Suspension in play for Meriweather


As explained on Sunday, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather is facing a possible suspension after inflicting a pair of illegal hits on Sunday against Bears receivers.

A league source says suspension definitely is on the table.  Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Meriweather is expected to be suspended for at least one game.

Any decision will be subject to appeal to Matt Birk or Ted Cottrell.  Last month, Birk overturned a one-game suspension that had been imposed on safety Dashon Goldson.

Meriweather was fined $42,000 last month for violating the new rule prohibiting use of the crown of the helmet when hitting Packers running back Eddie Lacy.

67 responses to “Suspension in play for Meriweather

  1. It’s about time, he actually goes out there TRYING to injure other players.

    There’s no place for this moron in the game.

  2. Whether you agree with the new safety rules or not, for him to just completely disregard them and continually cost his team 15 yards is amazing. The guy has no coverage skills and nearly cost his team the game with dumb penalties. It goes to show you how bad the redskins defense is if he is starting

  3. Time to kick this moron out of the league. Still keeps hitting helmet to helmet. He has hurt players and got what he deserved when James Starks gave him a concussion.

    He just doesn’t get it.

  4. Good. Suspend him for 6 games, and let him appeal to 4. You want a poster boy for how serious you are about getting h2h hits out of the game? Here is the opportunity.

  5. His play style is an embarrassment to the fan base.. just not quite the embarrassment that was Andrew Luck’s flop on 3rd down to draw that roughing the passer flag. This is football.. not soccer!

  6. Has been a headhunter for way to long. One game is not enough. He’s been fined for TWO hits in one game already, now another TWO hits???

    If they abort this opportunity for suspension, then something is really wrong. I had respect for Matt Birk but I am questioning it with the Goldson decision.

  7. Brandon Meriweather should have missed games already this season, but by only fining him, the NFL allowed him to make more illegal hits… bad form from both the NFL and this guy who can’t follow rules!

  8. In defense of Meriweather and some of the others who’ve been hit with this BS, I’ve noticed on some of these calls they weren’t helmet to helmet per se’ however, when you have two bodies heading towards one another one bracing to inflict the blow and the other bracing to absorb the blow leads to some of these penalties. On the first penalty on Meriweather he put his shoulder into the receiver in a legal position, however, with the receiver lowering to brace for the hit his head was coming down as Meriweather was coming in…and would be more incidental contact that a blatant attempt to be a head to head collision. I think what’s overlooked in a lot of these situations is the intent…it’s very clear to see when a defensive players intent is to go high and to the head area… I believe in player safety but all these rules have put defensive players at a disadvantage.

  9. As a Redskins fan, I was disappointed we signed this guy. I knew there was no way he would change his ways and there would be 15-yard penalties and suspensions. It is even worse that he couldn’t get on the field for a year. Hope he is gone at the end of the season.

  10. Man I thought everyone was saying the NFL was getting soft… Ohhhh you only agree with Goodell when you want to. Gotcha. (Not a Redskins fan. Just love the hypocrisy from everyone.)

  11. He had multiple penalties and I believe fines for launching while he was with the Pats along with a lot of other stupid penalties.

    His main concern is to get on the bspn highlights for a big hit, not winning the game. The fact that he’s still making hits to the head and launching shows how stupid he is after the league has made it such a point of focus.

    They should sit him for 4 games or so.

  12. This guy doesn’t get it. At a minimum he should get 4 games. They should considering giving him 8 games. 4 for each hit.

    I wonder if the NFL should consider how college football is handling this issue. In college if the player gets flagged for “targeting” it results in an automatic objection from the game but can be overruled by a replay official if the replay official deems the hit was “clean.”

  13. I have his jersey in my closet somewhere. He’s not a bad player, but very inconsistent and really just cares about making the highlight reel with huge hits. Why is he being suspended now? When he deserved it way before.

  14. The Wussification of football. We need a headhunter…send a message…if he keeps doing this people wont throw to his side. Keep up the good work BW.

  15. The first hit ystrday was not a helmet to helmet kill shot, it was under the helmet with his shoulder pads. The shot on Marshall however was pretty bad. Sucks, we’ll need him next week against the Broncos.

  16. this cheap shot artist should be suspended for the 2013 season.

    All he does is head hunt with illegal hits.
    There is no place in the football for this type of play; Pop-werner on through the NFL…

    HAIL poor sportsmanship
    HAIL cheap shots
    HAIL 4th place in the NFC east.

  17. I’m surprised the Raiders haven’t offered up a 1st and a 2nd for Merriwether. He’s their kind of guy.

  18. There was a time these type defenders were heralded for their play as well as feared…Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, Fred the hammer Williamson etc., but not just defensive backs there were LB’s who played the same way. Nowadays it’s becoming more of powder puff game, all the changes to the game are being made to affect the defense giving large advantages to offenses…it’s becoming sickening!

    The NFL needs to take good hard look at some of it’s rules many contradict one another and leave interpretation to the zebra’s on the field who in some cases get it wrong…just a small example if there are two penalites pass interference and illegal contact and the receiver on a pass route draws a flag for either one…yet you can have an official step in and say well the pass wasn’t catchable??? That may be true however, if the pass is in his direction and one of these penalties does occur is should stand as a penaltie regardless of whether it’s catchable. Another penalty discrepancy I noticed yesterday, if the offense is called for holding it’s a 10 yd penalty but if it’s the defense it’s a 5 yd penalty??? Why?

  19. whitecastleisafoodgroup says: Oct 21, 2013 1:21 PM

    He gets it. He just doesn’t care. Both shots were intentional knock out shots to the head.

    I agree with your comment, but mainly, I gave you a thumbs up solely because of your user name. Awesome.

  20. The league claims they want to make the game safer yet they let a guy like this do this over and over. He should have been suspended mulitiple games after the Lacy hit.
    This time it should be 1 year.

  21. Glad I grew up watching football in the 70’s and 80’s. The NFL and it’s fans have really changed over the years. Regretfully, not for the better.

  22. The real question is, where were the penalty flags for either of the obvious head-hunting violations during the game? Both times it was obvious to me from my bar stool, and yet the referees somehow missed them. Then, when RG3 was running down the field and cut back in, a LB landed on him (with no major impact) a fraction of a second after he was down, and a 15 yard penalty was assessed. I won’t go into all of the atrocious officiating that helped Washington in this game, but now I get it when players complain about the uneven enforcement of player safety.
    I wonder if the frustration level only results in more players taking their aggression out on the field, since they can’t spear-tackle the league office.

  23. It would be like a hockey player who swings his stick at their opponent’s head repeatedly. At some point, it goes beyond a high stick penalty and becomes assault. Merriweather has crossed that line in the NFL and while the likelihood of debilitating chronic neurologic symptoms is in his future, allowing him to continue to rack up victims in the mean time would not be swift enough justice. He should receive a lengthy suspension in prelude to a potential lifetime ban if it continues upon his return.

  24. How many of you have played this game competitively? Neither play yesterday was dirty. Simply trying to separate the man from the ball. These type plays are train wrecks, but not every wreck does someone have to be found at fault. Price of doing business.

  25. I’m a Bears fan, and the hit on Alshon was technically illegal, I thought it looked more like a hard football hit. However, the hit on Marshall was a completely dirty, head-hunting play. That is what should be taken out of the game, not so much the first hit. I realize both have been taken out of the game, but I really didn’t have a problem with the first hit. Currently illegal? Yes. Dirty? IMO, no.

  26. It seems to me that pretty often lately a defensive player will put his shoulder ito a WR’s shoulder/chest area, but the force of the impact causes the head to snap back, and it appears to the ref from the other side, to be a helmet-to-helmet hit. When it isn’t….Call Meriweather what you will, but that’s what happened yesterday on the first one.
    Another example is the James Harrison on Colt McCoy shot- As two players instinctively brace for impact, the head lowers-it cannot be helped. So Harrison’s head smashed into McCoy’s. That one didn’t seem intentional to me either. But hey, the league will do what they will do….Some guys will get flags more on reputation than guilt, some QB’s can call for and receive penalties if a defender touches them, it’s all become very subjective

  27. Should Meriweather be suspended? Yes, but it’s up to the league to say for how long.

    However, let’s examine some evidence.
    Question to the community:
    Have you ever seen a season with so many injuries involving legs, groins, ankles, and ACLs?

    I’m in favor of player safety but, IMO, I think it’s the fear of a high block possibly incurring a helmet to helmet penalty that is forcing more defenders to tackle low. Seems like one evil has been traded for another. I’d be interested (at the risk of flaming replies) to see if others agree.

  28. Full disclosure, redskin fan. I only saw one dirty hit yesterday on Marshall. That being said the fans are getting tired of this joker. He needs at least a couple games off. I would rather suck more than we do defensively than watch this guy hurt another player with a dirty hit.

  29. dieselfan44 —

    Attacking the head, with your helmet, is illegal……and thus considered dirty, when he continues to do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

  30. TNF, Fitzgerald could have completely destroyed Richard Sherman. What did he do? Made a good legal block and knocked Sherman down. He didn’t have to go helmet to helmet or any of that stuff to make a good solid football play.

    Meriweather wants to de-head someone. You can make good legal plays in the league. You don’t have to be a Chuck Cecil head hunter.

  31. How about a ban???

    He can’t play and feels the need to harm others.

    Screw the conduct policy this guy spoils the integrity of the game literally.

  32. rgtre10 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 2:05 PM
    There was a time these type defenders were heralded for their play as well as feared…Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, Fred the hammer Williamson etc.

    i don’t know if invoking the names like Ronnie Lott apply with Meriweather. Meriweather isn’t being punished for hitting hard the way Lott used to. he is being punished for purposeful head-to-head killshots.

    The greats of the past like Lott and Steve Atwater hit hard .. really hard .. but i don’t recall them doing killshots like Meriweather does. Look at the way Meriweather went for that headshot on Eddie Lacy when they played the Packers. And then in that same game look at how Meriweather tried to do the same thing on James Starks .. but knocked himself out.

    Lott and Atwater are different than this Meriweather guy .. NOT the same.

  33. spearing has NEVER BEEN A PART OF FOOTBALL. so it’s obvious you weren’t on a good team or even a good player.

    you know-nothing.

  34. I’m that guy that doesn’t want to see too much of the physicality taken out of the game. A good example would be his first hit, I think that should be a legal hit even though it’s not. Having said that, his second hit, even I have a problem with and he’s done that over and over again.

    Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what I think, the rules are the rules and this guy can’t seem to alter his play to adapt like most other players have. He’s gonna get what’s coming to him.

  35. I thought he was going to change the way he tackled after he speared Eddie Lacy and another Packer a couple weeks ago? He should have been suspended after that game. Absolutely no reason not to do it now. A two or three gamer would give him time to practice proper tackling technique.

  36. You guys are funny. Some of these posts saying hes done it over and over again are ridiculous. How many times has it happened this year? If hes doing it over and over again he would be penalized on every tackle hes made and fined that week. I have seen him take some kill shots but the hit on Lacy occured because Lacy was going down as Merriweather was coming in. Not intentional. The attempt on Starks looked more intentional. How many penalties does he have this season? That should tell you if hes dirty or not. Goldson got fined one week for H2H hits and then came back the following week and did it again. Thats dirty.

  37. The NFL also announced that they will fine Suh for Merriweather’s hit, because Suh talked to him once after a game they played in 2011.

    Lol this comment is hilarious, but I hate to see another situation that gives nfl ammunition to continue this crusade. It has become a modern day witch hunt, and the explanations given for recent fines prove it. They watch every play of every game, and they have players targeted based on history. The most recent fine on Suh was explained as “not egregious” , but he was fined because they “needed to get his attention”. This is a blatant admission of targeting and singling out players, regardless of guilt. They are basically saying that they fined him because he ” almost” delivered an illegal hit, but since he is a “repeat offender” he needs to be punished. The nfl has taken concussion safety and used it as reasoning to act as dictators. They are admittedly making decisions based on opinions and judgements, and there is absolutely no consistency or method to the madness. The illegal hits need to have consequences. Period. That should be the extent of the situation, and the only explanation that should be needed. Blatant, unquestionable, illegal hits. I am all for safety and consequences for breaking the rules, but this system has turned into a subjective and judgmental attack on football and the defensive players. It is so hard for these elite athletes, playing at full speed , to use flawless technique on every play and avoid all mistakes. Many are unavoidable. I think the fine tooth comb must be removed from the NFLs hands, because they have clearly lost perspective and have gained a God complex. The game of football cannot have players in fear of penalty second guessing and holding back, and that is what it is coming to. The nflpa needs to step in and remind the league of players rights regarding equality, stereotyping, and discrimination. I don’t want to see a game of less aggressive, hesitant, fearful defenses trying to comply with the NFLs out of control system. I enjoy big hits and physical defenses. I would hate to see football without that, but that seems to be the NFLs goal. I hope this isn’t a longterm issue, and it eventually gets overhauled and changed into a more consistent, less optionated based system.

  38. I’m no fan of Suh’s antics, but his is more of a result of him getting lost in the moment of the game. If he could get that under control (counseling, prescriptions, whatever) I’d have no problem with him playing at all.

    Meriweather did this in New England. He did it in Chicago. He does it now in Washington. It’s the same type of play. He makes a conscious effort to do this repeatedly with disregard to other players and his teammates (both the ones who get concussed and the 15-yard penalties). He’s aware of this–and he jokes about this.

    It’s time to roll out a lifetime ban.

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