A game of quick swings continues, Broncos up 14-10

Getty Images

Peyton Manning can strike quickly, but the Colts proved they can too.

Taking advantage of a fumbled punt by Trindon Holliday, the Colts took a 10-7 lead when Andrew Luck hit Darrius Heyward-Bey for an 11-yard touchdown pass on the next play.

Holliday was initially ruled out of bounds, but the call was reversed and the Colts were given the ball (though not the return for an immediate touchdown since the play was ruled dead on the field). Fullback Stanley Havili did a good job of stripping the ball from the diminutive return man, and Sergio Brown recovered.

The Colts have shown they can make plays on special teams over the course of the season, but Manning just replied with a touchdown pass to tight end Julius Thomas for a 14-10 lead.

And you get the feeling this one’s going to go back and forth all night.