With Goodson out, Ivory thinks Jets should run more

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The Jets lost a back this week, but one of the replacements thinks the team needs to respond by running even more.

Jets running back Chris Ivory said he’s hoping the team responds to Mike Goodson’s season-ending knee injury by leaning on him.

I would like to see us run the ball more,” Ivory told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I really feel like when you can run the ball, that opens up everything else. It would take a little [pressure] off Geno [Smith]. . . .

“Going [forward], we have to run the ball. I feel like it’s a must.”

Of course, that’s diametrically opposed to the philosophy of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who has always leaned more toward the pass.

“We run the ball,” Ivory said. “I just don’t feel like it’s consistent, . . . Rex [Ryan] wants to run the ball, but I guess as the O.C. you see something different out there.

“I think he’s just a passing guy. The offense he runs is built for passing.”

Of course, Ivory has a vested interest in emphasizing the run, since he has just 34 carries after coming over in a trade with the Saints, where he was marginalized on a team that leaned heavily toward the pass. Of course, that team had Drew Brees instead of a rookie, so that’s the appropriate choice for them.

Ivory has a valid point, though. The Jets have run more in their three wins, but that’s also a natural outgrowth of having leads and not playing from behind. Running instead of passing isn’t necessarily some secret formula, but shortening games for a good defense and limiting the opportunities for rookie mistakes seems like a wise plan.

8 responses to “With Goodson out, Ivory thinks Jets should run more

  1. yeah cuz Ivory is just the perfect specimen of what an Iron Man is..right?

    since he came in the league he has followed a pattern, play one game (hard), then out 2 games, then return for another game…

  2. @kperagine

    As a lawyer, I can unequivocally say that oftentimes it doesn’t matter how “right” you are if you are unable to communicate that in an effective manner.

  3. First of all Ivory is no workhorse anchor man for our run game. At best he is a run by committee back.

    Sans the Titans game I think Mornhinwig has zeroed in on the ideal balance for run/pass for us. Right now its mostly about offensive execution & Geno stepping up the consistency in his performance with accuracy & ball protection that would have been & will continue to be the difference maker! That plus our secondary tightening up & our defense making more turnover opportunities will put more W’s on the board.

    Last Cro needs to get his act together. Whats up with him this season…?

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