Sean Lee is the NFC defensive player of the month


Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson’s performance in last Sunday’s thriller against the Cowboys helped him nab the NFC defensive player of the month award and the work done by one member of the Cowboys in a losing effort helped him earn monthly honors as well.

Linebacker Sean Lee has been named the NFC defensive player of the month for October on the heels of a two-interception performance in the loss to Detroit. Lee had another interception in a win over the Eagles, part of a performance that got him a defensive player of the week award as well, and picked up 47 tackles over the four games.

Lee’s play in October has been a reminder of why the Cowboys gave him a contract extension in the offseason and why he’s become a (perhaps, the only one thus far) foundational piece of their defense. He’s handled the transition to Monte Kiffin’s scheme flawlessly and is the increasingly rare three-down linebacker who is just as strong against the run as he is against the pass.

It’s the second time that Lee has been named defensive player of the month. The first came in September 2011 and there may be more in the future if he continues to make plays on every corner of the field.

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  1. Sean Lee is tied for 2nd in the league in tackles and tied for the league lead in INTs. I can’t remember that ever happening. He could be working towards Defensive Player of the Year honors. Now, if he could just get some help.

  2. The contract extension is paying off so far, stay healthy and it will be one of the best deals out there.

  3. I’m not trying to knock the kid, but it’s hard to see how a guy who plays for a defense that just gave up the most yards in a game ever in their history could be named defensive player of the month. Just sayin’.

  4. The award is for HIS play for the month, not the whole Defense. its well deserved because he played great and along with Hatcher are standouts on an otherwise bad and banged up defense.

  5. Thank God for him. If only we had 10 more like him on that side of the ball. To all the haters, maybe its the fact that he is 2nd in the NFL in Tackles, tied for 1st in INTs and leads the league in INT yards… other from that, I can’t imagine why he’d be getting so much love.

  6. you commenters suggesting that the award should go to someone with an elite defense seem to be of the mind frame: hey, give the award to someone standing out on a great defense.

    That’s a notable point. Let me offer this counter point: Is it more impressive to you if Adrian Peterson runs for 2400 yards with no other offensive weapons, or is it more impressive if Arian Foster does it with Andre Johnson drawing people out of the box?

    I do understand your point, I just think that someone making a huge splash on an otherwise ineffective defense is far more significant than a well cohesive unit. In that situation, one guy is able to make plays because the rest of his team is playing so well, there’s sort of a overlap effect: the front 4 get pressure, the LB’s take away the screen, the QB panics, and OMG the DB’s make an interception. That’s not as spectacular as: oh wow, the whole defense sucks except for that one guy who is really awesome.

  7. Josh no reason to delete my post at all

    pmars64 says:
    Oct 31, 2013 1:13 PM
    I’m not trying to knock the kid, but it’s hard to see how a guy who plays for a defense that just gave up the most yards in a game ever in their history could be named defensive player of the month. Just sayin’.
    The award is for a montg not one game. Find a better defensive player this month on a top 5 defense if that’s your standard. Or should chris long or a rams player get it for 1 good GAME?

  8. Ya but don’t forget that he was hit in the head with the ball as stafford jumped in with the game winning qb clock sneak

  9. Cowboy fan here.. How is it possible for the Cowboys to have arguably the defensive player of the year so far and ranked dead last on defense? Two teams have broken records on the Cowboy’s defense, the Lions and Broncos. How is this not embarrassing to the coaching staff? I bet Drew Breese is licking his chops and can’t wait till next week. Hey Cowboy coaching staff, since you guys don’t seem to watch film on anybody, let me give a hint for next week.. New Orleans’s QB is pretty good, you may want game plan for him, oh and they also have this tight end, number 80, I hear he’s pretty good also….. Forget it, I see another record breaking day next week. 😦

  10. hernandez0792, if you go back and watch the game, the biggest play (yardage-wise) that the Lions had was off of play action. Sims was watching Bush and bit on the fake. Carr had outside leverage on Johnson, but Sims got sucked in. 86 yards later, Johson got run out of bounds. It was a great play by the Lions. Also, Bruce Carter got benched against SD for giving up 2 TDs to Danny Woodhead. It’s hard to blame Lee, since he’s tied for the league lead in INTs, but a lot of the yardage is coming on short, underneath passes. At least it’s not like Rob Ryan’s old defense, where we had receivers running WIDE OPEN all over the place and CBs screaming at safeties to get in position.

  11. All the haters crack me up. “Well how could someone on a defense ranked 32nd be player of the month!?” ummmm…….you do realize that there are 10 other guys on the field right?

  12. The play that cemented it? Standing in the end zone, hands-on-hips, watching Stafford leap towards him scoring the game winning touchdown!!

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