Raiders running wild over Steelers at halftime

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An old school rivalry is producing a surprisingly old school beatdown.

After Terrelle Pryor took the first snap of the game for the longest touchdown run by an NFL quarterback (93 yards), the Raiders continued to pile onto their margin, leading the Steelers 21-3 at halftime.

With Darren McFadden running for two more touchdowns and the Raiders rushing for 183 yards in the first half, the Steelers have managed just 106 total yards.

It’s been a weird half for the Steelers, who burned their first replay challenge on a relatively meaningless Heath Miller catch, then lost their second one on a bizarre punt that could have been a huge momentum swing.

Raiders return man Jacoby Ford slipped while trying to field the punt, and the ball hit him on the foot. But the ruling on the field was that a Steelers player touched it first, and Mike Tomlin challenged that, and lost.

Coupled with an offense that still looks disjointed (just 8 rushing yards), and kicker Shaun Suisham’s first missed field goal of the season, it’s a nightmare half for the 2-4 Steelers.

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  1. For a team “that doesn’t particularly do anything well,” the Raiders defense is looking “particularly well” so far.

  2. Again, why did fantasy football “Experts” say to sit Terrelle Pryor???

    The Steelers were 27th in run defense prior to the game.

    Terrelle Pryor wasn’t going to run all over them???

  3. Tebow reference related to Tebow DESTROYING the pittsburgh steelers in the playoffs.

    316 passing yards — 2 td — 0 int

    50 rushing yards — 1 td

  4. Its hard to go coast-to-coast, the records of teams have proven this over the years. Not all that surprising…

    The Niners went all the way to London and did OK.

  5. I couldn’t be happier for the Raider Nation to finally have a play maker under center.

    While Pryor is still rough around the edges after a season or two he has the potential to be a franchise QB. The AFC West is going to be a tough division for years to come.

    As I’ve said before when both Oakland and SF play great it makes the Bay a better place.

    – Niner Faithful

  6. As more than one on here suggested…

    Why not trade Ben for several first round picks.

    Because, gosh, when isn’t a career 90 rated QB not worth several first round picks.

    Karma baby.

  7. Going WEST for Eastern Time Zone teams is harder especially late game.

    That said…. all four of pittsburgh’s losses have happened in the Midwest or the South (Cincinnati, Tennessee, Chicago, Minnesota).

  8. donmcg2012 says: Oct 27, 2013 6:13 PM

    Where are the steeler fan excuses?

    Triple fluke don’t ya know. 🙂

  9. Don’t be giving science a thumbs down, anti-science republicans.

    It has been proven that it is more difficult for East Coast teams to travel WEST (than West Coast traveling EAST).

    Just the facts.

  10. Letting a QB rush for a record long 93 yard TD run doesn’t bode well for this team.

    If they can’t pull off a miracle comeback, this game looks to be the final nail in the Steeler coffin.

    Too many better teams with better records ahead of them to even dream of the playoff this year…

  11. They won’t be in the playoffs for 3 more years. Tomlin has worn out his welcome and the talent level shows that.

  12. Watch the Pryor TD run. It’s awesome!

    He runs 93 yards up the middle of the field and wasn’t touched by a single Steeler player.

    Looks like the Pittsburgh “D” has a big ol’ hole it…

  13. doctorrustbelt says:Oct 27, 2013 6:39 PM

    Don’t be giving science a thumbs down, anti-science republicans.

    It has been proven that it is more difficult for East Coast teams to travel WEST (than West Coast traveling EAST).

    Just the facts.
    Usually don’t bother responding to your posts, but this one is dumber than usual. You have it backwards. It’s when teams travel WEST TO EAST that’s a problem, Mr Science. When they have to play at 1 EST, their body clocks are at 10AM. Fact, look it up. That’s why jet lag is worse coming east.

  14. Hey rust belt, I believe my panthers came in last year and dominated both the raiders and the chargers hands down. So your hypothesis on east coast coming to west coast is invalid. Not a republican…but a constitutionalist.

  15. Yeah, those refs should have tackled Pryor since the steelers couldn’t even touch him. Typical steelerfan tears.

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