Sean Lee takes NFC’s weekly defensive honors

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The Cowboys defense has bounced back with a few big games the last two weeks, so they deserved some recognition.

Linebacker Sean Lee was named the NFC’s defensive player of the week for leading the way in a 17-3 win over the Eagles. He had a team-high 11 tackles and one of the team’s three interceptions.

The Cowboys have looked like a different group since their 51-48 loss to the Broncos, having kept the Redskins in check, and then locking down an Eagles team which had scored 30 in four of their first six.

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  1. The only negative here is that Lee is emerging right as it appears the rest of the front seven is declining.

    Ware can’t stay healthy, Spencer’s lost for the year, Ratliff got cut……

    I know the no-name guys have played well for Dallas this year, but imagine how much better this Dallas D would be with Ware at 100%, a healthy Spencer out there, and Ratliff on the line.

  2. Ya bad luck w injuries but when he’s playing he calls every single defensive play and plays 100% of the snaps.

    I’m sure your team has a better MLB though right. Thought so.

  3. A few big games in the last two weeks. Hmmm, how’d they do that?

    But seriously, the “no-names” stuff is working because these guys are stepping up their game to make their names. How much better would it be with Spencer and Ratliff? Don’t know, don’t care because for now, it’s working.

  4. Everybody in Philly is always so up or down on their team that they forget that the opposition shows up to play.

    So after the Tampa game, Foles was the savior of the franchise. And after the Dallas game, he’s a “career backup” who will never amount to anything.

    As this award to Sean Lee shows, however, Foles’s poor performance had at least *something* to do with the excellent play of the guys on the other side of the line of scrimmage (and their legendary d-coordinator, too).

    Good work, Sean. You and your defense made our normally potent offense look anemic.

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