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Week Eight power rankings


1.  Chiefs (8-0; last week No. 1):  Andy Reid could be taking this career rebirth thing a little too far.

2. Seahawks (7-1; No. 2):  An ugly road win is still a road win, and with enough road wins — ugly or otherwise — the road to the Super Bowl will go through Seattle.

3. Colts (5-2; No. 3):  Maybe they should trade Trent Richardson back to Cleveland for Josh Gordon.

4. Broncos (7-1; No. 4):  Peyton Manning with two injured ankles probably runs even faster than Peyton Manning with two healthy ankles.

5. Saints (6-1; No. 5):  The Saints did considerably better with two weeks to prepare for a visit from the Bills than the last team that had two weeks to prepare for a visit from the Bills.

6. 49ers (6-2; No. 6):  Another week, another win over a team that wishes it had taken Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 draft.

7. Packers (5-2; No. 7):  After Sunday night’s game, Vikings receiver Greg Jennings was saying to quarterback Aaron Rodgers, “Take me with you.”

8. Bengals (6-2; No. 8):  For a change, folks in Cincinnati who want to dress for Halloween as a perennial playoff contender can wear a Bengals uniform.

9. Patriots (6-2; No. 9):  Tom Brady’s hand isn’t swollen.  The rest of his body is shrunken.

10. Lions (5-3; No. 12):  Detroit fans who hate Matt Millen need to remember that he drafted Calvin Johnson.

11.  Chargers (4-3; No. 11):  Between playing the Jaguars and having a bye, the Chargers have now had two weekends off.

12. Cowboys (4-4; No. 10): So how much worse would the defense have been if Rob Ryan hadn’t been fired?

13. Panthers (4-3; No. 17):  We’ll believe in the Panthers once they prove that they can deal with adversity.

14. Ravens (3-4; No. 14):  Even a sweep of the Bengals may not be enough to win the division.

15. Bears (4-3; No. 15):  Even Luke McCown thinks Josh McCown can’t beat the Packers.

16. Dolphins (3-4; No. 16):  The Dolphins are about to have a worse Halloween than Charlie Brown.

17. Raiders (3-4; No. 22):  Another 40 or 50 wins like that over Pittsburgh, and Raiders fans will start to feel a little better about the Immaculate Reception.

18. Jets (4-4; No. 13):  Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman’s plan for covering A.J. Green was to pray.  The plan for covering Marvin Jones was to ignore him.

19. Cardinals (4-4; No. 26):  After playing the 49ers and Seahawks in back-to-back weeks, it became a lot easier to face the Falcons.

20. Titans (3-4; No. 21):  Instead of trading Kenny Britt, maybe they should trade Chris Johnson.

21. Eagles (3-5; No. 18):  Has everyone figured out Chip Kelly’s offense?  Matt Barkley hasn’t.

22. Browns (3-5; No. 19):  Two straight losses, three straight wins, three straight losses.  Four straight wins?

23. Bills (3-5; No. 20):  After the Chiefs come to town, the Bills have six straight winnable games to lose.

24. Giants (2-6; No. 29):  The phrase “hottest team in the NFC East” doesn’t have the sizzle it used to.

25. Rams (3-5; No. 27):  We’d call it a moral victory if Jerry Jones hadn’t ruined the term.

26. Falcons (2-5; No. 23):  At least they don’t have to worry about blowing big leads.

27. Steelers (2-5; No. 24):  With a trip to Massachusetts on the docket, injured center Maurkice Pouncey definitely should stay in Pittsburgh.

28. Redskins (2-5; No. 25):  How long until RGIII is playing with a brace on each knee?

29. Texans (2-5; No. 28):  Bad news, Texans fans.  Matt Schaub is technically still the starter.  Good news, Texans fans.  He’s not actually starting.

30. Vikings (1-6; No. 30):  The only way the Vikings would have kept Sunday night’s game close is if Cordarelle Patterson would have returned every Green Bay kickoff for a touchdown.

31. Buccaneers (0-7; No. 31):  Coach Greg Schiano joked that his players are stuck with him.  Fans think the joke is on them.

32. Jaguars (0-8; No. 32):  At least they scored a touchdown during their “home” game in London.

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