ProFootballTalk: Giants are the perfect matchup for Freeman’s debut

According to Mike Florio the Vikings have picked the perfect time to insert Josh Freeman as the starting quarterback. The New York Giants’ defense has been abysmal, so this is a perfect time to see what Freeman has.

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  1. It is also an ideal time in that if he does poorly you can always say he has only had 2 weeks and we knew there would be some bumps but (wait for it) there are some things that are easily correctable.

  2. Wow! What an astute observation that is. Vikes have a lot more problems than just lack of a functional QB. They blew it when they passed on Jeff Fisher for HC. I’ll admit that I kind of like the Tony Dunge wanna be HQ but Messgrove needs to go. Ponder? Those who can do. Those who can’t teach. Move on. Sorry Sully. You need to go too. The list is too long to go on. Please may this season pass quickly. Oh and one more. The franchise killer Spieleman…..please leave.

  3. As a Viking fan I feel sorry for any QB on this team now. Poor coaching and management and add in the piss poor defense and hardly enough time to get acquainted… good luck Freeman

  4. As a Giants fan, I have minimal confidence for us even if Webb was starting. Mark this down, Hillis and Jacobs will combine for APs first half yardage. I hope I’m the reverse indicator.

  5. Two of the most disappointing units in the NFL (the Vikings Defense and the Giant’s Offense) will be on the field facing each other.

    Something has to give, Eli wouldn’t have a better chance all year to find his game. Giants by 10 points.

  6. Why can’t the Vikes tank the season like the Colts did to get Luck? Well, at least they’ll get new coaches.

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