Dolphins could be galvanized by controversy

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Much has happened in and around the Dolphins since the team last played a game, 11 days ago against the Bengals.  As the new kings of NFL dysfunction prepare to play the most recent kings of NFL dysfunction in Tampa, the question becomes whether the Dolphins will play better or worse as the mess continues to unfold.

Some think the Dolphins have remained focused and are ready to play, with the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation more of a media issue than a locker-room problem.

As one source with knowledge of the team’s locker room told PFT, “They are pissed off and have the ‘us against the world’ attitude and it has galvanized them.”

Six years ago, a similar dynamic played out after Spygate, with the Patriots rallying around each other and their coach.  They didn’t lose a game until the Super Bowl.  Of course, the 2007 Patriots were much more talented than the 2013 Dolphins.

But the 2013 Dolphins have won four of eight games, and they remain in striking distance for a playoff berth.

The Dolphins have another reason to win down the stretch.  If they want to keep their head coach for 2014, they may have to do well enough on the field that owner Stephen Ross has no choice but to keep him.

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  1. Ahh yes the old let’s bomb our way out of this bomb of a mess. All the shrapnel currently in disarray will get exploded back into a perfect place.

    If only the football world existed as a cartoon, then this attitude would work to build a champion.

  2. Finally a positive Dolphins story. It’s Gameday baby! Fins put a malicious attack on the Bucs tonight and it won’t even be close.

  3. Question with regards to the “Murder your family text”…what’s the difference between sending that in a meme vs. typing it in? Seems as though because it was in a picture it was the same joke? I don’t get it.

  4. I’ll say this, after seeing the all 22 of the game against the Bengals, when incognito went down with an injury Nate Garner player very well

  5. I’m a die hard Dolphin fan and this has just gotten blown way too far out of proportion. Maybe i’m only noticing it more because it’s my team that’s involved, but OMG let it go already. At least until REAL facts come out. The media is absolutely rediculus!

  6. Ah yes, we are all fortunate to be witnessing the Jeff Ireland Glory Years. The envy of all other NFL franchises…..

    Interviewing technique, in-game fan relations, free agent and draft pick evaluation, new head coach procurement, veteran QB wooing, setting an example for leadership and establishing a culture for a football team. Yep, you name it and Jeff Ireland absolutely cannot do it.

    How this moron is employed by anyone is beyond belief.

  7. Other recent great PFTisms:

    “Bountygate will galvanize the Saints in 2012.”

    “Just when we expect the Steelers to be bad, they usually have a great year, so expect that in 2013.”

  8. ahh, thanks for reminding me!

    I had forgotten that the New England Patriots were caught videotaping games and had fines imposed on belichick personally as well as have draft picks taken away from the organization.

    The worst breach of integrity in the history of the sport was almost forgotten!

  9. It takes crap like this to finally have the Dolphins show some courage. Worst offense of line in football just got better by losing two starters. Yeah good luck with that Lamar Miller.

  10. Dolphins haven’t shown the character in their leadership before or during this distraction to pull together as you suggest…

    The Pod will splinter & they will loose to the Bucs as just the beginning of this spiral further downward…

  11. Who knows, I believe the fins are pissed and would like to unleash it on another team but talent wins out in the end. I will not be one bit surprised if the Dolphins beat the bucs tonight after all everybody else has. I will be surprised if they blow them out. I’ve watched every Miami game this year and that offense really hasn’t given us any reason to believe they are capable of a blowout. With Dimitri Patterson out (who’s been awesome this year) the Bucs get a nice matchup with Vincent Jackson vs Jimmy Wilson (ugh) in the slot. If Miami wins it will be like the rest of their games meaning it will likely some down to the last possession. The Dolphins do not score enough points, same problem since 2008.

  12. I also see a galvanized team for the game tonight. Philbin may be worth keeping but the Dolphins should unload the ghost of Bill Parcells (Ireland).

  13. xpensivewinos:

    You hit the nail on the head. I don’t know what element of the game of football is something that Ireland isn’t prone to screwing up. Once they figure this out and move on from him then they can at least have a chance to build something respectable. You are only as good as how smart and good your football people are, and Ireland has shown year in and year out to be among the worst of football managers in the league. He should owe Mr. Ross more money in reparations than everything he has every been paid by Ross in his lifetime. His value calculation is way into the negatives.

    It’s just a travesty when you have a businessman running a football team and putting such lackluster football people in charge of it. He needs a good football man and a real winner to take control. That’s it, and then everything else is simple and set up for routine success.

  14. Everybody conveniently forgot that the Pats and Ravens won a lot of games thanks to star players who (allegedly) KILLED people. Not bullied, but killed. As in dead. Those people are dead. They didn’t run home to their mamma and dadda lawyers. They are not breathing anymore. Gone. To the afterlife.

  15. This is not a chatroom…


    gtmcd82 says:
    Nov 11, 2013 3:39 PM
    All you rats who rip the patriots every chance you get are just plain jealous! All of you have to get a life. This chat room is awful

  16. There’s precedence here.

    During Spygate it was acknowledged by coaches past and present that the Patriots weren’t doing anything that hadn’t been done since the days of George Halas.

    The Patriots acknowledged that as of the first game of 2007 they were not in compliance with the 2006 rule change – but were so angry by the ignorant outcry of “outraged” fans and players that they simply went on to achieve the first and only 16-0 regular season in the history of the NFL

    (To this day ignorant haters use a 16-0 record as “proof” the Patriots can’t win without cheating, but I digress)

  17. I wonder how the Patriots would have performed in 2007 without Matt Light and Logan Mankins… well, not really because it’s not a very apt comparison and it’s more than 5 years ago.

  18. Some of you on here really write a load of rubbish. No one has much idea about what happened with Jonathon Martin, because he hasn’t come out and said anything. Until he does, just stop guessing and go on with your miserable lives.
    All I know as a Dolphin fan, we don’t want him back. He wasn’t very good, and obviously had problems with his position. Let him stay hidden with his parents, and maybe eventually he will actually speak. I love it how his “source” speaks for him, or his “fancy” attorney, maybe he has a problem speaking right now.

  19. Texting incognito after the whole incident, and including an LOL destroys all of Martin’s credibility. If this guy made your life so miserable that you needed therapy, maybe you shouldn’t still be trying to be his friend. I could understand trying to be a bully’s friend when your in the room with him, but the fact is he never has to see incognito again, so no need to keep trying. I hope he sleeps well at night knowing that a lot of people have been drug through the mud over this, simply because he didn’t like the “culture” of the nfl, and decided to quit and collect a lawsuit. Be a man, and just walk away if you don’t like the culture (as he said personally in a text to incognito), don’t smear other people’s character (definitely not taking up for incognito) just so you can get an easy payday.

  20. Hes done enough damage. Martin should do everyone a favor and heed the immortal words of Iron Mike Tyson, just “Fade into Bolovian”…..

    I am not a Dolphin fan. But I hope Incognito is back next week and they win a few in a row just to shut the media up. Martin’s story becomes more like swiss cheese every day. Full of Holes & Stinks………

  21. Some think the Dolphins have remained focused and are ready to play

    They may be “ready to play” but the Miami Oline was a revolving door before Martin walked out and they suspended Incognito.

    Tannehill is going to get the crap pounded out of him for the rest of the season, or as long as he lasts before injury knocks him out for the year. Feel bad for the Fins fans, they finally seem to have a decent QB, the team spent a lot of money making offseason moves, and nobody thought that it might be a good idea to keep Tannehill on his feet.

    NFL offenses start and end with the Oline. Doesn’t matter how good the QB and skill players are if the line stinks and the QB gets killed all day long.

  22. I disagree about the ‘Fins being galvanized. All players should be giving it their all – all the time. The “galvanized by an event” conclusion is kind of like believing success comes from rah rah win-one-for-the Gipper type b.s.

    I don’t buy it. Teams win when they execute, minimize mental mistakes and produce.

    Losing two starting OLs on a poor OL will certainly not help the Dolphins.

  23. I disagree about the ‘Fins being galvanized. All players should be giving it their all – all the time. The “galvanized by an event” conclusion is kind of like believing success comes from rah rah win-one-for-the Gipper type b.s.

    I don’t buy it. Teams win when they execute, minimize mental mistakes and produce.

    Losing two starting OLs on a poor OL will certainly not help the Dolphins.

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