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Wilkerson wins appeal of fine for hitting Locker

New York Jets v Tennessee Titans Getty Images

When Titans quarterback Jake Locker was hurt on a play on which he was hit by Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples of the Jets, Locker said the hits were clean and he didn’t want either player fined. But NFL Vice President of Operations Merton Hanks disagreed, and fined both players.

However, there’s good news, at least for Wilkerson: Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Wilkerson has won his appeal of the fine.

There’s no word on whether Coples has successfully appealed his own fine or not, but it’s not surprising that Wilkerson won his appeal: The referee was right on top of it and didn’t throw a flag, and Locker didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, so it makes sense that the appeals officer (either Matt Birk or Ted Cottrell) would rescind the fine.

The big question is why Hanks thought the fine was necessary in the first place.

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Texans rookie Brandon Ivory arrested on first degree burglary charges

cd0ymzcznguwzdbhnduynddiytjhm2yyzthlmtjjotqwyyznpwnkyjc2nthkzme0zmvjnmi0yze5ntk3odq3mti4nmm3 AP

This is how to not make a good impression in the month off before training camp.

Via Tania Ganguli of, Texans rookie defensive lineman Brandon Ivory was arrested on first degree burglary charges.

Ivory, who went to Alabama, was arrested in Tuscaloosa this morning. According to the police report, he and another man broke into a residence by kicking in the back door, one carrying an assault rife. After assaulting one person, they took cash and two iPads before fleeing in a 2003 Toyota Corolla.

He was signed as an undrafted rookie this year.

And because he occupies one of the lowest rungs on the organizational ladder, it’s easy to imagine his stint with the team might not be a long one.

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Gloria Allred slams NFL for letting C.J. Spillman play in 2014

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Getty Images

With free-agent defensive back C.J. Spillman now officially charged with sexual assault, he’ll likely remain a free agent indefinitely. The lawyer for Spillman’s alleged victim believes he should have been taken off the field months ago.

“Despite this sexual assault allegation for which Mr. Spillman is now indicted and another allegation of sexual assault made to the police in California by another alleged victim prior to the Texas sexual assault allegation made to the police, the NFL continued to allow Mr. Spillman to play with the Dallas Cowboys,” attorney Gloria Allred said in a statement, via Michael O’Keeffe of the New York Daily News.

In her statement, Allred says that the victim reported the alleged sexual assault the day after Commissioner Roger Goodell’s September 2014 press conference regarding the issue of domestic violence. Allred also says she notified the NFL of the allegation on September 26, 2014 and that she spent “countless hours” with NFL investigators who were exploring the allegations regarding Spillman.

“[T]he NFL appeared to do nothing and never informed me that they would take any action or impose any discipline at all against Mr. Spillman,” Allred said. “I am very happy that the criminal justice system will now try to move forward to prosecute Mr. Spillman but it is shameful that the NFL has taken no meaningful action in the interim.

“Their face-saving P.R. campaign which, in my opinion, was designed to make them appear to be sympathetic to victims of sexual assault or domestic violence is now revealed for what it really was, a sham and a slick P.R. trick, because their words did not match their deeds in this case.”

The Cowboys handled the Spillman case by pointing to the fact that he hadn’t been charged. Of course, that didn’t stop the NFL from conducting its own investigation and coming to its own conclusion. While the Spillman situation arose before the NFL finalized a new Personal Conduct Policy that contemplates an investigative process that will unfold regardless of the justice system, it also happened in the immediate aftermath of the Ray Rice debacle.

With separate situations involving Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy in full boil at the time, the NFL likely glossed over Spillman’s case because of the player’s low profile. If Spillman had been a star, the league would have been forced to deal with the situation.

Which underscores the notion that the league’s entire strategy regarding off-field misconduct arises not necessarily from doing the right thing but from doing the thing that keeps the NFL from absorbing widespread criticism and alienating customers. Otherwise, the NFL and the Cowboys would have moved much more swiftly to deal with Spillman regarding an incident that allegedly occurred at the team’s hotel.

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ESPN denies telling Olbermann to quit ripping Goodell

ESPN Getty Images

It didn’t take long for ESPN to deny the report that it wants Keith Olbermann to tone down his criticism of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Responding to a report from the Hollywood Reporter that ESPN wants to put a clause in Olbermann’s next contract prohibiting him from commentaries critical of the league or its commissioner, ESPN released a statement saying that simply isn’t the case.

“Keith Olbermann has never been told any topic is off limits for his commentary nor has continuation of it been part of any conversation about his future at the company,” ESPN’s statement said.

Olbermann, who returned to ESPN two years ago with a daily show on ESPN2, has been highly critical of Goodell, saying that he should have lost his job in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

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Isaiah Battle to work out for teams on July 7

Adam Choice, Isaiah Battle AP

Clemson tackle Isaiah Battle is the only player from an FBS program in next week’s supplemental draft and he’s thought to have the best chance of any player in the pool to become the first player to enter the league this way since the Browns took wide receiver Josh Gordon in 2012.

Teams interested in taking Battle off the board will get a chance to watch him work out a couple of days before the July 9 draft. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports Battle will hold a pro day workout on Tuesday, July 7. Any team that takes Battle will surrender their pick from the same round in the 2016 draft.

Battle said that he’s leaving Clemson now because he has “some family matters to address,” including the birth of a child this summer, but he also had a string of disciplinary issues while at the school that helped hasten his move to the professional ranks.

Battle started 11 games at left tackle during the 2014 season and, at 6-7, has the kind of size that teams like although he probably needs to bulk up from 275 pounds before he’ll be a contender to play the position in the NFL.

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Report: ESPN wants Olbermann to stop ripping Goodell

keith-olbermann-fired2 Getty Images

There’s long been a perception in sports media circles that when the NFL tells ESPN to jump, ESPN asks, How high? Whether it’s the cancellation of Playmakers, the shunning of League of Denial or the suspension of Bill Simmons, ESPN seems eager to please the NFL, which provides ESPN with its most popular programming.

So today’s story from the Hollywood Reporter about ESPN’s negotiations with Keith Olbermann will be closely scrutinized within the sports media. According to the report, ESPN has told Olbermann that if his contract is going to be extended, the network wants Olbermann to stop engaging in commentary.

And that request is the result of the fact that Olbermann’s commentaries regularly rip the NFL in general and Commissioner Roger Goodell in particular. Olbermann called for Goodell to lose his job over his handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case, and Olbermann has regularly been a thorn in Goodell’s side.

The report says that ESPN remains sensitive about its relationship with the NFL, and that multiple sources within ESPN believe that the NFL gave ESPN a weak slate of Monday Night Football games this year as “payback for Simmons and Olbermann.” It seems unlikely that the NFL would cut off its nose to spite its face like that, but some folks at ESPN apparently believe that’s exactly what happened.

Olbermann’s contract with ESPN expires next month. With his longtime interest in politics, he may be looking to leave for a news channel where he can comment freely on next year’s presidential election. Especially if ESPN is telling him that he needs to muzzle his critiques of Goodell.

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Bills sign Wayne Hunter

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Getty Images

The last time Rex Ryan coached a team trying to get Wayne Hunter to sign a contract, he got a tattoo of a Hawaiian design on his leg to show Hunter how much the Jets valued him.

Ryan landed Hunter that time and he’s landed Hunter again in Buffalo, presumably without any new ink being added to his body. The Bills announced Wednesday that they’ve signed Hunter, who worked out for the team last month.

The move to re-sign Hunter in 2011 didn’t work out all that well for the Jets, who missed the playoffs after two straight trips to the AFC title game and saw Hunter struggle in his only season as the team’s starter at right tackle. They traded him to the Rams for Jason Smith the next year and Hunter played in 14 games with St. Louis, but he hasn’t played for anyone in the last two seasons.

The Bills had Cyrus Kouandjio ahead of Seantrel Henderson at right tackle when minicamp wrapped up and it seems likely that Hunter will be competing for a reserve role in his return to the NFL this summer.

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Pittsburgh readying bid for 2023 Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Getty Images

The Steelers have won the Super Bowl six times, but they’ve never hosted the game.

Team chairman Dan Rooney said earlier this year that he’d like to see that change and the team is moving forward with an attempt to land the 57th edition of the game in 2023. The team submitted an application to be considered as a host for the game at the league meetings in May and met with officials from Pittsburgh, including Mayor Bill Peduto, to work on the bid Wednesday.

“We met this morning with local community leaders to provide an update on formally submitting our application to the NFL to bid for Super Bowl LVII in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania,” Steelers president Art Rooney II in a statement. “The application is an early step in the bidding process, and we will continue to meet with representatives of the Mayor’s Office, County Executive’s Office, VisitPittsburgh, Allegheny Conference as well as other community leaders to review the requirements with the hopes of submitting our bid to host Super Bowl LVII in 2023.”

Peduto said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that the region will have enough hotel rooms to host the game and that he believes Pittsburgh has “an opportunity to be competitive” with their bid.

The league will select the bidders in 2018 and pick a site in 2019, which leaves the team and city with plenty of time to research other regions. The team says that process will include “sending representatives to Northern cities that have already hosted the game.

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Brandon Spikes cuts plea deal, probably saves a few bucks this time

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Getty Images

Since there wasn’t some poor deer to blame this time, Brandon Spikes went through with a plea deal Wednesday.

According to WBZ Radio, the former Patriots and Bills linebacker pleaded guilty to leaving scene of his recent car crash, and received a fine, a year of probation, and lost his license. He’ll also have to attend a driver’s safety class.

He also cost himself a job, as the Patriots promptly cut him after the incident. Spikes was charged with hitting another car and abandoning his vehicle on the side of I-495 near Gillette Stadium, but cops said he told an OnStar operator that he had hit a deer and not the Nissan which was found damaged a short distance away. He hasn’t been linked with any other teams since.

We’re still waiting for an update on the deer, who police amazingly found no trace of after the incident.

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Woody Johnson on hand for dedication of “smart home” for wounded vet

woodyjohnson AP

The Jets were among the teams who took some heat this offseason for taking government money (i.e. yours) in exchange for some advertising campaigns for the armed services.

But they’ve spent plenty of their own, and got to see the return on their investment today.

After making a $1 million donation, Jets owner Woody Johnson was on hand for the dedication of an accessible  “smart home” for Sgt. Adam Keys, a seriously wounded veteran.

“These veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and deserve a home that supports their specific physical needs to enable them to live independently,” Johnson said upon making the donation.

Keys lost both legs and an arm in Afghanistan nearly five years ago, and the high-tech house was designed for him to be able to regain his ability to perform basic household functions.

“I’m thankful for all those people who donated money, labor or time, and volunteered to do this,” Keys told “It’s incredible to see the outpouring of love from people — the majority of whom I’ve never met.”

That includes Johnson, who used his wealth and his team’s platform for a good cause.

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Obama Administration: Team should change name before returning to D.C.

Washington Redskins v Oakland Raiders Getty Images

If Dan Snyder wants to move his team back from Maryland and into the District of Columbia, the Obama Administration says it should change its name first.

The Washington Post reports that Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser that the National Park Service won’t accommodate construction of a new stadium on the site of the team’s old venue, RFK Stadium, unless the team changes its name.

Mayor Bowser wants to bring the team back to D.C., and Snyder has indicated that he’d like such a move as well. But Jewell, who as Secretary of the Interior oversees the federal land, has said that calling a team the “Redskins” is no more appropriate than calling a team the “Blackskins,” “Brownskins” or “Whiteskins,” and as a result the federal government couldn’t support such a move.

This is not the first time the federal government has pressured the team. In 1961, when Washington was the NFL’s last all-white team, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy told owner George Preston Marshall that the federal government would revoke his lease on D.C. Stadium unless he signed a black player. Marshall acquiesced and was allowed to keep his team at the site that now bears Kennedy’s name.

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Jim Harbaugh is still Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh Getty Images

As former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was on the verge of leaving the team, he was asked if he’d miss the NFL.

“Is the NFL going anywhere?” Harbaugh said. It was more humorous than obtuse. But Harbaugh is often more obtuse than humorous.

He was more obtuse than humorous earlier today, when Harbaugh appeared on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd. (The Big Lead has the audio and video.)

Part of the periodic awkwardness comes from Harbaugh’s desire to win at everything — including press conferences and interviews. At times, he seems to put his intended answers on an invisible teleprompter, reading them before uttering the words. At times during his interview with Cowherd, it sounded like Harbaugh was doing the same thing, giving the kind of short, eventually giving the kind of short, guarded responses that come from a witness who isn’t quite sure where the lawyer is going with his line of questioning.

Part of it comes from Harbaugh’s comfort level. In his recent Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel profile on HBO, Harbaugh had a comfort level with Andrea Kremer; enough of a comfort level that he confessed to a childhood that consisted of the consumption of mass quantities of milk in the hopes of growing to a certain height.

To her credit, Kremer knows how to press the right buttons to make Harbaugh comfortable. In this specific interview, Cowherd didn’t — possibly because Cowherd started the process with a question Harbaugh likely regarded as an attempted haymaker, “When are you at your least intense? ‘Cause you are a pretty intense guy. . . . Is there ever a moment in the day you’re like, ‘Oh, man, I’m cupcake. I’m soft. I’m easygoing. When’s the part of the day when you’re a pushover?”

And with that the turtle jammed his head back into the shell, retreating to his every-question-is-a-trick-question demeanor and never opening up. For example, after a long setup from Cowherd touting Harbaugh for seeming to be “all in” with the community at Michigan, Harbaugh paused (presumably while formulating the answer and running it through the invisible teleprompter) and said, “Uh, yeah. I would agree. Can’t disagree with that.”

To his credit, Cowherd eventually called Harbaugh on it, after Harbaugh openly bristled when Cowherd prefaced a question by saying “you’re not a rear-view mirror guy.”

“You’re not giving me a ton to work with, Coach,” Cowherd said, “So I just want to find something out about Jim Harbaugh the human being. . . . I’m a 4.3 wide receiver. Why should I play at Michigan?”

“You are?” Harbaugh said, equal parts humorous and obtuse.

Harbaugh eventually asked what he could do to make the interview better, but Cowherd opted to pull the plug, admitting that it was a “clunker.”

Indeed it was. Which raises an obvious question: Why do interviews at all if you’re going to treat them like a tug of war from which one side and only one side can emerge victorious?

It’s a question that I’d definitely be asking myself if I were a 4.3 wide receiver considering Michigan as a college football program.

And, no, Jim. I’m not a 4.3 wide receiver, either.

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Darrius Caldwell and Dalvon Stuckey holding pre-supplemental draft workout Thursday

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Getty Images

We’re a little more than a week away from the July 9 supplemental draft and two of the players who have made themselves eligible will be working out for NFL teams on Thursday.

West Georgia defensive end Darrius Caldwell and defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey will hold their pro day workout at the school on Thursday. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that 20 teams have indicated they’ll be in attendance to scout the two players.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the 49ers will be one of those teams. He adds that Caldwell, who started his college career at Illinois, would be an outside linebacker in the 49ers’ scheme and that he has the length and athleticism that the team likes at the position.

Barrows also thinks that Clemson tackle Isaiah Battle could be of interest to the team after Anthony Davis stepped away from the team. Battle is the only FBS prospect who has declared for the draft, which will require teams to hand over 2016 picks for the same round as any player selected on July 9. Wide receiver Josh Gordon was the last player selected in the supplemental draft, going in the second round to the Browns in 2012.

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Construction worker suffers “severe head injury” at Falcons stadium


Football can be dangerous, but so can building football stadiums.

According to Tyler Estep of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a construction worker suffered a “severe head injury” after metal scaffolding fell on him at the construction site for the Falcons’ new stadium.

Police and fire officials responded to the scene, on the east side of the project near the intersection of Mangum and Mitchell streets.

Such accidents aren’t unheard of at the massive projects. Two construction workers died while building Levi’s Stadium for the 49ers.

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Panthers still adjusting to lack of defensive line pressure

Shaq Thompson

The Panthers were willing to let Greg Hardy walk, and they didn’t replace him this offseason with an impactful pass-rusher.

But they’re hoping they can cover for his loss in other ways, and with other positions other than defensive ends.

The Panthers fell from a league-high 60 sacks in 2013 to 40 last year, a gap largely but not completely because of Hardy’s being sent away with pay following his domestic violence arrest. But Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman said there were other problems.

The drop-off was with DB sacks,” Gettleman said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “That’s where the big drop-off was.”

The Panthers’ secondary had just two sacks last year, after recording 11 the year before. While there’s some chicken-egg there based on losing Hardy’s presence up front, the line still managed 32.5 sacks after having 40 the year prior.

“I’m a big believer in you’ve got to be able to affect the quarterback rushing four. Then you start to get the back seven involved via blitz packages,” defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said. “That’s a big part, and we need to get back to getting more from our back seven.”

While safety Roman Harper wasn’t able to get to quarterbacks often last year, the Panthers have upgraded their secondary around him in hopes of being more stable back there, which could create opportunities. And first-round pick Shaq Thompson, a college safety they’ll use as linebacker is likely a big factor there.

But without Hardy, the Panthers are still counting on someone from the lot of Frank Alexander (who missed 14 games last year with drug suspensions), Kony Ealy, Mario Addison and Wes Horton to contribute. And if they don’t, it’s going to put even more pressure on a secondary that had to cover longer last year than they were accustomed to.

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DeSean Jackson accuses Eagles of “smear campaign”

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

The NFL is the nation’s ultimate reality show. Which perhaps makes NFL players inclined to try to have their own reality shows.

Washington receiver DeSean Jackson now does, and in the first episode of his new BET series Jackson unloaded on his former team, the Eagles.

Via John Keim of, Jackson accused the Eagles of launching a “smear campaign” against him in 2014, the year the team decided to move on from the player who arrived as a second-round pick in 2008.

“I was at the top of the top. And then I got released,” Jackson said early in the debut of DeSean Jackson Home Team. “It was a smear campaign. Things media said about me, I bet you could say that about the majority of people in the NFL. I got a second chance to play in the NFL and I’m proving I’m one of the best receivers in the game.”

He may have a point. On the very same day the Eagles cut Jackson, published a story that suggested gang connections and claimed, citing unnamed sources, that the Eagles also are concerned about his “bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly.”

Last April, the NFLPA said it was looking into whether the Eagles smeared Jackson, but there never was a specific finding that the Eagles did. Jackson continued to be convinced that they did.

“When I was released by the Eagles, I feel they tried to paint a picture that definitely wasn’t true,” Jackson said during the show. “It was a slap in the face, coming off one of my best seasons in the NFL. . . . The Eagles tried to blow me up. That’s cold how they did it. . . . Have I went to jail? . . . I ain’t done none of that.”

The Eagles consistently have said that Jackson was released for football reasons only. Though his numbers were down from 2013 to 2014, Jackson still had 1,169 receiving yards — and his highest yard-per-catch average (20.9) since 2010 in his first season with Washington.


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