Michael Vick confirms he’s out this week

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Last week, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said he wouldn’t announce whether Michael Vick could play until right before kickoff on Sunday. This week, Vick has beaten Kelly by 72 hours.

Three days before the Eagles host the Cowboys in a big NFC East clash, Vick confirmed to reporters that his injured hamstring is bad enough that he already knows he won’t be able to play on Sunday.

That means Nick Foles will start his second straight game, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Eagles: Foles, who has completed 67.2 percent of his passes with six touchdowns and no interceptions this season, may be a better passer than Vick. (Foles is, of course, nowhere near the running threat that Vick is.)

If Foles plays as well this week as he did last week, and the Eagles take sole possession of first place with a win over the Cowboys, Vick may remain sidelined even after his hamstring is healed.

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  1. I can’t wait until he’s done as an Eagle. One of the worst moves Reid made. He’s not that good but if you bench him there’s a national outcry.

  2. You don’t take out the hot hand.

    If we look back to the game that Vick was injured in, he did not have one single completion in the first half.. That is what lead to him straining his leg, running around so much.

    Michael Vick is still 6′ flat.. The OL of the birds averages 6’5. . Pure physics let us know that the throwing lanes for vick are few and far between. . This is evident in his constant scrambling and his holding the ball until the receivers are farther down the field. It’s all science and fact based.
    Foles being 6’6 doesn’t have the throwing lane limitations of Vick..

    Not to mention, most of Foles’ big plays came when he maneuvered around the pocket, allowing the OL to sit in their pass sets and letting the WRs get down field on the safeties..

    up until this point, i have not seen as many fatal flaws in Foles’ game -vs- Vick’s..

    the only thing i worry about, is his throwing the ball away in bounds when avoiding sacks.. that WILL CATCH UP WITH HIM..
    but if he limits that, the kid can be a talent in this league.

  3. to say that Vick is no good is an uneducated football statement.
    What other players have had the continued success of Vick. Granted he may not be a top 3 QB, but he definitely has the talent to start in the NFL…

    just ask Houston, Oakland, Minnesota, Tampa, Arizona, and any other team with a bum QB.

  4. The eagles need to stick with one for the rest of the year and trade the other because there’s no point having two starting calibre quarterbacks. They should keep foles and build around him and trade vick to the Jaguars for a late round pick

  5. myeaglescantwin says: Oct 17, 2013 2:18 PM

    to say that Vick is no good is an uneducated football statement.
    What other players have had the continued success of Vick.


    You’re saying 4-12 and last in the division last year was success? How many playoff wins does he have lately? How many Super Bowls?

    Are you confusing the word “success” with “turnovers”?!

  6. The Eagles are actually a more efficient team with Nick Foles as the QB. I think it might be safe to say If they beat the Cowboys Sunday Vick might never take snap again for the Eagles.

  7. Mike Vick has been a very average QB since 2010 yet an above average member of the EAGLES. He has out kicked his coverage when it comes to being a good teammate, a leader, and as a member of society. Atta boy Mike.

    But it is time for Foles. We need to know if Nick can play in this league and what his “upside” is. Can he be “elite” or is he simply a mid-pack QB. We need to know.

    In Chip we TRUST!!!

  8. My only problem with Foles (as an Eagles) fan is, how will he look after teams game plan for him and figure out his weaknesses. Kevn Kolb looked great for an injured McNaab years ago when teams weren’t ready for him. If Foles turns out great…that’s good. But the QB of the future may not even be on this roster.

  9. myeaglescantwin says:Oct 17, 2013 2:18 PM

    to say that Vick is no good is an uneducated football statement.
    What other players have had the continued success of Vick. Granted he may not be a top 3 QB, but he definitely has the talent to start in the NFL…

    just ask Houston, Oakland, Minnesota, Tampa, Arizona, and any other team with a bum QB.

    I understand why fans enjoy watching Mike Vick play football, but to continue on about how good he is makes me wonder if Mike Vick fans look past the occasional flash to take a look at his accomplishments. He is just below average statistically. He turns the ball over far too often. He is a highlight real guy for the most part. If people saw the lowlights along with the highlights, he is not very impressive to watch.

    What I see from Mike Vick supporters is a want for Vick to be great. If you need to applaud a player for only tossing one pick and fumbling once, there is something wrong. Blaming away Vicks mistakes is another common thing I see from his fans. It happens too often for it never to be his fault. Anyway, I have nothing against Mike Vick. I Just don’t think he, and a dozen other starting NFL QBs should be starting (note how the other bad QBs don’t get the press Vick does). Problem is, the talent at that position is thin and that is just the way it goes. Because a player starts at a position, does not mean he is a legitimate starting player everywhere.

  10. I can’t see the Cowboys being as bad as a lot of people think that they are. If the Cowboys can’t beat this Eagles team I will be very surprised. Cowboys win 37-24.

  11. It’ll be quite hilarious when Foles struggles and Chip is forced to go back to Vick in order to secure the division title. You haven’t seen the last of him as a starter. I’d put a hefty wager on that.

  12. From the start of Chip Kelly’s go here in Philly, I always viewed Vick as having bigger play potential and Foles as being more secure with the ball. They are two different approaches to the position. Kelly had to go one way or the other. Being a gambler type coach in college, I figured he would choose Vick to start. I never thought Foles could throw a deep ball, until last week. His long passes look clean and crisp. I was impressed. He should start, eliminate the “every game turn over, count on it”.

    It is the defense though that will hold the Eagles back. The secondary plays the pass well only when the run threat has been taken away. Teams can run on the Eagles. The season will be interesting though, because teams will try to run to control the game but the Eagles score in bunches. Then they will be forced to just pass to keep up. If the defense can pull it together, get tighter, the Eagles will be a tough team. Go Birds!

  13. @ hailvictory

    4-12,,, seems a lot like the record of the 2013 skins broski.

    you do know who is the QB for the skins right??

    you do know the type of QB style he emulates right?

    and in the NFL… a 10 year career is success, no matter what you clowns think.

  14. the first four games, everyone ran on the eagles…
    but then
    the giants thought they could run on the eagles,,, the bus thought they could run on the eagles..
    how’d that work out??

    motion to dismiss, Your Honor.

  15. Really, the most overrated player ever is skipping the game against the same D-coordinator that crushed him twice a year when Vick was a Falcon. Everybody should learn from Kiffin’s, keep Vick in the pocket & make him throw the ball down field. Between Vick’s slow release and inaccurate arm he should have about a 14% completion.

  16. Anyone who thinks Foles starts over a healthy Vick knows absolutely nothing about football, or the NFL for that matter.
    Chip chose Vick as his starter with plenty of film, OTA’s, and preseason work.
    It would make the most sense to start Foles if the Eagles wanted to throw in the towel, and build for the future. But they are first place in their division, in the worst division in football. Vick has 2 interceptions against the best defence in the game, in a 5 game sample size.
    Vick limits his turnovers and he is a top 10 qb, and that isn’t even debatable.
    Do you think their opponents would rather face Foles or a healthy Vick?
    Hate Vick all you want for whatever reasons, but you absolutely know teams are scared to death of him.

    This controversy is all due to media hype, because that’s what Vick is, a lot of hype. He is an above average quarterback with Tom Brady expectations. But coaches and players know wayyyyyy more about football than you do, which is why Vick will continue starting, and sign as a starter next season somewhere, hopefully Philly.

  17. tedesco are you Marcus Vick only he could be that ignorant and think Vick is an elite QB he is an average QB has his big plays and is exciting to watch at times but he is a boom or bust QB I will take slow and steady that moves the chains all day over that

  18. as an eagles fan, I’ve been edited about Foles for a while. he didn’t have a great possession. but he’s a tall, smart, pocket passer who is also athletic and can buy time and make space. after seeing him throw a couple deep balls, I’m sold. this team is rebuilding anyway. I’d rather rebuild with someone who has a future, instead of an old, oft-injured qb who pretty much provides a feast or famine type game. he’s great when he’s great, and awful when he’s not. granted, the o line struggled in the loss to kc, and I’m sure many other places, but I think there is more future upside with Foles. Vick is always being injured, and be only has so much time left before he really gets invited.

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