Shanahan on Haynesworth: I don’t get along with lazy players

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The war of words between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth continues, two and a half years after Shanahan sent Haynesworth packing.

Shanahan hit back at Haynesworth today when asked about Haynesworth ripping him in a radio interview on Wednesday. Haynesworth said he regretted ever signing with Washington and that he believes Robert Griffin III will someday learn that Shanahan can’t be trusted, but Shanahan said the issue he had with Haynesworth was simple: Haynesworth was lazy, and Shanahan doesn’t like lazy players.

“The only people I haven’t gotten along with as a coach is someone who is lazy,” Shanahan said when asked about his strained relationship with Haynesworth.

Shanahan and Haynesworth never saw eye to eye, due in large part to Haynesworth showing up out of shape to his first training camp with Shanahan as his coach, in 2010. Shanahan has a conditioning test that he requires all players to pass, Haynesworth repeatedly failed it, and the two of them clashed from then on. At the start of training camp in 2011, Shanahan traded Haynesworth to New England. He lasted four months there before he was released and finished the season with the Buccaneers.

Since the Bucs cut him in 2012, Haynesworth hasn’t drawn much interest from other NFL teams. Perhaps because the rest of the league agrees with Shanahan’s view that Haynesworth is lazy.

63 responses to “Shanahan on Haynesworth: I don’t get along with lazy players

  1. Shanahan is the perfect clown for the Redskins circus…

    They have now replaced the jets with constant negative media everyday..

    What a dysfunctional organization

  2. Yeah Albert, the whole planet was wrong and YOU were right.

    I don’t even like or follow the Skins or Shanahan and I knew what a lazy, worthless, overrated fool you were.

  3. I wonder if that was a subtle backhand at McNabb too. I’m going to just assume that it is for my own amusement. I’m sure McNabb will weigh in when he’s ready, which will likely be before I’m finished typing this out.

  4. Funny but I’m not sure keeping it going with Haynesworth does anything for skeletor. He has a lot bigger things to worry about at this point.

  5. Slur for a mascot, unteachable-know-it-all-QB, coach arguing with irrelevant has-been….and these articles are just from today.

    This franchise remains THE joke of the NFL.

  6. “… Haynesworth said he regretted ever signing with Washington…”

    Why? He got paid a king’s ransom for doing absolutely nothing. Unless he was referring to missing out on the alleged $120M Tampa offered when he was leaving Nashville.

  7. Haynesworth may have had a valid argument had he not been let go by the Pats and Bucs as well.

    It appears his lack of work ethic shut down his football career. Now if we could just find something to shut down his mouth…..

  8. All due respect to my boy Chris Baker. Still can’t look at #92 when he’s on the field. Number is forever tarnished. Can’t believe AL got away with robbery

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT’s why I’m proud to have the Shanahans leading this franchise. He don’t take no crap from ANYBODY. Watch out San Diego…In fact watch out to the other 31 NFL teams. Here come the Redskins, on the path to win the Vince Lombardi trophy THIS SEASON. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  10. Think before you answer: What will last longer, Shanahan’s tenure as HC or Bob Griffin as a starting QB?

  11. “patroits made it work”

    albert haynesworth new england patriots statistics = 2 tackles


  12. Amazing they need to make this a public debate, I guess that’s why they are at the bottom of the toilet as a Franchise!

  13. Wait. Why was Haynesworth being interviewed in the first place? Just roll yourself to the beach and enjoy your $100 Million. Robbery without a gun. Smart man…FAT and Lazy, but smarter than the Redskins. Oh did I mention FAT?

  14. Patriots made it work – not sure what shanahans problem is
    you GOT to be joking!!!! Big Al only did great in ONE spot, Tennessee. after that, he was an epic fail. first Washington gave him a nice deal and then he didnt care and then he was traded to NE and he failed there and then he went to Tampa and failed there. Patroits did NOT make it work.

    as for Shanahan’s shot back, GREAT work there Shanahan. i cant say this is a shot at McNabb because i dont think McNabb was lazy, he just didnt work well with him due to McNabb not wanting to change his mechanics which Shanahan wanted to change, but for Albert everything he said was true. he was fat, lazy and had and likely still has bad character. waste of money. if Tampa would’ve signed him, he would’ve failed there.

  15. If Haynesworth had gone to another team and turned in a stellar performance – led his team by example, then his statements might be a little more credible.

    Such as it is, whether you love or hate Shanahan or others that call AH out, you kinda have to side with them…

  16. I bet Shannahan wouldn’t like LOGICALVOICESAYS either…I bet he was a lazy football player. LOL if he was even “boss” enough to play football..I bet his hometown has a really good soccer team

  17. Did you know Shanahan nearly died on the football as a college player? A priest said last rites…it was that bad.

    Shanny takes his football serious and expects his players to do the same. It’s not that much to ask for men being paid absurd money to play a game.

  18. Still, Shanny is stooping low to his level to even reply, especially less than 24 hours later. Most coaches with a modicum of class would just ignore AHs comments and focus on the next weeks big game. Says a lot about Shannys character.

  19. I’ll never forget the sight of Haynesworth laying down – literally – for five seconds on the eleven yard line, a mere couple of feet from a scrambling Michael Vick on his way to scoring a touchdown on Monday Night Football. Not to mention all the times he tapped out of plays, feigning injury because he kept needing to take breathers every couple of snaps. Yes, he is incredibly, incredibly lazy. A waste and a loser, both professionally and personally.

  20. Haynesworth in New England wasn’t just 3 tackles. It was a 5th round draft pick from Pats to Skins. We’ll see how Brandon Jenkins works out. Could end up a star someday. Thanks New England!!

  21. AH has every right to say how he feels. Thats his first Amendment right as an American. Why is it people get demonized for speaking their minds in a supposedly free society like America particularly but a slanted media? There’s clearly some sign that AH feels he was wronged. At the same time, maybe AH is wrong. Maybe Shanny is wrong. But the bigger question is, why does the media have to demonize people for their opinions? Thats the bigger issue.

  22. badmoonrison says:
    Oct 31, 2013 5:37 PM
    Still, Shanny is stooping low to his level to even reply, especially less than 24 hours later. Most coaches with a modicum of class would just ignore AHs comments and focus on the next weeks big game. Says a lot about Shannys character.


    Spot on brother!

  23. badmoonrison says: … Says a lot about Shannys character.

    To me it says he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. If you do, that’s your problem.

  24. geemoney713 says: …It was a 5th round draft pick from Pats to Skins. We’ll see how Brandon Jenkins works out. Could end up a star someday. Thanks New England!!

    Getting a little ahead of your self, aren’t you sport? Jenkins doesn’t have a single tackle this year and has only played in 3 games.

  25. Lazy probably. But that’s just a cover for the real reason why Haynesworth was on the outs in Washington. Fat Albert used to eat all the cheese……

  26. Remember that game vs the Eagles, when Haynesworthless literally decided to take a nap on the field during the play. That about sums up his work ethic.

  27. Based on Shannys “playground back and forth” with AH in the past 24 hours, Im starting to think Schiano might not be the most out of touch coach in the NFL afterall…

  28. If you look around enough, you’ll be able to find people who have good things to say about Shanahan. Not Haynesworth.

  29. Badmoonrisen, normally I would agree, but Haynesworth is different and deserves to get fired back at. It’s was one guys fault for failing and that is on Haynesworth.

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