PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero


Even a shoulder injury to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers couldn’t knock the unfolding saga in Miami from the top of the list of NFL stories this week, which probably made it easy to predict what the main topic would be on Tuesday’s edition of PFT Live.

Mike Florio will welcome Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald to the show to discuss the suspension of Richie Incognito, the status of tackle Jonathan Martin and the way that the Dolphins have handled the allegations of severe misconduct by players on their roster toward other members of the team. Salguero will give us the latest from Miami and share his thoughts about how the Dolphins will move forward from here.

Florio will also be updating the other big stories from around the league, including Rodgers’ injury and the health of coaches John Fox and Gary Kubiak.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

19 responses to “PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

  1. richie incognito – kicked off Nebraska football team

    richie incognito – kicked off Oregon football team

    richie incognito – kicked off St. Louis Rams football team

    richie incognito – kicked off Buffalo Bills football team

    richie incognito – kicked off Miami Dolphins football team

    richie incognito – kicked out of NFL

  2. Listen to Channing Crowder yesterday, this stuff happens in every NFL locker room. It’s king of the hill with a bunch of Alpha Males. If you have thin skin and can’t speak up you will get eaten alive.

  3. We all know that hazing goes in the locker rooms. It is accepted by most fans, cause its a tradition inside the locker rooms. The key word, “locker room.” Leaving voicemails, text, calls is simply going way too far. For me personally, family subjects should never be involved besides Yo Mamma stuff.

  4. So…. an alpha male is an insecure man-child who picks on the weak, extorts money from players, and calls people racist names?!?

    NFL locker rooms doesn’t need “alpha males”…. NFL locker rooms need LEADERS.

  5. Poor Joe Philbin.

    richie incognito was signed to a three year deal about six months before Philbin became head coach.

    He was stuck with richie due to jake long leaving and drafting a rookie quarterback.

  6. Martin = softest brotha in the history of brothas. There are a multitude of players that would love to punch Incognito right in the mouth. Martin had the entire universe behind him on this one and he choose to…walk away? Sit on it for 6 months? This guy better get some help because he looks like he is more liable to hurt himself than anyone else. Football is definitely not the career for him. Maybe he should raise kittens or something.

  7. the perception of the nfl is dimenishing more and more day by day. if this is the locker room norm and if what the saints did is the locker room norm than our law enforcement needs to come to an underatanding that something needs to happen. im getting sick of the nfls double standards. the nfl is coming more and more like a criminal organization that doesnt need to obey the laws and rights of an individual.

  8. Calling Martin a punk because he didn’t retaliate by punching Incognito is about as ignorant as I’ve read here, “AMD”. He probably thought it would ride out, and he would earn the respect of the pro-bowl veteran. He took it the whole rookie year, and Ritchie never let up, like he owned him. Didn’t even try to keep it under his hat, every chance he got he kept up the pressure.What a tool, I’d have murdered him myself, but I am a lesser man than Martin. He looked to Jesus for guidance , and is the better man. I would be proud to have him as a team-mate.

  9. incognito looks identical to frank caliendo. when will caliendo do one of his impersonation skits as incognito. he wont even have to change his appearace

  10. Razing to the extend of what was happening with the Dolphins is rare so those that say it is common practice is wrong. I’ve seen razing and this isn’t razing this is breaking the law.

  11. When someone celebrates on the field, people say they need to grow up and stop acting like children playing a game. When these same people act like immature children in the locker room, people defend them and say hazing is part of the game. How about we just hold these grown ups to a grown up standard and get rid of the childish hazing all together? A man can’t dance after a touchdown, but he can throw a teammate into an ice bath or tie him to a goal post?

  12. I am tiring of hearing the word “hazing”. This wasn’t hazing. Hazing is having the rookies carry your shoulder pads and bring you water. Maybe having them buy your oline a small meal.

    This was workplace harassment. That’s a completely different thing and every single worker in America is entitled to protection from it under federal law. Martin didn’t bring a case against Richie Incognito. He brought a case against the Miami Dolphins for fostering a work environment in which he was getting harassed and failing to do anything about it when he complained of the harassment.

    The Dolphins are the ones in trouble here, which is why they immediately suspended Incognito. They are hoping to make him the scapegoat to garner the media attention so that they can handle the more important issue, which is the workplace harassment claim.

    Don’t get me wrong, Incognito sounds like a terrible human being, but he was operating in an environment where not only was he allowed to harass teammates, but was even put on a leadership council. I think that speaks volumes about the current Miami environment.

  13. Notwithstanding my personal feelings on this issue, which I think there is blame on all the parties involved (staff, RI and Martin), but having Salguero speak on this is counterproductive. He’s a Fins hater, despite being a local beat reporter, a member of ‘high-five-gate’. His agenda is to follow in the footsteps of other SFL local guys that got national jobs, period. so take what he says with a grain of salt.

  14. What is the standard you people expect??? Are you all blind to the fact that this kind of conversation happens on the field during every game by a large chunk of the players mostly lineman. Racial slurs are thrown out all the time both white and black. How do you think they are to act in the locker room? This game is intimidation and imposing physical harm and will on others!!!! There are some very studious and well mannered players that play the game. These ones all have a switch inside them and are able to hold in there emotions until they are on the field. But most of these men are pure muscle bound physical freaks who want to kill each other. All you people out there that are jumping on Incognito as some sort of animal are not looking at the big picture. That is the world they live in. All these former players turned analyst that say its not how it is are full of *%^t. I guarantee they have been told someone was going to kill them numerous times on the field. But they were ok with it because that’s what they do. Watch Mike Golic and how uncomfortable he is talking about this. You can read it in his body language. He knows the deal and Martin was completely wrong for not handling his business in house. This is going to turn bigger than these two you watch! I’m not saying Incognito is not a big dumb idiot by any means. However when you start looking into these things deeper its going to get real ugly and branch out much further than the dolphins.

  15. Just trying to remember how this all started. Oh yeah. A prank where Fin linemates — 3 of them black — left the table when Martin sat down to eat.

    So, it wasn’t racism, a shakedown for $$$, a threat to Martin’s life or family that prompted Martin to snitch. Because Martin obviously behaved like Incognito was not a threat in September, when Martin posed with Incognito on a night out in New Orleans following their loss to the Saints. Martin also believed his “workplace” was safe enough when Incognito Instagrammed a pic of he & Martin yukking it on a flight to Houston for a preseason game in August. Similarly, Incognito also took a snap of Martin thumbing-up his ‘tormentor’ on a go kart outing last April — yes, that April, the very same April when Incognito left his “threatening”, “racist”, “bullying” & oppressive voicemail. Finally & of course, can you imagine the terror Martin must’ve felt when Incognito tweeted birthday greetings to Martin in August? I can. I can imagine Martin’s terror, disgust & disdain when a crude, profane, culturally ignorant & socially inferior teammate whom he utterly despises might actually consider himself Martin’s friend, equal or superior.

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