Titans run over the Rams

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On a day when Titans quarterback Jake Locker couldn’t get anything going through the air, it was a good thing that Tennessee could move the ball on the ground.

With Chris Johnson leading the way, Shonn Greene making plays in short yardage and Locker making plays with his feet himself, the Titans totaled 198 rushing yards and won at St. Louis 28-21.

Locker completed just 13 of 22 passes for 185 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions, but the Titans’ running game was good enough: Johnson had 150 yards and two touchdowns, Greene had 38 yards and one touchdown and Locker had 10 yards and a touchdown.

For the Rams, Kellen Clemens was decent, completing 20 of 35 passes for 210 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions, but he’s not a threat to make many big plays with his arm. Rams running back Zac Stacy was great, gaining 127 yards on 27 carries and scoring two touchdowns, but that wasn’t enough.

At 3-6, the Rams are looking like a last-place team in the NFC West. But the 4-4 Titans may just have a playoff run in them. Especially if they can keep running like they did today.

13 responses to “Titans run over the Rams

  1. It really sucks when you’re inches from beating the ‘Hawks and then get the ball with 4 minutes left in a tied game and the QB gets a strip sack.

    Ugh, at least we’re competitive. 😐

  2. 22% winning percentage since the start of the 2007 season. That has to be some sort of a record for futility.

  3. 22% winning percentage since the start of the 2007 season. That has to be some sort of a record for futility.

    I do know the Rams had the worst 5 year win/loss stretch in history, so it probably is.

  4. Jeff Fischer is a slightly below average Head Coach.

    Never been a Fisher fan and don’t disagree because his career record backs that up, but he has taken a team with basically zero talent to having quite a bit of talent now.

  5. Fisher is slightly ABOVE average head coach. I’d give him 1 more season. There’s no reason they don’t make playoffs this year. Munch, I’d give THIS season … there is no reason we don’t make playoffs NOW.

    We have Jags x2, Colts in Nashville, Texans in Nashville, Raiders, and Cardinals. That’s 10-6. Without Reggie, we may pull off 11-5. Regardless, if we win the winnable games, we should be 10-6 and a wildcard or 11-5 and a divisional champ.

  6. Keep picking up that paycheck Jeff. One more draft and one more year should be the end. Wonder if Stan would let him go to USC this year?

  7. Don’t understand how its Fisher’s fault our franchise QB tore his knee up on a broken play, yet he’s getting the blane for these losses?

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