Coliseum City could keep Raiders in Oakland


Yes, the Raiders have a bye week.  But they haven’t been forgotten, thanks to some developments this week regarding their effort to build a new stadium.

That new stadium could be built in Oakland, as part of the so-called “Coliseum City.”  On Tuesday, Oakland City Council voted to approve the addition of multiple potential investors.  On Wednesday, owner Mark Davis expressed optimism about the project.

“I want to see what happens from here, but maybe it’s a ray of hope and sunshine,” Davis told Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.  “That was a positive step last night.”

Davis downplayed his recent decision to tour a possible stadium site in Concord, California.

“I looked at it,” Davis said.  “It’s there.  It’s a possibility.  But I absolutely love the site we’re on now.

“If in fact we get something done in the Bay Area, I think it’s going to be on that [Coliseum] site.  That’s what I’m pushing for.”

If Coliseum City doesn’t work — and it’s way too early to know whether it will — the only alternative could be relocation.

“Concord was a suggestion by somebody, that I should take a look, so I took a look at it,” Davis said.  “It wasn’t a leverage thing — [I] don’t do that kind of stuff. It was to gather information. . . .  We’ve got to get something done, we really do.  And we will.”

They need to.  The current stadium is outdated, it’s shared with the A’s, and it has a recurring sewage problem.

Other than that, it’s perfect.

19 responses to “Coliseum City could keep Raiders in Oakland

  1. The A’s want to go to San Jose and the Warriors are moving to SF. It makes total sense for this project to house all 3 to commence.

  2. the Raiders stadium looks like one of those high school gyms where they pull the folding bleachers out from the wall. If you look at old NFL footage you see a lot of that. And yet its 2013 and still the Raiders play in the most half-assed dump imaginable.

  3. So the Raiders are on the cusp of having a quarterback to build around, a coach they are not going to fire, no more legacy over paid players, a crapload of salary cap room next year and now possibly a new football stadium in Oakland? As a Raider fan/season ticket holder, I approve of this new direction.

  4. The Raiders are a truly global brand and while it would be nice if they stayed in Oakland, they could move anywhere, and they’d still be the Raiders.

  5. The Coliseum City plan will probably fail due to the A’s & Warriors owners single mindedness in leaving Oakland. They’re not event talking to the city. Only the Raiders want to stay, but that not might be enough for the private developers to make a profit on the project.

  6. I remember the Raiders in LA. They were the one of the most pristine franchises in all of sports yet in SoCal they were a laughing stock and considered a freak show. I went to a game where there were maybe 30,000 there and by halftime 1/3 of them were either passed out or arrested. The ONLY city where the great Raiders and their fans are accepted and welcomed is their real and only home, Oakland.
    Mr. Davis, Mayor Quan, please dont screw this up.

  7. The Raider’s stadium situation is terrible. It is part of what is wrong with the organization and keeps them two steps behind other organizations. But, that is the Raider’s problem. Why should the city pay any money to help fund a stadium that is used ten times a year, when the city of Oakland has so many other issues? Why should the city be held hostage by a bad football team?

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