Vick could be back next week


It’s been a strange 14 days for the Eagles.  While quarterbacks Nick Foles and Mike Vick seem to be getting along (after all, they did a joint press conference), bizarre dynamics continue to be at play regarding Vick’s status.

It could get more bizarre soon.  Per a league source, Vick could return to action as soon as next week, when the Eagles host the Giants.

They may need Vick, because Nick Foles currently has a head injury.

On Sunday, Vick was inactive — even though he was listed as questionable for the game due to a hamstring injury suffered two weeks ago against the Giants.  It’s no surprise, given that Vick declared himself to be out on Thursday.

Last week, Vick also was questionable, even though there was no way he’d play.  The Eagles dressed him, presumably to perpetuate the ruse, even though Vick said the night before the game that he has a “long road” to recovery.

By consistently contradicting the team regarding his own status, Vick has created the impression that he wants defenses to know that they’ll be preparing for Foles.  Now that Vick could be moving toward coming back, Vick’s incentive will remain to downplay his status, so that defenses will prepare more for Foles and less for Vick.

If Foles can’t play, preparation won’t matter.  (Then again, Foles’ status could now become another part of the shell game.)

Though it’s not in the team’s best interests for Vick to undermine the messages that the Eagles may be trying to send, Vick needs at a certain level to think about his own best interests.  With more than $2 million tied this year to playing time and his next contract sure to hinge on whether Vick is able to play and play well, Vick needs to get his job back as soon as he’s healthy enough to play.

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  1. Hopefully he will be back next week.

    Foles has been very good, but Vick’s talent opens up the offense a lot more.

    Ultimately, Vick won the preseason competition and had been doing very well himself before his injury.

  2. Yeah then as soon as Vick is back he’ll get hurt again further impeding Foles’ growth into a starter. It’s in Vick’s best interest to stop getting hurt all of the time. If the Eagles found a keeper in Foles who cares about Vick who had a tenuous hold on the job at best.

  3. It’s articles like this that make you understand why players have such a negative view towards media.

    If he answers it honestly, he has a hidden agenda and is undermining the team.

    If he answers it dishonestly, he has a hidden agenda and is undermining himself.

    If he has no comment, he needs to understand that he has a duty to the media, and the media is the reason that he is rich and famous.

    And finally, regardless of the way he answered this particular question, he should have made a stand against the Redskins name.

  4. “Ultimately, Vick won the preseason competition and had been doing very well himself before his injury.”

    Sure, because 53% completion rate and a passer rating of 65.4 is “very well” only in Philadelphia.

  5. Hurry back Vick cause foles is not the answer everyone praise foles last week against Tampa he sucks when the teams are better. Vick is the starter all the haters can go to Hxxx

  6. I think since alot of people are not pipe into philly sports there seems to be some confusion.

    For starters nick foles play today because Vick is out with an injury , a few haters in the media put out that its foles job to win , How can a 4 time pro bowler in Vick- who has the eagles before he got injured with the 2nd best offense in all of football , have his job in question …over a 3rd round pick in foles who has 2 wins to his name, How in the world does that make sense.

    The haters just can’t seem to let the DOG issue go away ,because this hating on him have NOTHING to do with his ON FIELD play.* Case and point on a call in show i hear a guy say he doesn’t like Vick because he doesn’t “SLIDE PROPERLY”..what!!So you see here folks they are other agendas going on .

  7. Yeah they’ll bring him back to get some numbers vs. the hapless 0-6 Giants, they may even let him play vs. the 2-4 Raiders, but Foles will be back in there taking Vick’s rightful lumps vs. GB. All so Lurie can hide $100 million worth of eggs on his face.

  8. It’s so nice to see that as Michael Vick has ‘matured,’ he’s become humble, learning to put team interests ahead of his own.

  9. mungman69 says: Oct 21, 2013 7:19 AM

    Vick was moving the team consistently before he got hurt.

    YEAH, til they get in the redzone, when they get 9 field goals for every 1 TD~!!

    Play the kids to see what they offer! Vick will be gone in March. We’re going no where this season, let’s evealuate the youngsters and send vick to the old folks home!

  10. @jbeagles2 says: “Foles played not o lose today.”

    Yeah man, and he even messed that up too.

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