Sean Spence won’t play this season

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Steelers linebacker Sean Spence won’t make his NFL debut this season.

The 2012 third-round pick started practicing a few weeks ago after being placed on the physically unable to perform list at the start of camp as a result of the serious knee injury he suffered in the 2012 preseason. The Steelers had to make a choice about putting him on the active roster this week and announced Wednesday that they won’t do that, which means Spence will go on injured reserve.

Spence said he was frustrated in comments to the Steelers website, but he said he still believes he will play in the NFL.

“I beat a lot of odds,” Spence said. “People thought I would never be able to walk again without a brace, never be able to run again without a brace. I did all of that. I think unfortunately I just didn’t have enough time. I have a sense of comfort knowing that I will be able to play again.”

Spence’s efforts to make that happen will resume during an offseason that is shaping up to be an interesting one in Pittsburgh.

11 responses to “Sean Spence won’t play this season

  1. He’s lucky he won’t have to play for the train wreck that is the Steelers.

    Rest up, Sir. You’ll have plenty of time to recover, and be ready for 2014 when the Steelers will be even worse than they are now.

  2. steelerfanjo says:
    Nov 6, 2013 4:06 PM
    We don’t give him a chance but we allow Todd Haley to call plays. Makes no sense.


    30+ points at New England isn’t enough for you? Todd Haley isn’t the problem on this team. He’s a scape goat for dumb yinzers though.

  3. @scoobies05 …

    You’re not a Steelers fan but still put up a classy post. Thank you.

    Wishing this young man well and hoping for a full recovery.

  4. They said Bo Jackson wouldn’t play again! Different athlete, but I hope they give him a chance.

    Any Hurricane, even a steeler, is a Cane in my book. Good luck!

  5. I don’t care what excuse, or who we use as a scapegoat…. as long as it leads to Haley being canned.

    You could say bad job evaluating draft classes… you could say, bad contracts given out….
    you could say… the food at Heinz is not as good as it use to be…..

    As long as it leads to Haley being fired…… I will agree.

    we could keep Haley and win 2 more games this year…. or we could fire him and lose all of them… I am ok with losing all of them, as long as he is gone before 2014. Signed, 90% of Steeler fans.

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