Aldon Smith plays sparingly in return to 49ers lineup


The 49ers got linebacker Aldon Smith back this week after his stay in rehab, but Smith’s presence in the lineup turned out to be a minimal one.

Smith played just two snaps in the first half of the game and about 12 snaps overall in San Francisco’s 10-9 loss to the Panthers. That’s a big drop from the role he was playing before he left the team and the 49ers pass rush did well without a heavy dose of Smith.

They sacked Cam Newton four times and pressured him several other times in a loss that has to be pinned almost entirely on an ineffective offense. Smith said after the game that he wanted to play more although he knew that wouldn’t happen in his first game back.

“Yeah, I was aware that I wasn’t going to play too much,” Smith said, via the Sacramento Bee.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said that Smith’s playing time was designed to ease him back into the lineup rather than any kind of punishment. Activating Smith and then not playing him as a punitive measure would make as much sense as cutting off one’s nose to spite their face, so you’d expect to see more of Smith in the future.

7 responses to “Aldon Smith plays sparingly in return to 49ers lineup

  1. joetoronto says:Maybe he can play QB.

    1st comment on a 49er post bright and early. obsessed with the 49ers just a little lol.

  2. My fat thumb hit the thumbs down on the Russell Wilson >>> Kap post. Just wanted to point out Wilson makes Kap look like Ryan leaf. I’ve seen Wilson have a bad game for sure but he’s never looked scared and overwhelmed like Kap. Go re watch both Seahawks games and Kap looks scared just like he did yesterday. He might be bigger and faster than Wilson but I’ll take Wilson any day.

  3. assuredmutualdestruction says: Nov 11, 2013 2:01 PM

    Don’t you wish you had Russell Wilson? Kaep is a bust, he can’t anticipate a defense to save his life.

    Kaep is like his coach – a lazy blow hard.

    Both spend more time doing commercials or strutting in their “gear” than actually preparing for games.

    Remember when you guys said Kaep was one of the top 2 or 3 QBs in the league after the GB game?

    Oh, that was funny. Good stuff.

    Kaep will never be an elite QB.

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