Packers want to cut Eddie Lacy’s carries


The Packers finally have embraced the run.  In fact, they’ve embraced it so much that they now want to back off a bit.

Via Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers want to reel in rookie Eddie Lacy’s touches.  Against the Vikings in Week Eight, Lacy had a whopping 29 carries and four receptions.

“We had an extra day [to recover] this week with the Monday night game, that plays into it too,” said Packers running backs coach Alex Van Pelt.  “But we’re definitely monitoring the carries for him, try to get him back down to around 20.”

The Packers want to get more opportunities for James Starks, who had seven carries for 57 yards against the Vikings.

Rookie Jonathan Franklin has become the forgotten man on offense, with only six total carries since he rushed for more than 100 yards against the Bengals.

For the previously pass-happy Packers, it’s a strange development.  But it’s the kind of balance they need to get beyond the divisional round for the first time since 2010.

21 responses to “Packers want to cut Eddie Lacy’s carries

  1. Starks is the better back, just wait and see lacy will turn out to be just another Alabama stiff running back

  2. Lacy has been a monster. I’ll be the first one admit I wasn’t high on him during the draft, but that was because his injury history. Limiting his touches is a good idea in theory, but with how he’s playing that’s hard to do.

  3. I hate to see him lose a lot of touches but Jackson should get 5-10 more a game so makes sense. plus it can prelongs his career a few more years so have to think of the long run. Glad the Packs have a more balanced game and comes in a great time with so many injuries to the WR. They dont have to rely on Rodgers throwing 300+ yards every game when you can rush for 130+ combine rushing every game. its gonna help your offense dramatically and tire down the opponents defense every game.

  4. They don’t wanna run him ragged like Tampa did to Cadillac Williams and they’re doing now to Doug Martin. Eddy Lacy is gonna be huge in the playoffs and for years to come. He’s got my vote for ROTY.

  5. I understand why they want to, when the Packers made the SB push a couple years ago, Starks came in, and had fresh legs on him… That’s part of the reason they were able to finish on top.

  6. I’m glad the Steelers don’t have these conditioning issues with Bell. Easily the best back of the draft.

  7. That’s fine by this Packers fan. Since Starks has also looked solid when healthy, and Lacy does have an injury history, I don’t mind them splitting carries at all. If it means they’ll still continue to move the chains and keep both guys healthy, let’s do it. There’s no shame in riding two stallions into the playoffs instead of just one.

  8. I still don’t understand why everybody makes such a big deal out of his injury history. The guy literally missed only 1 or 2 games in college.

  9. In a couple of my leagues I started both Lacy & Starks since the Packers are wanting to limit Lacy’s touches. JFrank needs to be more involved as well. If we could develop a 3 headed monster of a RB game that would be nice.

  10. wisconsinhillfolk says:
    Nov 3, 2013 12:40 PM
    Lacey is Fat.

    Turn on your spellcheck. It’s Lacy, not Lacey. And it’s fast, not fat .

  11. I’m glad we are seeing more support on these comments. Before with so many Queen fans still hanging on to the season it was getting ugly….now they are looking to the draft.

    Thompson. The guy is unorthodox but will make unorthodox the way of the future. Only three players have played on another team than the Packers. draft and develop….repeat.

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