Falcons keep Bucs winless, with 31-23 win

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The Falcons survived a short-handed Sunday, in hopes of getting a season back on track.

They were able to hang on for a 31-23 win over the Buccaneers, improving to 2-4 in the process.

Matt Ryan threw three touchdowns, and with spare wide receiver Harry Douglas finishing with seven catches for 147 yards. With running back Jacquizz Rodgers catching a pair of touchdown passes, it was enough on a sloppy day.

The win keeps the Buccaneers winless, dropping them to 0-6 heading into Thursday’s game against the Panthers.

They also lost Doug Martin to a shoulder injury in the second half, adding to a long list of problems.

22 responses to “Falcons keep Bucs winless, with 31-23 win

  1. Let’s see if the media will go crazy about matt ryan playing like a god with scrubs as receivers like they do with tom brady

  2. What is that 1-12 over the last 13 games. As a Bucs fan I’m growing impatient to see this “Great Team” that our idiot coach says we will be. Time for us to let go of Schiano and his idiot staff he chose. Come on Glazers pull the trigger!!!

  3. The D-line for the Falcons still can’t get to the QB very well & the secondary is like a sieve still allowing 3rd & 4th down conversions. You can beat Mike Glennon but can’t beat someone scary talented like Thad Lewis or Carson Palmer. Long season ahead, maybe no more wins at all.

  4. Great loss for the Bucs, they’re the leading contender for the Bridgewater Bowl. Too bad Jameis Winston can’t come out this year but we’ll settle for Bridgewater.

  5. this is a joke, watching the keystone bucs 1st and goal at five, then four straight penalties this team was overrated by the homers including me this team is the ultimate dysfunctional family dom and schiano must go

  6. How many penalties this time? Seriously, this is a really talented team but you don’t see this team playing to their real potential and a lot of indiscipline, I wonder who’s to blame for that?
    Please fire Schiano now, please

  7. Matt Ryan is only good because his WRs are great.

    I think Glennon is a solid QB and The Buccs will be pretty good when they get them a better coach.

  8. The best part is when they cut Revis after this season, they’ll have basically traded Sheldon Richardson for an 2-14 season.

  9. So in 2011 Raheem Morris goes 4-2 the first 6 games them loses 10 in a row to end the season. The year before that he was nominated for coach of the year.

    All this without the glazers spending a dime on free agents.

    Now schiano has great free agents handed to him and can’t do anything.

    Schiano is making Raheem look like a great coach…and maybe he wasn’t that bad considering all circumstances…I guess we will see what happens tomorrow night when josh freeman starts for the Vikings.

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