Colts haven’t heeded Jim Irsay’s demand for better pass protection


After the first week of the season, Colts owner Jim Irsay fired up his trusty Twitter account to let his team (and anyone following him on Twitter) know that he demanded better protection of quarterback Andrew Luck over the rest of the season.

While it is generally a good idea to heed the wishes of the man signing your check, the Colts haven’t done what Irsay demanded. The team has given up the third-most quarterback hits of any team in the NFL and they are on pace to allow around the same number of sacks as they allowed last season even though the Colts have thrown the ball less often this season.

Coach Chuck Pagano didn’t hit Twitter to share his thoughts on the team’s issues keeping Luck from getting hit, but he pointed out that the end of the victory over the Texans showed the Colts were capable of doing a better job. Now they just need to do it more often.

“We have to be more consistent,” Pagano said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Toward the end of that game, when we’re making big plays, we got things blocked up. Andrew has time, he can step up and make those big plays to T.Y. [Hilton]. It’s just a matter of doing it down after down on a consistent basis.”

The Colts have done quite well over the last two seasons despite their struggles in pass blocking and injuries have made it hard for them to field a consistent lineup, but there’s not much question that things need to improve. One hit is all it can take to lose your star quarterback, as the Packers could tell you, so you’d like to see him taking as few as possible.

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  1. Wasn’t Jimmy Madison Irsay thumping his chest about the 140some odd million he spent in free agency?

    Swing & a miss. He/they had a chance to really build a TEAM, a new MODEL(his words), He’s too dumb to know that he’ll soon be paying Prince Andrew 20 million a year(how did that model change Jimmy?) It didn’t.

    Once clueless, always clueless. You can’t fix stupid. Irsay proves it.

  2. Yeah what an idiot, and what a waste of money. His team is only going to win their division and compete for a Super Bowl and will be set up for years to come with a solid core of players.

  3. The FA money has helped, the defensive pieces and the new RT he has signed have been playing great, the tackles have been playing great in general. Its the interior OL, which is due to the part of a rookie, Hugh Thorton, starting at LG because the man jim and grigson signed, Donald Thomas, is out for year. Meaning Mike McGlyn, a horrific OL, is starting at RG, and Satele shouldnt be a starting tackle. Hugh has shown a lot of potential and has played great in spots, he will be a lot better by next year, and we will get thomas back next year. I think we need to get a new center either in FA or the draft and then the line will be sured up. The fact that they are improving shows that the money has worked

  4. I’d love to know what team “sarcasm” roots for since the Colts 2013 season is hardly a swing and a miss. First in their division, arguably 2nd in the conference, and depending on who is ranking them, somewhere in the top four league-wide (Two teams generally ranked ahead of them owe their only losses to the Colts). I wonder what things would be like if had swung and connected! Now with one of the easiest closing schedules they’re likely to go 12-4 or better. I should have such failures.

    Do they need to protect Luck better–absolutely. Swing and miss? Absolutely not.

  5. If you watched that game though, you saw that he didn’t have more time at the end, he was still getting drilled on all of his big plays, he just had better timing with TY.

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