Suggs is back at practice, will be good to go Sunday


Ravens fans got a shock on Thursday when linebacker Terrell Suggs, healthy on Wednesday, missed practice with a foot injury.

Per multiple reports, Suggs is back at practice on Friday.  Per a league source, the injury won’t impact his ability to play on Sunday against the Bengals.

Suggs declared a state of emergency after the Ravens fell to 3-4.  Since then, they’ve lost to the Browns for the first time since 2007, falling to 3-5.

A loss Sunday would drop the Ravens to 3-6 — and possibly drop them out of the playoff picture in the AFC.

16 responses to “Suggs is back at practice, will be good to go Sunday

  1. Well whoopidy doo!!

    I bet Ravens fans are relieved…they’ll probably go undefeated now that he’s back.

  2. The collective voice of Steeler Nation is proud to represent the face of football. Therefore, we are preparing to leave the NFL and start our own league, a real league where tackling is permitted.

    It is time to leave our glorious ways in the NFL to the past and keep the true football spirit alive elsewhere.

    We appreciate all of your letters and emails voicing your support and admiration.

    To quote Charlie Sheen: “I am done with winning; I’ve already won.”

  3. “Curse of Flacco”?????

    The same curse that has led to 5 playoff appearances, best road playoff record in NFL history, historic Super Bowl run, Super Bowl MVP.

    Yup, us Ravens fans are cursed with this Godforsaken franchise and their QB….

  4. You Steeler fans are a riot.

    This season, which has been a train wreck, is all about karma.

    That said, I can’t stand to even look at a photo of Suggs. Jeeze.

  5. I have to say I agree with the Steelers fan. The Ravens and Steelers should move to a new league where real tackle football is played. The run and shoot pansy indoor football league the NFL is now promoting really does SUCK!

  6. Suggs has been quiet the pass few weeks. Hopefully they can get to the red rifle this week. Miami did and that brought him back to Earth with his play. This could be a close game either way if Dalton and Cinci play like they did last week. Or it could be blow out if we see what we’ve seen from both teams this year. Hopefully playing at home could inspire the Ravens to wake up.

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