Tony Gonzalez: I’m not jumping ship

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Ever since word of wide receiver Julio Jones’ season-ending foot injury came to light, there have been suggestions that the Falcons look to trade tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said he had no interest in a deal and Falcons coach Mike Smith called it “preposterous” to bring up the topic, but chatter has persisted enough that Gonzalez was asked about it again on Thursday. Once again, Gonzalez made it clear that he has no desire to leave Atlanta.

“I’m still happy as I can be to be a Falcon,” Gonzalez said, via Vaughn McClure of “I know there were trade rumors out there. I didn’t ask for a trade. That wasn’t me. I signed up, and this is the team that … I came back to play with these guys on the team. And I’m enjoying myself, win, lose or draw. Obviously I’d rather win. It makes it a lot more fun. But there is no way I would think about jumping ship because I love playing for this team, I love playing for this city.”

Gonzalez went on to say that if there was a trade, it wouldn’t come from him asking for it. While Smith’s comments don’t rule out that possibility entirely, it would be a surprise to see the Falcons wave the white flag that would come with such a trade since they’ve shown no other signs of being willing to write off the rest of this season.

14 responses to “Tony Gonzalez: I’m not jumping ship

  1. You don’t need to voluntarily jump ship. Sometimes a fisherman’s best strategy is to use a fish already in possession as bait to get a bigger and more useful fish. You don’t fit into the Falcons plans if they can’t compete for a SB this year, so you are more valuable to another team, hence the Falcons should trade you. How are you going to deliver value to this team otherwise? You can’t answer that right now or give a confident reply.

  2. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 17, 2013 4:14 PM
    Whose that old juiced up vet who gets the free pass…. tony gonzalez.
    You’re right he is full of juice. I think I have the same juicer as him. The Omega 4000?

    Put some blueberries, kale, apple, celery and carrots and you’re good to go!

  3. Too bad. He’d look awfully nice in a Pats uni, especially after Gronk is back to full strength and out there. They could use the 2 TE formations again and Brady would be one happy camper.

  4. This is the new 21st century sports media: Create your own stories and claim they are “suggestions” and “chatter”. Then stand back and watch everyone gobble it up.

  5. Yeah… Omega 4000.

    LOL… more like HGH 1000, IGF 1000, nandrolone 1000, and test cyp 1000!!!

  6. Yes the Falcons should trade him not just to have him play on a winning squad but:

    1) Give even more playing time to 6’8″ stud rookie receiver Levine Toilolo and underrated vet Chase Coffman.

    2) Any draft picks for 2014 like a 6 or 7 or both.

    3) Unload some of that $7 MILLION he is receiving this year.

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