Gary Kubiak still being evaluated, will remain in hospital at least another day


The Texans have issued an update about the condition of head coach Gary Kubiak, who was taken to the hospital at halftime of Sunday night’s game against the Colts after becoming dizzy and lightheaded on the sideline.

Kubiak has gone through a battery of tests and will continue to be evaluated as he spends the next 24 hours under medical care in an effort to figure out both what’s wrong and how to get Kubiak back to full strength.

“Our primary concern is of course with Gary’s health and well-being,” Texans General Manager Rick Smith said in a statement from the team. “There have been so many people throughout the city and across the country that have reached out to express their love and support and we are thankful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Gary is alert, coherent and in good spirits. He is continuing to be evaluated and monitored.”

The Texans asked for all to respect Kubiak’s privacy and said they’d offer further updates as they become available. Everyone at PFT adds their best wishes for a full recovery for Kubiak.

23 responses to “Gary Kubiak still being evaluated, will remain in hospital at least another day

  1. A sober reminder that no one escapes our mortality where we must all face what comes next. That even includes pro football players who are one of the healthiest groups on earth.

  2. Such a scary moment last night, really makes you forget about the game when something like that happens. Sounds like he’s doing well though, hope to see him on the sidelines again this weekend.

  3. I don’t wanna sound mean right now but he should’ve been fired what has done there he has been there like 9 years and I think 1 playoff win but get well soon and god bless but as a coach he stinks

  4. That’s exactly how I felt when I learned of Leon Hall and Geno Atkins injuries.

    Anyway…. Get Well, Kube.

  5. I truly hope he’s alright…I am not a Houston fan but seeing the way Andre Johnson could be used with a qb that has an arm gave me chills. Imagine the emotion going through Kubiak after witnessing that first half…

  6. When SNF came back from commercial at the half and I saw what was going on,I was afraid for him. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Gary Kubiak to get well soon.

  7. NFL Coaches and Staff take on a role that most professions may think are crazy. Winning or losing, head coach or training staff intern. It’s a beast all on it’s own and definitely not for everyone. You can never be prepared enough, or that’s the mentality. The NFL needs to monitor these conditions even though they will never be able to curb it. But 90 to 100 work weeks will beat up the most healthy of all. Winning is not everything if your health is in danger (not that any Coach will admit to) The toll can take it even further than your health. Your Family has to take on this role as well, and so many thing’s take the back seat to any Coaches, or Staff life. Who’s going to stand up and say OK let’s make some league rules here. it would be a giant step, that unfortunately I truly don’t feel will ever be addressed.

  8. I know somebody who died of a brain aneurysm. First symptoms were identical to what happened to Kubiak. All the best, Gary.

  9. Very similar to how the medical staff handled the stroke former Mariners manager Eric Wedge had in August. On the surface, it looks and sounds like a stroke.

    Hope he gets well soon and makes a smart decision about his future.

  10. Just curious. Why are there thumbs down on posts wishing for a speedy recovery/get well?

    I don’t get it.

  11. While my prayers are with him, I wish our doctors treated everyone like this in america. I bet anything they find an issue, yet most of us normal people would be sent right home told to pop some tylenol.

    makes ya think a little going to the doc doesn’t it?

  12. I read in another media source that stated he had a mini stroke also know as an ischemic attack.

    I’m 64 and had this same small stroke, ischemic attack, 3 years ago which was not diagnosed and I’ve suffered memory loss. It is really frustrating. I can cover it up now but I fear when it becomes obvious to people. My sense of humor says “how do I know it hasn’t”. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family coach. Get well soon and take however much time as you need to be 100%.

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