If Clay Matthews can handle club on his hand, he should play Sunday

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It has been a month since the Packers have been able to take the field with linebacker Clay Matthews in the lineup, but they may be getting him back on the field this weekend.

Matthews is expected to be a full participant in Thursday’s practice, during which he will try out how it feels to play with a club on his right hand to protect the broken thumb that has kept him out of action. If all goes well with that, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Matthews should be in the lineup against the Eagles on Sunday.

He may be joined by Nick Perry, who is also expected to be a full participant in practice on Thursday. Perry’s been out with a foot injury and said he felt good after making it back to the practice field.

Getting both outside linebackers back would be a nice development for a Packers team that figures to be relying a bit more heavily on their defense with Aaron Rodgers on the shelf for the near future.

19 responses to “If Clay Matthews can handle club on his hand, he should play Sunday

  1. It will be good to see the Claymaker in action again. And getting our starters back on defense will go a long way to getting us to 3-1 over the next 4 games until Aaron gets back. #Warriors

  2. …alhtough, not that I look back at the schedule, I’m having a hard time finding that 1 loss.

  3. If Aaron Rodgers can stand on the sidelines in street clothes without wearing a sling then he should play on Sunday.

  4. Going back to the 70s, I think, who was it that played a few high profile games with a club/cast on his hand? In my mind I can picture John Madden telestrating it. Maybe a Redskins playoff game? I know Phil Villipiano of the Raiders once talked about using casts as weapons thanks to their very clever trainer. But I was thinking NFC East….

  5. A club thumb on Matthews can be more productive than club feet. Just take a look at everyone in the Vikings secondary if you want to see the difference for yourself.

  6. @bobman2

    Morgan Burnett played with a club in 2011. And he was awesome. I don’t see this slowing the Claymaker down one bit. If we had him against the bears, we’d be sitting at 6-2 right now.

  7. If we had Matthews against the bears, we’d be sitting at 6-2 right now.
    Well, Matthews certainly couldn’t be any worse at QB than Wallace, but a W? We must have been watching different games.

  8. With the Eagles no huddle offense quick pace I don’t see him being a factor due to him not being in game shape and the speed of the Eagles offense. And forget about him intercepting a pass with the club hand!! Advantage Eagles!!

  9. Im not surprised GB couldn’t win against the Bears missing both Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers. They showed they could win games without Clay with Aaron healthy. Now its time to see if they can win some games with a somewhat healthy Clay Matthews and no Aaron Rodgers.

    Should be a good game none the less.

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