J.J. Wilcox hurts knee at Cowboys practice, will have MRI


Dallas’ ability to stop Calvin Johnson and the Lions may have taken a hit on Thursday.

The Cowboys are likely going to be without defensive end DeMarcus Ware again this weekend and now they may be down a starting safety as well. Nick Eatman of the team’s website reports that J.J. Wilcox injured his knee during the team’s practice and went for an MRI later in the day. Wilcox was hurt during red zone drills while fighting for a ball with tight end Gavin Escobar.

Per Eatman, the Cowboys are concerned about an MCL sprain and don’t think it is a season-ending injury. It would seem very unlikely that Wilcox, who bumped Will Allen out of the lineup and off the roster early this season, would play on Sunday with anything but a totally clean bill of health, so the Cowboys will need to move on to a backup plan.

Wilcox’s fellow rookie Jeff Heath is the likeliest backup plan on the roster and it would mark his most extensive playing time on defense to this point in his professional career.

11 responses to “J.J. Wilcox hurts knee at Cowboys practice, will have MRI

  1. GOOD: Free MRIs with any little ache

    BAD: Very high risk for knee/joint injuries five days a week

  2. What team do you root for 700levelvet? Judging by how much time you spend making the same comment on every cowboys story your team must not be one worth paying much attention to

  3. Haters in the house. Same ones giving Dallas no chance without Ware in Philly. How that work out hater nation?

    Wilcox is a rookie that was really coming on so this is very unfortunate. Heath is also a a very inexperienced player who will make some mistakes but has made plays in preseason too. I think he will do a good job.

  4. stealthscorpio says:
    Oct 24, 2013 7:08 PM
    It’s a good thing the Cowboys have the best GM in the Biz…oh wait…nevermind…take the Lions and the points…

    Uhhhhh Cowboys are 3 point dogs at the moment so I don’t know what points you are talking about, and as a gamblin’ man, Dallas is 6-1 vs. the spread this year FYI. Love ’em or hate em, they’ve made me a lot of money!

  5. 700level— Mediocre? The most popular NFL franchise… The most valuable NFL franchise…. 5 time SuperBowl winning franchise… Mediocre… Nah… Especially not when you compare it to a team who’s only claim to fame is losing twice in the Super Bowl… Good luck on Sunday. Maybe those dumb birds will finally find a way to win at home. 9 straight losses (franchise record). Pathetic fans of a pathetic team.

  6. Looks like the Lions and Cowboys will both be trying to get through the game with backups. Now we will find out who has depth. Hope neither of our teams deal with any more injuries on Sunday

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