Giants think Andre Brown will make season debut after bye


A broken leg in the New York Giants’ final preseason game has kept Andre Brown out for the first eight weeks of the season.

The Giants believe that Brown will be able to make his debut next week against the Oakland Raiders after their bye this week.

According to Kieran Darcy of, Giants’ running backs coach Jerald Ingram thinks Brown will be ready to play next Sunday.

I’m very confident,” Ingram said. “I think he’s practiced well in the last few weeks. He’s eager to get out there. He’s a competitor and he’s gone through an awful lot and he has a lot of pain in his heart and I think he’ll be ready to go.”

Brown was placed on the short-term injured reserve list to begin the season. The game against Oakland is the first game he will be eligible to play in. He has been allowed to practice with the team the past two weeks. The Giants could use his return to the lineup. They’ve already called upon five different running backs to start games this season due to injuries to Brown and David Wilson.

Brown started two games for the Giants last season and carried 73 times for 385 yards and eight touchdowns on the year.

10 responses to “Giants think Andre Brown will make season debut after bye

  1. Brown started two games for the Giants last season and carried 73 times for 385 yards and eight touchdowns.
    This can’t be right otherwise my man would be canton bound. This has to figure the games he didn’t start as well.

  2. The guy has made a career getting cut and has a couple of good games as a backup and giants fans think he’s the savior lol. Guys coming off two broken legs yeah he broke one last season to end his year and broke another this year. Either way he isn’t doing much for the giants just another scab that Reese has everyone believing will help. Troy hbrick used to put up good numbers as Emmett’s back up in Dallas but when it came to being the man fell well short

  3. Yeah, EAST coast starts have been awful for past Raider regimes, but Reggie has finally put together a great staff and personnel that plays nasty defense.

    The last thing ELI needs is the Raider pass rush and run D.

    Can’t wait.

  4. Raider fans sitting here talking about run defense rankings.

    The Giants aren’t looking for 150 yards on the ground. You’ll probably remain right there in 6th.

    Just as long as you have to play the run honest and our receivers then get the step on your back seven, that’s the big thing.

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