Case Keenum says Matt Schaub “couldn’t be a better guy”


Case Keenum took Matt Schaub’s job as the Texans’ starting quarterback. Schaub has handled that with class.

Keenum told the Houston Chronicle that Schaub has been a great guy to be around since they switched roles, with Keenum now on the field and Schaub holding a clipboard.

He couldn’t be a better guy through the whole thing,” Keenum said. “I’m extremely proud to know him. He’s still giving advice without me asking, just being there for me for whatever I need. I can’t say enough about him. He’s one of the best guys I know. I’m really fortunate to have him in our quarterback room.”

Keenum added that Schaub is there for him “every day. It’s in between plays in practices, on the sideline, watching film in the morning, all that stuff. It’s constant.”

Texans interim head coach Wade Phillips confirmed on Wednesday that he is on board with Gary Kubiak’s decision to replace Schaub with Keenum, and that Keenum remains the starter.

10 responses to “Case Keenum says Matt Schaub “couldn’t be a better guy”

  1. Schaub is a nice guy. When he was in Atlanta, I saw him at Hole In The Wall in Buckhead. We hung out for a while doing Jeager shots. And he was nice enough to pick up the tab.

  2. The game lasts a little while. Character lasts a lifetime – and brings rewards worth more than money. Good on you, Matt Schaub.

  3. Keenum remains the starter because he has the better skill-set to win! Both of these young men have shown their character during this transition. Thanks for that.

  4. Matt Schaub was a pretty good quarterback. There were some dark years where Matt and Andre had to carry the team on their back. But Matt is done.

  5. I wish they would give these back-ups better compensation when they win the starting role. Keenum makes the league minimum, which to you and I is still a butt-ton of money, but relative to what he is being asked to do, he’s cheap.

  6. Ok, Larry’s Law #1 – Wishing harm on another person, especially because you do not like him or his time, you are an expletive, expletive moron.

    Even Trent Dilfer is better than most QBs in the world and maybe he benefitted by some benevolent coaches, but he is a pretty decent analyst and he should be an expert in being sacked.

    Matt Schaub is the kind of guy you root for, because of the aforementioned morons. Be careful or I will taze you man.

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