Bills release Brad Smith from injured reserve


When Brad Smith signed a four-year contract with the Bills before the 2011 season, there was a lot of talk about the multiple ways that the team would utilize a player who had seen time as a runner, receiver, returner and Wildcat quarterback with the Jets.

Things never really turned out that way as Smith became mostly an afterthought on both offense and special teams while Chan Gailey was coach in his first two years with Buffalo. Smith restructured his contract this offseason and was trying to make the team as a wide receiver this summer when he suffered a rib injury at the end of preseason that landed him on injured reserve.

Smith’s no longer on injured reserve as the Bills released him on Friday with an injury settlement. Smith can now go on to play for any of the other 31 teams in the league, assuming he convinces them he’s healthy enough to play, but he cannot re-sign with the Bills this season.

15 responses to “Bills release Brad Smith from injured reserve

  1. I think the Bills missed out on a real opportunity here. Smith throwing accurately and even deep from a runner position was something that showed up in practices…. but never a game.

  2. He was a good player with the Jets. Wouldn’t surprised me one bit if he returns.. It’s not like the Jets are loaded at WRs.

  3. As much as Brad Smith might have meant to the Jets three years ago, they just a few weeks ago finally found his replacement in Josh Cribbs, who now takes kick and punt returns, plays on special teams, at wide receiver (and comes out of the backfield on occasion) and runs the wildcat. I wouldn’t think there’s a spot for Smith there anymore.

  4. Smith was ahead of his time. If some coach had been smart enough to use him like all the multi-threat QBs we’ve seen in recent years, he could have had similar success.

    Hope he finds a good spot to land and gets a chance. He deserves it.

  5. I love watching this guy play and I am shocked that the Bills didn’t utilize any of this kids talent. I hope the Jets sign Smith again and hopefully Morn wouldn’t be as predictable in using Smith as Shotty was.

  6. Really? Everybody is surprised here? D
    on’t forget the rule change where the nfl moved the kickoff up 5 yards pretty much negated this guys 1 true use.

  7. Another multi-millionaire leaves Buffalo w his hands in Ralph Wilson’s pockets for not doing much of anything while they were here..

  8. Brad smith was one of my favorite players when the jets went to the afc championship game back to back he is a heluva player extremely versatile and passionate about the game gives his all and he does it all the eagles offense has been very inconsistent but pretty darn good in my opinion he adds a whole new level of versatility and weaponry not to mention the fact he’s a monster on speciale teams both as a returner and a defender overall fantastic pick up eagles should win a very weak nfc east with 8- 9 wins (yes 8 or 9 will win the divison) behind their offense

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