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Jaguars get final approval for new scoreboards

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The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up their first victory of the season Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. On Tuesday, the Jaguars got final approval for upgrades to EverBank Field.

According to the Associated Press, the Jacksonville city council approved funding for the stadium renovations that include $63 million scoreboards that are expected to be the world’s largest.

The city will pay $43 million with most of the funds coming from a 2-percent hotel tax that’s already in place. Jaguars owner Shad Khan will foot the bill for the remaining $20 million.

Everyone who attends an event at EverBank Field is going to fall in love with these improvements,” team president Mark Lamping said when the deal was initially reached.  “We owe our fans nothing less than the very best in-stadium experience.  This up-to-date stadium technology will give fans the best in video quality, real-time content, out-of-town game action, fantasy football statistics, multiple-angle replays and create a personality for EverBank Field which is distinctly Jacksonville.”

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50 Responses to “Jaguars get final approval for new scoreboards”
  1. mustbechris says: Nov 13, 2013 1:07 AM

    Sweet, more taxpayer corporate welfare.

  2. smartanis says: Nov 13, 2013 1:14 AM

    “Both people who attend an event at EverBank Field are going to fall in love with these improvements,” team president Mark Lamping said when the deal was initially reached.

    Fixed that for you.

  3. onebucplace says: Nov 13, 2013 1:15 AM

    How about throwing in another $500 for someone to design a decent looking helmet?

  4. DonRSD says: Nov 13, 2013 1:16 AM

    $63 million to renovate an old stadium with a new scoreboard!?!?

    How about put that money towards a new stadium.

    Thank God Im a Giants fan and our team doesnt make dumb decisions……only delaying the inevitable.

  5. swaggyy says: Nov 13, 2013 1:23 AM

    How the hell does it cost 63 million dollars for a scoreboard? Is there 24 carat gold on this thing?

  6. thrillheaux says: Nov 13, 2013 1:26 AM

    “The city will pay $43 million with most of the funds coming from a 2-percent hotel tax that’s already in place. Jaguars owner Shad Khan will foot the bill for the remaining $20 million.”

    They can save some cash by purchasing just one digit for the “Home” side.

  7. binkystevens says: Nov 13, 2013 1:33 AM

    Yes, this is what finally gets this team over the hump. Not years of inept play, a lack of identity, zero story lines, or apathetic fans in north Florida. This, this is what it’s all about.

  8. chitown2831 says: Nov 13, 2013 1:38 AM

    Smh give a new scoreboard to a team that doesn’t score

  9. sshettig says: Nov 13, 2013 1:40 AM

    Does this mean the jaguars are in Jacksonville for good? Had them as front runners for LA and London. Who’s left?

  10. NYTolstoy says: Nov 13, 2013 1:43 AM

    isn’t the team going to move in a few years or is this all rumors? Otherwise spending 63 million seems like they’re staying put.

  11. genoinabottlenyj says: Nov 13, 2013 1:57 AM

    This will help distract fans from what is going on on the field which is the goal I’d imagine

  12. i10east says: Nov 13, 2013 2:41 AM

    …But the Jags are still gonna relocate to London or Los Angeles, right trolls? #positivityoverhate

  13. cactusdildo says: Nov 13, 2013 2:41 AM

    63 million dollars for a scoreboard seems very reasonable considering how often the jags score.

  14. jagster32 says: Nov 13, 2013 2:53 AM

    this way we can go to a game to watch a real game be played…….. other teams up on the scoreboard

  15. cunninghampeetemcnabbvick says: Nov 13, 2013 2:59 AM

    I was hoping to see a pic of Shad Khan. He’d be my favorite owner in the league if I judged them on mustaches only. It is movember after all.

  16. bjwbrown2011 says: Nov 13, 2013 3:09 AM

    Just going to say the obvious: if I was the Jags I wouldn’t want anyone looking at the scoreboard ever.

  17. boomgrounder says: Nov 13, 2013 3:55 AM

    Jags Owner Shad Khan continues to invest in Jacksonville. Jaguars are the most stable NFL franchise in FL. With Kahn’s vision and long term investment in the franchise with the hirings of GM Dave Caldwell and HC Gus Bradley the Jaguars will be a franchise on the the rise over the next decade.

  18. henryjones20 says: Nov 13, 2013 4:21 AM

    I’m not even gonna say anything else negative about London’s squad.easy targets.good day chaps.

  19. thegonz13 says: Nov 13, 2013 4:24 AM

    Wow! Their first win AND a new scoreboard all in the same week. Things are looking up!

  20. Tug R says: Nov 13, 2013 4:25 AM

    It’s stories like this that help me get over not living in a town with a pro sports team anymore. I remember living in Indianapolis when there was a bit of controversy among some as to whether the city could afford $500 million to replace a worn out hospital. But $1 billion for a stadium, that was a no brainer.

  21. cylondetector says: Nov 13, 2013 4:43 AM

    That ALOT of cash to put a sign up saying “HOME TEAM = opts″

  22. kivory82 says: Nov 13, 2013 4:56 AM

    Go Jags!!!

  23. tomtravis76 says: Nov 13, 2013 5:23 AM

    Win football games and compete for the playoffs every year, affordable tickets not in the upper deck, easy access in and out of the stadium, reasonable F&B pricing, improved food options, knowledgeable game day staff, security present to get rid of idiots who get blacked out drunk and ruin a game for those around them…those are ingredients of how to get fans to your stadium, not 65 million dollar video boards that will be already obsolete with their technology compatibility by the time of completed install.

  24. nedhigginssports says: Nov 13, 2013 6:12 AM

    Hopefully that $63 million includes carnival-style box cars so they can pack those puppies up when the jags move to LA/London

  25. smartstickhotness says: Nov 13, 2013 6:47 AM

    Hopefully they will be showing the other games where football is actually being played

  26. remok9 says: Nov 13, 2013 6:48 AM

    63mil and the taxpayers fit the bill….sickening. Teams should at least be made to fit half (perfect world joe citizen wouldn’t have pay a dime towards it)

  27. amgdds says: Nov 13, 2013 6:49 AM

    The Worlds largest…for no one to see.

  28. orivar says: Nov 13, 2013 6:50 AM

    ..While I don’t like the owner not paying for the whole thing, because they’re the ‘owner’, this doesn’t seem too bad when it comes to residential money footing the bill but I could be wrong.

  29. larrydavid7000 says: Nov 13, 2013 6:51 AM

    I guess this gives the jags 63 million reasons that their not going anywhere soon. What about up grading the Tarps that are all around the stadium. Need to address that improvement as well.

  30. jcbrown1982 says: Nov 13, 2013 6:52 AM

    Where are all the witty comments about the LA and London Jaguars?

  31. pencilmonkeymagic says: Nov 13, 2013 6:55 AM

    I honestly don’t have the heart to put the joke in – but it writes itself.

  32. maninbrown says: Nov 13, 2013 7:03 AM

    Great! All 350 or so fans who show up to the games on Sundays will love the new screens.

    Use your money to put a decent product on the field, until then you’re just the laughing stock of the NFL

  33. mtheparrothead says: Nov 13, 2013 7:07 AM

    If you’re thinking about commenting “now jags fans can watch a real team”, your unoriginal comment is too late.

  34. mase7286 says: Nov 13, 2013 7:08 AM

    They only need to replace half of it because it’s only the away side being used.

  35. fiyeaglesfiy says: Nov 13, 2013 7:22 AM

    To remind the fans the team hasn’t scored yet?

  36. whereslelie says: Nov 13, 2013 7:36 AM

    Yeah new score boards are what they need, because a few more wins is too much to ask.

    Hell, The Tim Tebow Sideshow is too much to ask!

    Wow! Dod you guys see the new scoreboards at Everbank? No, I missed it! Were they awesome? I was too busy napping through another lame effort by the offense.

  37. lolo376 says: Nov 13, 2013 7:50 AM

    Why spend money on a scoreboard if you can’t put any points on it?

  38. smuthe says: Nov 13, 2013 8:45 AM

    So they want their fans to see that they’re getting crushed, in HD and large font now?

  39. hpeters77 says: Nov 13, 2013 9:48 AM

    great now the Jags only have to score to use the board. all that money and only half the sign will be used

  40. regisphilbin says: Nov 13, 2013 9:50 AM

    LOL, I love all these jokes.

    1. The money spent on the stadium has nothing to do with how much they spend on players.

    2. Its not a single board, we’re getting 2.

    3. We’re also getting 2 infinity pools in the north endzone along with a second party deck.

    Or we can just talk about how 63M is alot for a single tv.

  41. hpeters77 says: Nov 13, 2013 9:55 AM

    Give the opposing team all types of motivation by seeing their huge lead in High Definition

  42. gromit45 says: Nov 13, 2013 10:20 AM

    Just checking the article so see if the scoreboards were being installed in Los Angeles.

  43. jcbrown1982 says: Nov 13, 2013 10:35 AM

    The city of Jacksonville owns the stadium, not Shad Khan. That is why they are paying more than half. This benefits their application for a National Championship game and other international events. I think its a good investment. Plus, Khan has agreed to pay any expenses that go over the proposal…which probably means another 20 million.

  44. nyjetsfan08 says: Nov 13, 2013 10:45 AM

    This is the equivalent of enticing someone to travel route 66 to see The Big Texan. Nobody cares!

  45. jjbadd385 says: Nov 13, 2013 12:33 PM

    Only the visitor portion of their current scoreboard gets much use! The home portion is like new!

  46. spitsfire says: Nov 13, 2013 12:35 PM

    “” Or we can just talk about how 63M is alot for a single tv.””

    No, we can talk about how that is way too much for 2 tv’s, a pool and a deck.

    This team is long gone. What a waste. It was a bad idea to give them to Jacksonville instead of Baltimore to begin has been a disaster ever since.

  47. davekva72 says: Nov 13, 2013 12:51 PM

    Hopefully they’ll be showing NFL Redzone on those big screens. Would be so nice for all of those paying customers to have the option of watching actual football while at Everbank Field.

  48. steelerben says: Nov 13, 2013 12:55 PM

    A) Two great big scoreboards that would be used to show the game if it wasn’t currently blacked out.

    B) Tarps love big TVs.

    C) Those scoreboards are going to have to be huge so the teams can see what they say all the way from London.

    D) But are the boards going to be big enough to see ALL of Shad’s ‘stache?

    Take your pick.

  49. mackcarrington says: Nov 13, 2013 4:26 PM

    Well, at least this will put an end to all those stories about the Jags moving to LA.

  50. rcali says: Nov 13, 2013 4:26 PM

    The NFL needs to decide if they are all in or all out for a team in Jacksonville. Wanting to send three to four home games in the future to London or never go against rumors they are going to be moved permanently is not how you build a fan base. I don’t understand how anybody right now would support this organization with the way it’s been run by ownership and it’s NFL affiliate. Scoreboards are not fixing this problem.

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