Keenan Allen steps up for the Chargers


The Chargers have been hit very hard at wide receiver, with both Malcom Floyd and Danario Alexander suffering season-ending injuries. Which makes San Diego very fortunate that Keenan Allen has stepped up his play.

Allen, a rookie third-round pick out of Cal, is following up an excellent performance last week against the Raiders with a sensational game tonight against the Colts.

In the second quarter, Allen beat double coverage to race into the end zone, where he made a diving catch of a Philip Rivers pass and hauled in a 22-yard touchdown. That score was less than three minutes into the second quarter, but it was Allen’s fifth catch of the night.

Allen has developed in a hurry for the Chargers, going from not even playing in Week One to becoming the team’s No. 1 option the last two weeks. His touchdown in the second quarter gave the Chargers a 7-3 lead over the Colts.

18 responses to “Keenan Allen steps up for the Chargers

  1. @wearethesteelers

    You know if you added a couple more letters to screen name it would read wherearethesteelers. And the answer to that would be LAST in the AFC North.

  2. @wearethesteelers says: Oct 14, 2013 9:46 PM

    “Everyone knows that the Colts were overrated.”

    Everyone knew the Steelers would lose more than they’d win. And the Colts would punish the Steelers. The Chargers would, too.

    Pittsburgh is a Triple A football team these days.

  3. LOL, yep, overrated. Bragging about how they’re gonna roll over the Donkeys and then get rolled by the Chargers.

  4. Offensive STEAL of the draft. I’m a Cal homer tho so there’s definitely some biased in that statement!

  5. Embarrassing performance by the Colts. Defense couldn’t get off the field and the offense couldn’t stay on. What kind of run defense was that? Dropped passes and poor tackling. They play like this next week Denver will hang 60 on them.

  6. It’s easier to be a Cal fan these days,
    if you follow the alums in the NFL,
    instead of the Golden Bears in Berkeley…

  7. I think the Colts were caught off guard with the Charger running game. I’m a Charger fan and it caught me off guard. The Charger defense surprised me also.

  8. Phillip Rivers has always been very good QB just he had back to back bad seasons so lots people gave up on him..but if you know football you can see his fire and desire to win its big difrance from lots other die hard Raider fan i have to say Rivers played great tonight he called autibles and had great game plan at the line of scrimmage calling plays…we should of beat the colts too thats why im not happy ..good game to Rivers and chargers..

  9. He would have been awesome at Cal if he did not threaten to leave the program unless his brother was the QB. His team mates called him MeMe. Why do you think he slid to 3rd round?

  10. @ddogdaddy

    I think that might be the greatest comeback/smack that I’ve read on a board ever.

    If not, it’s in the Top 3.


  11. 49ers are an average team. Seahawks played down to the Colts, just like the Chargers played down to the Raiders.

    Any given Sunday.

    Last night, the Chargers were a much better team than the overhyped Colts.

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