Buccaneers throttling the Seahawks, you read that right


Yep, we all saw this coming.

Of course the winless, listless Buccaneers are beating the 7-1 Seahawks 21-0 just before halftime.

Of course they got touchdown passes from Mike Glennon to Tim Wright and Tiquan Underwood, before running back Mike James threw a jump pass touchdown to tight end Tom Crabtree.

Of course the Seahawks are turning it over, and their fans are being quiet.

Of course.

The Seahawks can obviously still get back in it. Teams don’t get to be 0-7 by accident, and the Buccaneers are still making very un-Schiano-like mistakes (like being offside on a surprise onside kick). But the Seahawks are making as many errors, and don’t have an apparent trusted target for Russell Wilson in the passing game.

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  1. This is why no one takes Seattle seriously. That and the fact that they have a grand total of ZERO Superbowls alltime. No history and just a few sprinkles of lucky seasons. Russell Wilson can try and try, but there is only ONE RGIII. #HTTR

  2. Bailed out on that PI call. Baldwin climbs over the back of the defender to draw the call, and the ref fell for it even though the ball went sailing over his head.

  3. As a jags fan, I’m rooting for the bucs! We need that number 1 pick next year to get our QB!! Bridgewater in Jax!!

  4. Aw whats wrong seahawk fans? A bunch of name calling when the niners lose to the colts but where are you now?? Oh that’s right, you’re busy watching your team get destroyed by the winless bucs AT HOME. Now maybe you’ll calm down on the crowning of seahawks as superbowl champs because they havent done squat in the postseason besides barely squeeking by against a one legged RG3 last year.. Not to mention u lucked out last week against the rams BACKUP qb. Give me a break. Arragant team that hasnt done ****

  5. Seahawks have never been 7-1 before this year, Hawks will still win this one. They are scaring me, but they will comeback. They need to stop playing down to the opponent.

  6. Yeah, the 49ers are better than the Seahawks. That’s why the Seahawks have out scored then 71-16 the last 2 times they’ve played. Riiiiiight…

  7. This is why you can never assume wins on an nfl schedule based off opponents record. They could very well show up and still win this game. So far it looks like Seattle’s super bowl was that huge win in week 2

  8. The Seahawks supposedly great fans – 12th men, no less – were booing their 7-1 team at 14-0 down. That’s pathetic.

  9. To all my fellow niner fans… Let’s not talk sh!t about the Seahawks until we beat them… It’s nice seeing them lose but it until we beat them we shouldn’t be running off at the mouth… And the game is not over yet… Go niners

  10. Good timing Goat… Pretty quiet all day. Hey, it’s a big win, congrats on a valiant effort today.

    Wow, does Schiano even get on the plane after that collapse? Will he get Kiffen’d at the Airport?

    Chin up Tampa, you’ll get the first pick and a new coach.

  11. pgilbert2013 –

    Not all of us sit around on the internet during game days to hit up the comment section. But it’s good to know you were patiently awaiting my arrival.

    Anyone that doesn’t think a win is a win in the NFL is a pink hat fat, bottom line. Just ask the 13-0 Packers when they lost to the Chiefs two years ago

  12. How about you thumbs down this post too Whiner Fans. I told you we would win, and when we come to your junk house, we will beat you there too. We have a QB that does not wilt under pressure, bicep kisser folds like a cheap lawn chair when the pressure is on.

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