Colts will get Landry, Freeman back on the field


While all the attention has been on the quarterback the Colts are facing this weekend, they got some good news Friday about the guys trying to stop him.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts will have both safety LaRon Landry and linebacker Jerrell Freeman back on the field, per coach Chuck Pagano.

Freeman was cleared after his concussion Monday against the Chargers, while Landry’s missed the last four games with an ankle injury.

Having a pair of active, physical defenders back in the middle of the defense is going to be a much bigger factor in Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s day than anything his old boss might be saying.

9 responses to “Colts will get Landry, Freeman back on the field

  1. Actually having Landry might negatively impact them more. Landry has a history of committing stupid late or illegal hits.

    With that focus and the fact that PManning is playing this might cause more problems for the Colts.

  2. Damn, I picked the Colts to upset the Broncos too…have to see if I can change it…BANK on LaRon Landry getting several unsportsmanlike conduct penalties

  3. I’ll probably get some thumbs down for this, but I think Irsay is right about the talent level between Luck and Manning. I think Luck has more upside and might be a better winner as opposed to a stat machine. And in all honesty, Manning is still an injury risk. If they get the tools around Luck that Manning has had his entire career, I wouldn’t put it past Indy to win a couple Lombardis.

    Not a Colts fan or Manning hater

  4. Those are decent players coming back, but has everyone forgot that Von Miller and Woodyard will be back as well?? Von Miller is a top 3 Defender in the entire league. Say all you want, but I am sure Indy is more concerned about Von and Wood than Denver is with Freeman and Landry.. I expect Thumbs down btw being on an INDY story

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