Chip Kelly not worried about Foles getting overconfident

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No one in NFL history has ever thrown more touchdown passes in a single game than Nick Foles threw against the Raiders last Sunday.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly isn’t too worried about the seven touchdown performance giving Foles a swelled head, however. Kelly wouldn’t guarantee Foles anything more than taking first-team snaps in practice this week coming off his historic game and pointed out that Foles’ previous start was pretty much the polar opposite of Week Nine.

“If he needs anything to think about, he should think about what happened last couple of weeks to him,” Kelly said, via John Murrow of the Philadelphia Daily News. “It can change in a week. If you spend too much time dwelling on the past then you’re probably doomed to repeat it. If you spend too much time patting yourself on the back, you’re probably in a bad situation, too.”

The Eagles’ season to date should give pause to anyone trying to draw overarching conclusions about the Eagles offense as there have been plenty of examples of good, bad and everything in between. While Foles doesn’t have much to worry about in terms of starting with Michael Vick still out with a hamstring injury, that dreadful Week Seven outing against Dallas should do plenty to assure that he doesn’t rest on his laurels.

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  1. Nick has only played 3 bad quarters of football this season, and that goes back to preseason. You don’t get the stats he has put up from being inconsistent. Dallas was the exception not the rule. He’ll be fine.

  2. Something was wrong with Nick against the Cowboys. Either he was sick and the Eagles hid it or someone managed the over-under, or the Linc is cursed.

  3. I’m not saying he’s the long term answer (yet), he has to show he can be consistent. But people need to stop saying “It was only the Raiders”. He tied an NFL record in less than 3 quarters, had a perfect QB rating, 0 turnovers, and more TDs than incompletions. It doesn’t matter who he was playing, that was impressive.

  4. I am not worried about Foles getting over confident. He is three things: faith, family, and football. He is a high character kid with all the intangibles you want in a leader.

    I am worried about Kelly not allowing Foles to be the man, because isn’t that mobile QB who fits in this system.

    So, change the friggin system. Declare Foles the #1, and let him play.

  5. The NFL already has a program in to prevent over-confidence………its called the next game. The score is 0-0 and the other team has schemed to stop you and the D will bring you back to reality with picks and hard hits.

  6. Foles’ groin was hurt against Dallas. It was reported since Monday the week before. Groin pulls obviously affect throwing mechanics. Oakland is not a good indicator of Foles ability. That defense was totally ineffective in every aspect of pass defense. Dallas is also a bad indicator as it’s obvious he was hurt. In all his other games, good and bad he wasn’t ever inaccurate like that.

  7. Eagles are a lot better with Foles. The offense moves better, the defense plays more effectively.

    I dont think there is any way that the Eagles can go back to Vick after that performance.

  8. Foles doesn’t have the pedigree to declare him the starter at this point, but all he has done since being drafted by the Eagles is out-compete the back-up QB for his job (ok…Kafka did suck), and go head-to-head with the #1 draft pick from 2001 for the starting job that basically came down to a coin toss. I would be very happy to see him as our starting QB…

  9. I’m already tired of people saying but it was the raiders. peyton didnt do it against the raiders… and i promise you he wont dont it in week 17 against them… coming into that game against the eagles, the raiders were the #9 ranked pass defense.

    actually the broncos are the only other team to score more then 27 against the raiders… they scored 37.. foles scored 49.. thru the air in 3 quarters.. not saying he can repeat that ever again in his career.. but u can not take it away from him

  10. I am so sick of the doubters claiming in so many words “not ready to declare Foles the Eagles QB”…well guess what sunshine?
    Ready or not: Nick Foles is the Eagles starting QB.
    So you better prepare yourself and get ready.
    Why didn’t any of you haters have any hesitation of declaring career 52% passer Mike Vick “ready”?
    But, the guy with 13 TDs and zero ints you just aren’t ready for?
    Give me a break!

  11. I like Nick a lot but I’m still not convinced he’s Chips “guy” but I expect him to continue to play well and develop. The Cardinals will be looking for a QB in the offseason and, barring they don’t seek Jay Cutler, may be a good fit for #9. Other possible alternatives are KC, TB, JAX.

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