PFT Planet: Will Freeman spark Vikings’ offense?

Mike Florio answers calls and tweets from PFT Planet and discusses if the Josh Freeman decision in Minnesota will spark the offense, how in danger Greg Schiano’s job status is in Tampa Bay, if the Seahawks’ chances of winning the Super Bowl increase every week and more.


4 responses to “PFT Planet: Will Freeman spark Vikings’ offense?

  1. Zero risk move! For both the Vikings and Josh Freeman. We will have our QB at the end of the draft either way.

  2. I have the utmost respect for Leslie Frazier as a man, but I’ve never been sold on his head coaching abilities. Peterson had a season for the ages and carried this team to a 10=6 record. Last Sunday brought back memories of the other Les – Steckel. I saw Bud Grant interviewed a couple weeks back about his new book and how he would have come back after Tice was fired. The guy has not lost a step. If worse comes to worse, I say let Bud come back and finish the season for one last hurrah and start the head coach hunting early.

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