Everybody practices for Patriots


We’ll have to wait until later on Thursday to see if quarterback Tom Brady’s hand or some new part of tight end Rob Gronkowski’s body winds up on the injury report, but we do know that both players were at practice.

So were all of their teammates from the active roster and running back Shane Vereen, who is making his way back from the wrist injury that landed him on injured reserve with the ability to return. That includes defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, who hasn’t played since October 6th, and cornerback Aqib Talib, who has been out since October 13th.

Mike Whitmer of the Boston Globe reports that Talib was wearing pads on his legs, something he didn’t do during the Patriots’ full-pads workout last week. We probably won’t get much clarity about whether Talib is returning from his hip injury until the weekend, but the change in status would seem to bode well for his chances of squaring off with Antonio Brown come Sunday.

With a bye after facing Brown and the rest of the Steelers, the Patriots should be pretty healthy to start the stretch run as long as you ignore the players who have already been lost for the season.

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  1. Vereen will be a big boost to the offense when he comes back. Excellent receiver as well as a back and very fast

  2. Rest Talib & Kelly until after the bye.

    Patriots record since 2010 for the second half regular season games 23-1

  3. It doesn’t really matter. The Steelers will fall behind by 20 before Roethlisberger starts to get his usual 4th quarter garbage yards and garbage points. You can also count on Antonio Brown to contribute some clutch drops.

    Question: Why does Antonio Brown clebrate EVERY catch and first down?

    Answer: In 4 years he has 9 TDs. He needs to show off more than twice a year doesn’t he?

  4. If we can get by the Steelers without any more injuries, we follow up with a bye, then it is a matter of staying healthy, and peeking for the playoffs.

  5. .

    Average number of points given up by the DC based organization through 7 games : 32.7

    2007 called. Spygate jokes were unfunny then too.


  6. Dear logicalvoices,

    I heard somebody showed up at the Washington facility today dressed as a victory and nobody recognized what the costume was.

    Happy Halloween all !

  7. 27 teams haven’t won a Superbowl since spygate but at least Patriots have been in 2 which they lost to the Giants.

  8. When people ask how many SB’S have the Patriots won since spygate has to rank as one of the dumbest of all-time.Ok lets see after Spygate the Patriots go undefeated and it takes 1 of the luckiest plays in sports history [helmet catch by Tyree] to deny them a perfect season and SB win.Wow without spygate they were really out of it that year.YEAH RIGHT.then a few yrs later it takes another perfect pass I mean INCHES on that catch by Manningham to deny them again.I mean they just stunk the league up without spygate,YEAH RIGHT AGAIN.So a couple of inches either way and they have 2 SB’S since Spygate.You see how ridiculous of a statement that is.

  9. Since Spygate:

    * 16-0 regular season, Conference Championship, Division Title

    * 11-5 (tied for division lead, missed playoffs on tie-breaker)

    * 10-6, Division Title

    * 14-2, Division Title, best record in NFL

    * 13-3, Conference Championship, Division Title

    * 12-4, Division Title

    76-20 (.792); Two Conference Championships; Five Division Titles; Six First Place Finishes; 5-5 playoff record.

    That means the Patriots took the field 106 times in the six seasons before this one and left it victorious 81 times. In other words, Patriots fans have watched their team win 76.4% of every game they’ve played since Spygate. Patriots fans have witnessed their team playing on the biggest stage twice in that span and five times in the past 13 years.

    Make all the Spygate jokes you want, typing the above information just put a HUGE smile on my face. Add in three World Series Championships, one NBA Championship, and one Stanley Cup Championship and its pretty clear that our fan base has bragging rights over the entire sports watching world.



  10. Its been an amazing ride over the past 13 years.

    People need to understand that this person’s spygate nonsense is actually a compliment of sorts.

    The overwhelming amount of Patriots’ success have so thoroughly dominated his mind that the anger and frustration compells him to stalk every patriots thread on every sports website.

    Thats HILARIOUS!!!

    Think about that. We have thoroughly destroyed him in the art of mental and emotional warfare. He, just like his favorite team, is a beaten man. His ignorance oozes out with every word he speaks and types. He will never be enlightened so just allow him to be who he is. No need to argue with him or reason with him. Just let the results on the field every Sunday continue to ignite his stupidity and enjoy seeing it in every patriots related discussion forum.

  11. “Ok lets see after Spygate the Patriots go undefeated and it takes 1 of the luckiest plays in sports history”
    It’s ironic that the luckiest play in sports was the Tuck Rule play.

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