Jerry Reese respects the job Tom Coughlin’s doing


Even though Giants General Manager Jerry Reese didn’t come right out and say that coach Tom Coughlin’s future was secure, the things he said about the veteran coach made it seem like he’s going to get chances to fix things.

While an 0-6 started was completely unforeseen and unacceptable, Reese credited Coughlin with getting them to 2-6 headed into their bye week — which is still just two games out of the NFC East lead.

“Well, this is not Tom’s first rodeo. He’s been around for a while,” Reese said, via Ralph Vaccchiano of the New York Daily News. “The passion that he brings to the table, all of our players can see that. That’s never wavered with him. For him to keep this team together, I think that shows how much respect the players have for him and what he’s done for the organization.”

Of course, there are other factors to consider here. If Coughlin can’t get this season back in the boat, he will have missed the playoffs four of the last five years. The fact he won a Super Bowl in the other (2011) counts to his favor, along with the other Lombardi Trophy he coached them to after the 2007 season.

So while Reese has to answer questions about the coach’s future, he doesn’t seem to be pessimistic about it.

“Yeah, coach Coughlin, he’s a heck of a football coach,” Reese said. “He didn’t forget how to coach either, at this point, regardless of what our record looks like. He’s still an outstanding football coach. . . .

“This is a big spot for him and I would never bet against him. He’s done a really nice job. When you’re 0-6, your team can just say, ‘You know what? I’m throwing in the towel.’ But our players have continued to play hard, continued to battle even though we haven’t played as well as we’d like to play. They’re still out there battling. They come to work and work hard. I have total respect for that.”

The two still have to figure out a way to fix the current mess (which would begin with getting their quarterback to throw it to his own team more often), and there were no guarantees for the 67-year-old coach.

But Reese didn’t sound like a man ready to put the blame all on him, either.

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  1. Perhaps the fact that this will be the first losing NYG season in nearly a decade has something to do with it. A “good coach having a bad year” was how one of the other PFT writers described it. And since the WORST the Giants have finished since 2004 is out of the playoffs in Week 16 (kinda makes you think you took it for granted now, doesn’t it?), I’m inclined to agree.

  2. It’s not time to change anything. They made a mistake thinking the Offensive Line could hold up for one more year – and they were wrong.
    That means everyone should go?

    I’ll take two rings and and an 0-6 record a few years later, rather than making the playoffs 4 years in a row just to be bounced in the first round…

  3. Whiffed on 5 OL draft picks the last couple years. Huge reason why the running game sucks. Surprised Eli isn’t hurt yet to be honest….

  4. You all want Coughlin to retire to Jacksonville so he can turn their franchise around while we get who knows what?

    Be careful what you wish for: See Tampa Bay.

  5. Well run organization. Parity in NFL not a shock as that is how it is designed. Kudos to NYG for having 8 wins or more for so long and winning it all in 2007 and 2011.

  6. As a die hard NYG fan, (and knowing that my user name isn’t really true this year) all I can say is that I am as frustrated and angry of this as anyone else. However, would you rather have:

    a. the last 10 years of the Giants
    b. the last 10 years of the Eagles
    c. the last 10 years of the Redskins
    d. the last 10 years of the Cowboys

    I am willing to give Coughlin a pass and see if he can right the ship going into next year. I am hopeful that he will dump a few assistants (Special Teams and OC Kevin Gilbride) and make some necessary changes along the O-line. The QB, WR, TE and DL situations is solid. They need better depth at RB, and LINEBACKER – however, I really like what Jon Beason has brought to the team! I hope they give him another chance with a 2-3 year contract. Major upgrade over Herzlich and the others.

    I haven’t given up on this office and staff who brought two rings to the faithful Giants fanbase after so many years of waiting.

  7. Coughlin has been given a pile of trash to work with by Reese. Reese failed in so many ways to address positions of need for the Giants and Coughlin has to work with it.

    Free agent signings have been awful. Reese has given terrible contracts to Beatty, Tuck and Webster. The three of them are getting paid like some of the top players at their respective position and are performing awful.

  8. He’s a great coach and maybe the assistants need to be changed. At least review them because this team is not running on all cylinders. The O line is not protecting Manning like it should. It reminds me of the Chargers last year. Eli can’t throw from his backside.

  9. Oh forgot the quote, “Here at the Nee York Giants we don’t make knee jerk reactions. This is the first time in 8 years they will (most likely) have a losing record. Firing Coughlin and Reese are not even in he question of the ownership. Obviously no one in the organization saw the 0-6 start coming but they will learn from it. There is a reason the Giants have been one of the most successful franchises and that is because of consistency unlike most of the other franchises in the NFL. Let it play out and I’m sure next year will not have the same result.

  10. What is NOT to respect about coach C.? This is a man who has won wherever he has coached, knows the entire game in depth, and who has NEVER short-changed ANY employer for whom he has toiled. Talk about the ULTIMATE grinder and role model for work ethic!! Respect has been EARNED by this good man every minute of his life.

  11. Coughlin is not going anywhere anytime soon unless its going to see his grandkids and Chris Snee of-course :).

  12. Its funny but so many have always blamed TC but the reality is he has done sooooooo much with roosters that were missing talent at so many positions.

    At the beginning of this season I thought maybe it was a coaching change time but after watching football life (TC’s episode) I am reminded of what a great coach he is.

    Beatty is just the latest over paid signing. Guy has been getting worked worse then Diehl now.

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