now? crying in your cheerios?? I remember someone saying that the skins had 2 of the “top 5” WR’s in the NFL and that the Read skins were going to beat the Cowboys by 3-4 TD’s. Well, it looks like they’re back where they belong…. bottom feeders in the NFC East. OH NOOOOOO, THEY SUCK AGAIN!!!

  52. Hunter Pence's Eyes says: Oct 14, 2013 1:43 AM

    logicalvoice says what…?

  53. jimwilsey says: Oct 14, 2013 2:03 AM

    “Part of that goes back to salary cap penalties that forced them to go young and cheap, but there are institutional problems there.”

    Cowboys faced the same penalty and has the same institutional problems (Jerry Jones)…

    but they still found a way to win the special teams battle tonight.

  54. trollaikman8 says: Oct 14, 2013 2:36 AM

    Dallas Cowboys 31
    Potomac River Indigenous People 16

  55. asublimeday says: Oct 14, 2013 2:50 AM

    I’d wish the best for logicalvoices, but I don’t want the best for him. I want him to hate this season.

  56. fukdaeagles says: Oct 14, 2013 3:31 AM

    AWFUL quiet in here. Where’s illogical voice & all the rest of the Foreskin fans?

  57. lionglass says: Oct 14, 2013 4:14 AM

    There were quite a few ‘Skins fans posting last week on the article about Denver/Dallas game. Seems that they are nowhere to be seen now!

    Gantt, you forgot:

    6. A back-breaking INT was thrown in Dallas for the second straight week, but it was RGIII as the guilty party this time!

    FTTR (F as in Fail, mind you!)

  58. plumbstupid says: Oct 14, 2013 5:05 AM

    With the first pick in the 2014 draft, the St. Louis Rams select . . .

  59. gb4mn0 says: Oct 14, 2013 5:36 AM

    And now for the “real” Sunday night wrap up.

    The Minnytoader Vikqueers got annihilated at home 35-10 (it wasn’t really that close) by the Panthers in spite of all the hype and predictions of the opposite. Josh Freeman stood on the sidelines with a look of bewilderment. Undoubtedly he was thinking to himself what a bunch of fools the MN mgt must be thinking that a quick fix at QB was the magic bullet to put the lavender Larry toads in the SB. And now Freeman could become the next victim of self-loathing for throwing his career away by sign with the dystopian wasteland known as Minnytoada, the Land of 10k Trailer Park Cesspools.

  60. easywolf says: Oct 14, 2013 6:48 AM

    Both teams are a joke

  61. leolad says: Oct 14, 2013 6:53 AM

    Great game by the Cowboys…too bad Rachel Maddow’ s big sister Bob Costas had to stop by and piss me off with his liberal preaching.

    I cant even enjoy my Cowboys have a rare clutch performance without MSNBC messing it up.

  62. javierjiminy says: Oct 14, 2013 6:55 AM

    6.) Logicalvoice must be crying foul play on this game. Too bad he’s delusional about the redskins who just aren’t playing well.Even the jaguars played better on sunday and that’s saying something.

  63. cboys4life says: Oct 14, 2013 7:01 AM


  64. floratiotime says: Oct 14, 2013 7:17 AM

    RG3 is a run first QB. Kid yourselves all you like, but it’s his running that makes him effective. Once that’s gone he will be too.

  65. mudflapjesus says: Oct 14, 2013 7:17 AM

    Where’s logical clown? Redskins got smoked. Horrible football team. Cowboys were missing their entire DLine and still man handled the pathetic Skins.

  66. rhsindians says: Oct 14, 2013 7:18 AM

    RG3 looked like Eli last night. How can a professional QB be so inaccurate? Now that the league has caught up to the read option, he is an average Qb at best. Maybe that’s why Shanahan drat Kirk Cousins, because he knew the kid was a great college player, and that it wouldn’t translate to the NFL for the long haul. BTW….Where the voice?

  67. kvanhorn87 says: Oct 14, 2013 7:18 AM

    6. Showdown next week for first place is going to be a shoot out. With defensive line short on bodies, they better play even better. Neutralized by the ineffectiveness of Philly’s secondary, no chance Dez will be quiet next week.

  68. wryly1 says: Oct 14, 2013 7:22 AM

    After reading the above article, I had to ask myself the following: If the Cowboys are that messed up, what does that make the Deadskins?

  69. The Shoeman says: Oct 14, 2013 7:28 AM

    My dog ate my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, and crapped-out a Burgundy and Gold Trophy !

    You have just been . . ” Shanahan’ed ” . . . Again !

    Oh Yeah . . . H.T.T.R. – ROFLMFAO . . .

  70. ccjcsr says: Oct 14, 2013 7:55 AM

    Long way to go, Defensive Lineman are dropping like flies, secondary is a work in progress yet we are still tied for 1st!

  71. harrypairotestes says: Oct 14, 2013 7:57 AM

    Not a dominant performance but a good win by the Cowboys. Looks like the whole griffin experiment is coming back down to earth. Wonder how long before skin fans calls for Cousins.

  72. geniusry says: Oct 14, 2013 7:58 AM

    Hey ‘skins fans… I want you to take your “HTTR”, shine it up real nice, turn that SOB sideways and shove it straight up your candy a$$e$!!!

  73. bigbenh8tr says: Oct 14, 2013 7:59 AM

    Logical. Your team qb owner wrs all suck. Deal w it. Best qbs in the league in what order again again?

  74. whatjusthapped says: Oct 14, 2013 8:04 AM

    I’m pretty sure Logicvoicesays will have an excuse for the Redskin’s sorry performance.

    It matters little, 2013 will go down as a losing season for the Redskins.

  75. mzfitz1215 says: Oct 14, 2013 8:19 AM

    I actually started feeling bad for Cowboys defense, the way Harris played, they barely got a minute to take a breath all night.
    While it was fine last night, it’ll just get tougher and tougher for them over the next few weeks, the *bye* week just isn’t getting here fast enough.

  76. beerbudsnbevo says: Oct 14, 2013 8:23 AM

    good morning logicalvoicesays

  77. jbusch415 says: Oct 14, 2013 8:27 AM

    Every time the Redskins lose…a logicalvoice gets its wings

  78. snaponrules says: Oct 14, 2013 8:31 AM

    If by special plays you mean the ones controlled by the guys in the striped shirts, you would be right.
    I am not a fan of any team in the nfc least, but you could tell from the beginning of the game there was no way those officials were go to let the cowboys lose.

  79. jimthebuilder27 says: Oct 14, 2013 8:45 AM

    Logicalvoices is already trying to come up with “logical excuses.” LOL can’t wait to see them!

  80. gorilladunk says: Oct 14, 2013 9:10 AM

    @snaponrules…If you mean the officials did all they could to keep the ‘Skins in the game, you’re correct. BOTH of the roughness calls on Griffin were suspect, at best. Aside from the winning streak to end last season, Shanny has been a complete failure in D.C. The “diva” qb throws like a high-schooler and they were basically controlled by a patchwork defensive line. Long season in D.C.

  81. ashutto20 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:13 AM

    Thats funny…logicalvoice is always one of the first five comments yet when his team blows a fat one he is nowhere to be found…dont be a fair weather fan…man up !!!

  82. geniusry says: Oct 14, 2013 9:13 AM

    “snaponrules says: Oct 14, 2013 8:31 AM

    If by special plays you mean the ones controlled by the guys in the striped shirts, you would be right.
    I am not a fan of any team in the nfc least, but you could tell from the beginning of the game there was no way those officials were go to let the cowboys lose.”

    Clearly you missed the absolutely horrible “late hit” calls that Bob Griffin got on more than 1 occasion.

  83. ncheelsboysfan says: Oct 14, 2013 9:18 AM

    Nice to see our D line go strong even when depleted! lbs improving to and wow Harris!! Go Cowboys!!

    Now for those missing logiclvoices,,,who Im sure will call in sick to PFT today:

    RG3 is a God!
    Shanahan is a Genius!
    The Redskins are God’s Chosen People!
    You will all bow down to us!!

    Ok ok ok enough simulated delusional behavior!

    Big early win! GO COWBOYS!

  84. bpayton52 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:24 AM

    i wonder if logicalvoice is still curled up in the corning crying

  85. bpayton52 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:24 AM


  86. ctinthewoods says: Oct 14, 2013 9:37 AM

    Bob Costas is a FRICKEN MORON. If we start changing every team name that offends even the least of the PIN HEADS too full of themselves to get over it!!!! Then we’d be chasing our tails forever. I’d like to see things from your perspective Bob, but I can’t get my head that far
    up my politically incorrect ASS!!!

  87. eyestosee69 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:49 AM

    I am as big a Skins fan as logicalvoice, so I will offer some real logic….the skins are bad right now…we just are. I would like to see cousins out there, but not for the same reason as most. I am kind of tired of my redskins being all about one person (griffin). we were around for 80 years before him…and quite frankly, his act is old to me right now. I don’t think cousins would be a savior of sorts, but I think he would give us a better chance to win a few more games. I don’t know what to think about a coaching change….perhaps its a good idea….but who to bring in…..cowher, gruden, are either one of them going to do something different that what the shans are doing? I doubt it. we all spend a lot of time saying for synder to keep out of things….well dan, I for one say its time for you to come out of the office and flex some ownership muscle.

  88. boyshole25 says: Oct 14, 2013 10:09 AM

    Hats off to the cowboys, they played the better game in all phases. That is all

  89. thirdistheworrd says: Oct 14, 2013 10:49 AM

    “snaponrules says: Oct 14, 2013 8:31 AM

    If by special plays you mean the ones controlled by the guys in the striped shirts, you would be right.
    I am not a fan of any team in the nfc least, but you could tell from the beginning of the game there was no way those officials were go to let the cowboys lose.”
    geniusry says: Oct 14, 2013 9:13 AM
    Clearly you missed the absolutely horrible “late hit” calls that Bob Griffin got on more than 1 occasion.

    As a Redskins fan, I did think those were both kind of ticky tacky UR calls, however, at the same time, on the first (I believe it was Scandrick), Griffin was making a B-line out of bounds and he went for the hit anyway. Babytown frolics– don’t do that. On the second (Church?) he clearly went for the low hit on Griffin’s knees while Griffin was decidedly out of bounds. Dumb, you gotta know that’s a call.

  90. harrypairotestes says: Oct 14, 2013 10:54 AM

    Top Ten Reason Why the skins lost to the cowboys as per Logicalvoicesays:

    10. griffin wore the wrong knee brace that totally affected his passing game
    9. The skins had the whole “name change” issue in their minds
    8. The NFL, the entire football world, the media, and everyone not a skin player or a skin fan conspired to have the skins lose
    7. The dog ate my homework
    6. The game clock was fixed so it ran faster than normal therefore not giving the skins enough time to stage a comeback
    5. The skin RBs, WRs, TEs, FBs and DBs did not catch all the “perfect” passes that the perfect QB, griffin (a.k.a. Superman) threw at them
    4. The dog ate my homework
    3. The flight was too long that the skins did not get over their jetlag prior to the game
    2. The best wide receiving core in the entire NFL had an off night….

    And the number one reason, as per Logicalvoicesays, why the skins lost to the cowboys yesterday…..

    It was actually Cousins wearing number 10 and not Griffin as he was confined in the bathroom dealing with a serious case of the runs!

  91. thirdistheworrd says: Oct 14, 2013 10:57 AM

    eyestosee69 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:49 AM

    I am as big a Skins fan as logicalvoice, so I will offer some real logic….the skins are bad right now…we just are…
    So not at all? You are also a Cowboys fan trolling as a really obnoxious Redskins fan to engender hatred of the team by the other 31 fanbases. Cowboys fans, that’s nothing personal, but you know it’s true.
    eyestosee69 says: Oct 14, 2013 9:49 AM

    I am as big a Skins fan as logicalvoice, so I will offer some real logic….the skins are bad right now…we just are. I would like to see cousins out there, but not for the same reason as most. I am kind of tired of my redskins being all about one person (griffin). we were around for 80 years before him…and quite frankly, his act is old to me right now…
    Not to sure what that means, other than really drilling in the point that you are not a fan.
    I don’t know what to think about a coaching change….perhaps its a good idea….but who to bring in…..cowher, gruden, are either one of them going to do something different that what the shans are doing? I doubt it.
    The Shanahans led Griffin to an unbeleievable season last year. Was the playoff game a debacle? Yes. But do they lose all credence because of that. In the last four years, Shanahan has drafted more current starters onto their team than anyone else in the league. And you want to throw him under the bus because in five games, Griffin has not yet outpaced AP’s recovery time?

    Conclusion– this is logic guy under a new identity– there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind.

  92. thirdistheworrd says: Oct 14, 2013 11:06 AM

    I am the first poster on this thread, but we know your classless diatribe will be on the top of the comments section, that is what you call a conspiracy.
    I assume you are talking about Logic dude? And yeah, it should have been. Anybody notice the curious coincidence that logic voice always posts within 2 or 3 minutes of the article appearing? He sparks outrage, debate, and unpleasantness on both sides, increasing traffic to these articles: traffic, which of course, translates directly into dollars for the writers. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  93. laserw says: Oct 14, 2013 12:26 PM

    As a Redskin fan, I am getting more incensed with each game that the MAIN reason the offense is not scoring is getting a pass. As far as I can see, we’ve played EXACTLY one QB during the disaster that is this season – he has led the team to scoring precisely 1 offensive touchdown in the first half.

    The defense which has been lambasted has scored 3 touchdowns.

    It pains me because I had my eyes wide open last year before the draft – I saw the lackluster skills that Griffin possesses as a QB but the Redskins mortgaged their future because of his gimmick – his legs. What is even more distressing is that we’ve seen this before – a quarterback with limited passing talent who has above average running skills is drafted and then injured and then is reduced to a bottom 10 QB for the rest of his short career.

    There is no doubt that Griffin is one pathetic QB – he is lethargic, can’t sense a pass rush, is unable to lead, cannot run a two minute offense, does not inspire others to do better, and is so weak in actual passing that his effective range is 15 yards in the air and beyond that he is almost always high with his passes.

    It is also obvious he can’t read defenses though that was not a revelation because in college he didn’t do that well there. He target locks on the first receiver and then is clueless what to do after that when that receiver is covered.

    Yes, the Redskins have special teams issues, but the defense and special teams are not the QB of this team who is incapable of scoring. Sadly his first game as a Redskin will always be his best and he’ll continue to be a bottom 10 QB because he is unwilling to prepare and unwilling to improve. And when someone holds him back to coach him up, he whines. He is a selfish and vile person who is absolutely clueless about what he needs to do to become an NFL QB.

  94. harbourimages says: Oct 14, 2013 12:35 PM

    I’m a Redskins fan by marriage, so I’m not as passionate about this HTTR stuff as my wife, naturally, but I do think the Skins did get screwed on that horrible call where the ball bounced off a Boy and was recovered by the Skins, then given back to the Boys. Having said that, however, it is not an excuse for the sorry tackling, lousy coaching, and dreadful special teams play by the Redskins last night. The Cowboys played better, period.

    Too bad Costos had to stick his nose in the middle of this Redskins name thing like he did over gun control after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting. This “little person” (how’s that for being PC) jumps on every politically correct band wagon he can find to get in front of a camera. Even though I’m mostly a Liberal myself I can’t stand phonies like Costos, so we’re ALL not Politically Correct…. Hate that term and most of what is consider to be PC!

  95. craigmaitland says: Oct 14, 2013 2:43 PM

    As a Cowboys fan I prefer seeing a not 100% RG3 to seeing Cousins. rG3 just is not an accurate thrower.

  96. jsrdc says: Oct 14, 2013 6:28 PM


    Cowboys are and were just the better team last night, even though two of their best players left the game. Redskins are just not a solid football team, and Shannahan isn’t getting it done as the coach. The Redskin D is average at best, and in large part because the secondary has been pretty anemic.

    RG III isn’t the same guy as last year. I think he just isn’t mentally back into the swing of things. Morris isn’t running wild and having the huge games like he did last year. He has only one game over 100 yards thus far, and it certainly has to do with the O-line’s level of play.

    It doesn’t necessarily matter to me why the Redskins suck, only that they do suck. And that makes this Cowboys fan that much happier about last night’s game, and the prospects for the rest of the year. Redskins were a one year wonder last season.

  97. nikf99 says: Oct 15, 2013 12:46 AM

    Is it just me or has Chris Collinsworth really stepped up the “anti-Cowboys” tone?

    Just after the Cowboys bench got flagged for 15 yards in the second quarter, Collinsworth is heard almost chuckling about the penalty.

    At a replay of Jordan Reid catching an RG3 pass for 20 yards with 15 seconds left in the first half, again Collinsworth can’t help himself,”on that last play you’re going to see the motion come across, and then when Church goes back with him…he knows its one on one, look at that move, that is SO SWEET by Jordan Reid…what a player he is going to be….watch this, whoa”.

    Lets don’t get too excited Chris. Good thing Al Michaels is there to call an unbiased game.

    In the third quarter with 9:00 minutes left, the Cowboys were looking at 2nd and 10 at the 15…looking to score. Romo gets rushed, goes out of the pocket, avoiding a sack, throws and connects with Terence Williams in the end zone for a third Cowboys touchdown.

    Collinsworth is silent. Thanks to Al Michaels who calls the exciting play. He comments that Romo so brilliantly and so often extends the plays. The only comment we hear from Chris is during a slow mo replay, “uhhhhh, now lets make sure it’s a catch… foot down…..hmmm,…..not so sure…(different angle)….hmmmm….catch, one two……ok, I guess there was one two.

    Other comments throughout the game, from memory…..

    “Same maneuver that also happened on that interception that cost him the game a week ago.”

    “Its starting to feel like its turning a little bit doesn’t it? The Redskins look more like the Redskins (with 2:47 left in the 3rd qtr). At this point, the Read -Option stuff is an asset for them, because its forcing the Dallas Cowboys to think about what RG3 is doing…….”

    9:36 left in the 4th quarter, Wilbur has just sacked and stripped RG3 of the ball, forcing a fumble on the 4 yard line….the replay, we have to hear, “….these guys, they’ve been pulled off the street to make up this defensive line”. Ok, so it was a compliment, in a way, of a ragtag defensive line doing some good.

    “Let’s not forget the penalties Washington has had to live with….” Excuses on why the Skins were losing.

    Can he be any more annoying?

    Give us Troy and Moose!!! They know how to call the Cowboys.

  98. thirdistheworrd says: Oct 15, 2013 8:20 PM

    nikf99 says: Oct 15, 2013 12:46 AM

    Is it just me or has Chris Collinsworth really stepped up the “anti-Cowboys” tone?
    That’s really interesting, because I and the people I watch with have always thought he loathed the Redskins. Maybe his unbearable smugness combined with an overall negative attitude just rubs everyone the wrong way?

  99. nikf99 says: Oct 17, 2013 1:53 AM

    I think you’re right….he should retire…

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