Bills facing league’s first blackout of the season


The NFL is riding an impressive streak of having all its games on local television, but that could be about to end.

According to Mike Rodak of, the Bills are in danger of not selling out, and thus having the league’s first local TV blackout of the season.

Bills CEO Russ Brandon said the team still had around 4,500 tickets to sell by Thursday’s deadline, and that it would be “difficult” to avoid a blackout.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson guaranteed their Oct. 11 game against the Bengals would sell out (ostensibly by buying his own seats at 34 cents on the dollar), but if he doesn’t do it again, fans in Western New York will have to watch something other than Jets-Bills.

Or, get to, as the case may be.

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  1. Good, I am sick of seeing these idiots play. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see them get their buts handed to them. It’s just common place now that that they are going to lose. Put a good team on that would be interesting to watch!

  2. Funny…whenever this happens to the Chargers…the conversation goes like this 1) The Fans are Terrible…2) Move the team!

    But what about the Bills? Well the team is bad.

  3. That’s what happens when you lose 5 out of your last six games despite all the “woulda, shoulda coulda…”.As they say close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades.

  4. Cleveland has been terrible since their return in 1999, and haven’t had a blackout since. Buffalo has Toronto, Rochester, and Syracuse, all within a two hour drive. The only excuses are that the stadium is a dump, traffic is terrible, and they still have medal bleachers seats that make your back feel as if you’re a 100 years old.

  5. We are so over due for the blackout rules to be eliminated. It hurts the game and is an afront to the fans.

    The difference is making a little profit or a lot of profit. There is no real downside to eliminating the rule, don’t believe the BS.

  6. When the stadium was built the population of Buffalo was around 500,000. Today the population is almost 250,000. NY taxes are beyond ridiculous, young people are moving, the baby boomers who got to enjoy the Bills during the 80’s and early 90’s are retiring and moving south. Now you have a stadium that holds 70,000+ with declining population. They can still EASILY sell out every week but even the most diehard of fans will watch it on TV than go to the game. It’s sad when tailgating is the best part of the game, this is why Buffalo is a drinking city with a sports problem.

  7. This is the harsh reality in upstate NY. We have no jobs and people are vacating due to the unreal taxes. We have to foot the bill for NYC and continue to get nothing in return .

  8. The blackout rules need to go. In a way it’s the league and owners biggest FU to the fan. They expect the fans to subsidize the stadiums with tax dollars. Than they price the tickets out of the average fans reach. So they’re forced to stay home instead of going to the game. Than the NFL says well no enough tickets were sold so you can’t watch your team play.

  9. The stadium has been downsized constantly from it’s original 80,000 seats in the early 70’s when it was built. Wilson has done the fans a big favor by keeping the Bills ticket prices among the leagues lowest. As others have mentioned, the population base has dropped dramatically in the last 30 years, despite the Bills attempting to claim Toronto,Rochester, and Syracuse as their “metropolitan area”. A winning team would help, but I still recall that historic playoff game comeback against the Oilers in the 90’s wasn’t sold out. That was a Super Bowl team and they didn’t even support that. That’s why the Bills are eventually going to end up in Los Angeles.

  10. If Ralph wants to keep his fan base he will buy the tickets as other team owners do. It’s a divisional game and I feel I have spent so much money over the years supporting the Bills. Time to give back to yoor loyal fans Mr. Wilson.

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