Cam Newton: If I’m playing great, it’s because my teammates are

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Cam Newton is playing the best football of his career right now.

The Panthers won their third straight game on Monday night, and Newton was outstanding, throwing for 221 yards and two touchdowns and running for 50 yards and another touchdown. During this three-game winning streak, Newton has completed 58 of 74 passes for 667 yards, with six touchdowns and no interceptions, plus 106 yards and two touchdowns rushing without losing a fumble. When Newton can produce like that and avoid turnovers, the Panthers are going to be a tough team to beat.

But Newton said after the game that he doesn’t think he’s doing anything beyond playing within a good team.

“I feel as if my production is off a lot of people’s production as well,” Newton said. “If you want to solely say I’m playing great, it also means a lot of other guys are playing great. This is not a one-man show. I understand that, and I will not have that type of attitude.”

Newton is emerging not only as one of the NFL’s most talented young players, which he has been since he stepped onto the field in Week One of his rookie year, but as a leader of a good football team.

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  1. Wow, it may take a guy couple of years to grow into a franchise QB? Never thought that b/c every week their games are dissected, criticized, & hashed out 24/7.

    That was a dominate game last night. With their O able to control the ball and sustain drives, the D stayed fresh and got after Tampa’s O.

  2. I really wanted to hate this guy. The way he carried himself in college just screamed diva. So far though he seems to say all the right things.

  3. This guy is so fake. One of the biggest egos in the NFL. A win over an awful TB team is no big deal.
    Look for late season nose dive

  4. Don’t get confused, Cam. You’re NOT playing great.

    Seriously, you looked good against the Bucs, Rams and Vikings.

  5. Slow down-you are doing it again.
    He’s had a few games.
    Don’t go overboard with the praises and trophies just yet. Remember, less than a month ago he couldn’t complete a pass against ARIZONA.
    His silly celebrations over every first down and the Superman thing show me one thing – he still has yet to grow up.
    BET- he falls down again and makes your emerging young most talented NFL players comment look just like what it is – a joke.

  6. “I feel as if my production is off a lot of people’s production as well”

    He meant that his good production is a result of other peoples’ good production. You can’t make it mean something other than intended.

    Maybe he’s had enough humbling losses in the NFL to realize the importance of team-first football. If he has learned this lesson he will be a good QB for many years.

  7. Only two comments here …?File this under, ” I hate so much when I’m wrong, I’ll just wait until he has a bad game to comment” or “if I can’t say something bad about Cam Newton, I won’t say anything”.

    Cam is growing up and the haters and bust predictors might be eating crow for awhile.

  8. Panthers are playing great don’t get me wrong. However their wins have been against the Giants, Vikings, Rams, Bucs………not exactly NFL powerhouse teams. Their next stretch is home vs Atlanta, at SF then home for the Pats……..if they come out of that with their win streak in tact, then I will say they are a legit good football team.

  9. Imagine what he could do if Ginn and Lafell had dependable hands. Room for improvement: He’s still taking big yardage sacks and not throwing the ball away. Still, his accuracy and reading of defenses is getting better.

    Now lets see what he can do against better teams: Next three are against Atlanta, SF, and NE.

  10. I like Cam, and I think he’s well on his way to being very good, but let’s all settle down. Mayock and Nessler couldnt get more than two sentences out last night without saying something about him last night and how much the Panthers are “improving” and how they are going to be a force in the NFC South after last night and blah blah blah.

    Carolina has wins against the Bucs, Vikings, Giants and Rams. Combined record of 5-21, and a couple of those 5 combined wins come against one another in that cluster.

    They play the Bucs again on December 1st. Between now and then they play ATL, @San Fran, New England and @ Miamai. If they come out of that still above 500, then we’ll talk.

  11. That three game win streak was over the Vikings, Rams (without Bradford for the whole game) and Bucs.

    Let’s not crown them yet shall we?

  12. Let’s not be so quick to start talking about “greatness”. You beat the Bucs. That’s not really a great feat. Everyone is doing it. Your team’s record isn’t even in the top tier of the NFL. Reign it in there guys.

  13. Cam is often the forgotten one of the ‘Young QBs’ everyone wants to talk about, but he’s probably the most talented. He certainly had the least college experience coming in to the league, but that didn’t stop him from breaking passing records his first two years.

    Now it sounds like he’s starting to really understand what he needs to do to excel at this level, and he’s doing it. If he continues to play at this level, he will be among the league’s elite for years to come, head and shoulders above all the other young QBs save Luck, and maybe Wilson.

  14. I didn’t know until this morning that the Panthers had won 8 or their last 11 games. Impressive indeed. And as I a Titans fan, I’ve known since the 2011 season the Panthers had the QB that was everything Titans fans were promised Vince Young would be. … Just when I start to get jealous, I realize Jake Locker’s starting to emerge as well. So good vibes all around.

  15. Actually, if his receivers were capable of getting some separation and actually catching the ball, he would have been well over 300 yards passing last night. Get the man some weapons!

  16. Panthers are doing what they are supposed to do: Dominating lesser teams.

    They are looking for that signature win, the one that announces they are a threat to the more established order.

    If you are a fan of a team with deep playoff aspirations, do you really want to see them on your schedule right now?

    They have something to prove – and that makes them dangerous.

  17. I will never quite understand the Cam-hate. The guy basically dished out praise to his teammates and coaching staff after, in all likelihood, being goaded by the media about how well he has been playing, and the comment section is STILL peppered with the “he’s fake, they haven’t played anybody, he celebrates too much” comments. A lot of people here will never be satisfied by what Cam says or does, even if he says or does all the right things.

    Instead of searching for reasons to criticize (believe it or not, Cam actually can’t control who his team plays on a weekly basis), or saying that he’s “so fake” despite the fact that upwards of 90% of people commenting have never watched a Panthers’ game, just try to enjoy and appreciate an extremely talented and entertaining athlete.

  18. “As a Chiefs fan, I would kill for a QB just like Cam. If we had him to go along with our defense, we could be unbeatable. Dude is pure stud.”


    You are unbeaten.

  19. ahhahha all the Newton haters! When are yall going to admit that this dude is for real?

    The hate is rooted with either jealousy or respect, why else would you feel compelled to even come here and comment?

    The Panthers have beaten the bad teams, lost to Buffalo by one, and lost to seattle by a last minute fumble… Who have the 7-0 Chiefs beat? Who have the Broncos beat?

    You play who’s in front of you. The Carolina Panthers had the #1 hardest schedule entering the season.

  20. sportnorcal says:
    Oct 25, 2013 10:40 AM
    “As a Chiefs fan, I would kill for a QB just like Cam. If we had him to go along with our defense, we could be unbeatable. Dude is pure stud.”


    You are unbeaten.


    Unbeatable and unbeaten are to totally different things. Just ask the 2007 Patriots.

  21. combined record of the teams the panthers have beat, 5-29….. and the fans are excited about this. cam has 4 wins in 3 years against teams with a winning record. the media is so desperate for this guy to be successfull, they bring him up when things are going good, usually against bad teams, then when they lose to good teams they question the coaching and other players. same story for 3 years.

  22. “thekiy says:
    Oct 25, 2013 9:32 AM
    That three game win streak was over the Vikings, Rams (without Bradford for the whole game) and Bucs.

    Let’s not crown them yet shall we?”

    I love when people try to act like they know what they’re talking about lol. Bradford played nearly the entire game, he was hurt in the middle of the 4th quarter. Try again buddy lol.

  23. Have we really lowered the bar of “greatness” this much? Newton and his team have beaten four truly bad teams, and this game at 14-6 into the 3rd Qtr was unwatchable. Wake me if they are even .500 after the Falcons, Niners, Patriots and Dolphins.

  24. The Newton hate is so played.. Everyone that was wrong about him coming out of college continues to bash everything he does because they don’t want to admit they were wrong.

    When he struggled at the start of last year it was see this is what we all knew.. and everyone started with how all these other young QBs were better. But now that they are struggling in their 2nd year it’s oh well give them time to make adjustments. People need to just watch the kid play and enjoy it.

    99% of the people don’t even watch the kid play before they talk. Look at thekiy’s comments above “That three game win streak was over the Vikings, Rams (without Bradford for the whole game)” Bradford got hurt with 5 minutes left in a 30-15 game. Was he about to mount his comeback.

    The comments on here are just plain ignorant. Of course they’ve played 3 bad teams but they’ve blown them out which is what they are expected to do. Nobody is crowning them Super Bowl champs but its clearly a team on the rise.

  25. thekiy says:
    Oct 25, 2013 9:32 AM

    That three game win streak was over the Vikings, Rams (without Bradford for the whole game) and Bucs.

    Let’s not crown them yet shall we?


    First, Bradford was not out the whole game. He was injured in the 4th quarter. Second, a 3 game winning streak is something to tout in the NFL regardless of who you beat. Third, and most importantly, the Panthers are playing the schedule they were given. Are these teams amazing? No. But they are still NFL teams and you still have to show up to play the game.

  26. Did the team give him a card of things to say to the media? I’m proud of this guy. He didn’t even go third person. He’s fun to watch as a player but he definitely is fake.

  27. U can only play who is on ur schedule. Kudos to Newton. Brady had fattened up on losers in his division for years! Panthers are a nice outside vegas wager to get to the Super Bowl……just like I had with the giants in 11 at 45-1

  28. Spoken like a man who knows the game. unlike the fans and media that think this game is all about the super star skill players.

  29. btellington says:
    Oct 25, 2013 10:12 AM
    Cam is often the forgotten one of the ‘Young QBs’ everyone wants to talk about
    Everything else you said was correct and I totally agreed with. But this opening line shot yourself in the foot. Cam is constantly talked about- I really dont know how you can sit there and call Cam a forgotten young QB. Good game, bad game, or painfully average game he’s getting a ton of attention.

  30. Newton is very good, but I’m still not sold on the pieces around him. Steve Smith is ancient and the rest of that receiving corp is shaky at best. If Stewart can come back and give them any kind of good production, that would help a lot though. That second wild card is there for the taking with so many bad teams in the conference.

  31. For the first time in 3 years, I finally saw maturity in Cam Newton, and I think that was the missing link. Over the past couple of weeks , it finally seems he gets it is an team sport, and you can see the change in his play. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but, great job Cam!

  32. For those who think that Cam or the Panthers are over-rated, just ask the Seahawks who faced them the first game. This team is for real and will only get better as the season goes along. Now that they’ve figured out how to finish games and develop a killer instinct…LOOK OUT! I’m not scared of facing any of the teams except the Broncos.

  33. Ya that’s right !! So don’t blame Tim Tebow for throwing the ball to the dirt or the chain gang because it’s not his fault. His teammates were not playing well. The tight end lined up 2 inches too much inside, the sun was in the receiver eyes, and the running back was looking at the cheer leaders, so don’t blame Tebow.

  34. Cam grew up. Happy for him. Happy for his franchise. Happy for his team.

    Nothing is worse than seeing a guy with all the tools in the toolbox who just doesn’t get it.

    He said all the right things after doing all the rights things. It’s a lot easier to do that when you’re winning, but the fact is…HE DID IT.

    Ego comes with the territory but giving credit to your fellow players comes from maturity.

    Keep it up!

  35. Big take away for me from that game is that Cam Newton is a light weight. Post game leading questions about how hard he is studying, but the side line footage showed him not remotely interested in the defense he was facing right then.

    I didnt really get peoples negative opinion about how fake he is when he was a rookie, I think I see it now though. He is going no where would be my guess.

    And people suggesting that he would be an upgrade for Seattle are in la la land

  36. Cam is DAMNED if tries to be humble and

    DAMNED…when not!! Yeah the panthers have

    beat some bad teams. But I DON’T hear the SAME

    talk about KC!! WHY NOT?? KC has ONLY beaten

    ONE team with a record OVER 500, The cowboys.

    Plus the panthers was a DeAngelo fumble away

    from beating the Seahawks….and letting EJ Manuel

    driving about 90 yds. to beat them in the last

    seconds FROM BEING 6-1…..Because u can

    bet EVERYONE will bring up the Saints WOULD

    be undefeated IF Tom Brady didn’t do what he


  37. Once again, the irrational hatred of Cam Newton dominates.

    The Panthers have beaten rotten teams. Their winning record means nothing. KC & Denver are have fat records against rotten teams. They are Super Bowl contenders.

    Cam Newton has a money-loving scumbag for a father and stole a laptop. He is the very definition of evil. Tyron Mattieu got busted for drugs twice. He’s just a super-talented DB.

    Cam Newton puts a towel on his head. So he does not care one bit about anyone but himself. Dez Bryant spends an entire game screaming at his whole team that he isn’t getting the ball enough. He’s just an emotional youngster who needs mentoring.

    When is this going to end??????????

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