Dolphins sign Marlon Moore in advance of the circus


Hey everybody, look over there.

While a full-blown media circus is about to break out at Dolphins camp over the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying story, they took the opportunity to sneak in a roster move before practice.

The team announced they had signed wide receiver Marlon Moore, who was just released by the 49ers. To make room for him on the roster, they waived wide receiver Ryan Spadola.

Of course, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin will likely be delighted to be asked all about this move after practice, when he talks to reporters about more serious matters.

10 responses to “Dolphins sign Marlon Moore in advance of the circus

  1. What happens to the players from the practice squads as the season progress? How about players who were dismissed from rookie camp and the preseason? Why aren’t they given an opportunity with all these injuries and decimation at certain positions.

  2. Still waiting for what Incognito did to Martin “Recently”. Still when looking at the situation with logic and rationale… you can conclude that Martin got annoyed over all the media pressure of o-line woes and then snapped because of a typical lunch room prank (one that he participated in toward Nate Garner just a week ago) He then left the team and is now looking for a scapegoat. So he breaks out this Audio recording from APRIL. If he was that threatened and upset he would have done something then, not wait for this week.

  3. Marlon Moore was on the Dolphins team last year I believe. Moore showed some flashes of skill at times, and some speed, but I guess they felt they had better talent so they cut him in the spring.
    The team was down to only three wide receivers due to the season ending injury to Gibson so they needed another person. I guess the FO believed that Moore was a better candidate than Spadola.
    Now for the next act, looks like the team could use another guard and/or tackle.

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