Yates and Keenum split reps with Schaub sidelined

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There’s a good reason Texans coach Gary Kubiak said he wouldn’t be able to make a decision on injured/beat-down-by-life quarterback Matt Schaub until later this week.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Schaub did not practice Wednesday, and they split the first-team reps between backup T.J. Yates and Case Keenum.

Schaub stayed in for treatment on his many lower body injuries during the practice period, leading McClain to believe the embattled quarterback’s not going to play Sunday against the Chiefs.

The fact Kubiak was willing to leave the door open for Keenum might be as interesting as anything in the daily news, as he was still inactive last week despite Schaub’s struggles.

Keenum’s still a bit of a cult figure in Houston from his college days, and there seems to be some sentiment that he might get a chance to leap-frog Yates at some point, if not this week.

10 responses to “Yates and Keenum split reps with Schaub sidelined

  1. Yates is going to be a career backup QB. Keenum at least has that killer instinct and mentality it takes to play QB in the NFL. Yates had his chance, Keenum needs a chance. With Andre Johsnon and DeAndre Hopkins on the outside, you do not need to be skittish about getting the ball to them. I believe Keenum can and will succeed.

  2. Seriously, throw Case out there. He either shines or loses the game. Can’t say our odds are any better with a gimpy Schaub (who can’t move when healthy) or Yates (mini-Schaub).

  3. @dfields4

    Will one of you explain to me why Keenum has the “instinct” and “fire” or whatever hyperbole you’re throwing out? I for one hope he starts against the Chiefs this Sunday so you can all see your hated Kubiak conservatism taken to another level. Keenum has no long ball and was undrafted for a reason. You UH homers said the same thing about Kolb, who as we all know was solid in the NFL (insert sarcasm).

  4. As a Texans fan the sentiment to Keenum is nauseating . If anyone thinks that he is the answer cause he had a good pre-season just look at the kid in Buffalo, Tule, he had a good pre-season and get knocked seriously back down to reality during the Cleveland game. They are undrafted for a reason. The only move the Texans have left to salvage 2014 is to trade for Cousins. You’re gonna spend a first rounder on a QB anyway why not make it a player who has a few starts, and before the trade has no value to either team.

  5. I know everyone wants Keenum, but I would be monsterously surprised if Kubiak put anyone but Yates out there. Kubiak is a fairly conservative coach, and he knows Yates. Yates won him a playoff game.

    I agree with everyone here though, I’d MUCH rather see Keenum out there. I think he’s got that killer instict as someone else said.

    I also disagree with Kubiak splitting reps. Pick your guy and get him ready. 2 guys half ready isn’t as good as 1 guy fully ready….

  6. @thekingdave

    I’m no UH homer at all. The “instinct” and “fire” is the willingness to throw the ball without fear. Schaub used to have it. Yates is just “a guy” and Houston knows it. Keenum may get out there and throw 4 pick six’s, who knows, but they need to see what they’ve got.

  7. I too have that killer instinct. Tried my hand at long jumping, my killer instinct netted me an impressive 6′ 8″. People with talent in long jumping fared much better.

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