Sam Hurd sentenced to 15 years in prison

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Former NFL receiver Sam Hurd has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking conspiracy.

Hurd, who pleaded guilty in April to conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine, was sentenced in a federal courtroom in Texas today. Under federal sentencing laws, Hurd faced a minimum of 10 years.

Rebecca Lopez of WFAA in Dallas reports that Hurd stood before the judge and begged for a second chance. Hurd claimed that his marijuana addiction led him to make bad decisions. The judge admonished Hurd for throwing away a great opportunity as an NFL player.

The 28-year-old Hurd played for the Cowboys from 2006 to 2010 and for the Bears in 2011. His NFL career came to an abrupt end one day during the 2011 season when he went from Bears practice to a Chicago restaurant for what he thought was a meeting with Mexican drug dealers to arrange to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. Hurd was actually meeting with undercover FBI agents.

Hurd’s attorney said after the sentencing that he was pleased that the judge did not impose the maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

49 responses to “Sam Hurd sentenced to 15 years in prison

  1. Hurd claimed that his marijuana addiction led him to make bad decisions.


    No, he needs to blame HIMSELF for his bad decisions. He didn’t have to traffic when he was making good money as an NFL player. He got greedy, and he got caught.

  2. He deserves to be punished but 15 years? Donte Stallworth drank and killed someone pointblank and he got a few months and played again in the NFL.

    Something is wrong here.

  3. Mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines – what a joke. MMQB did a great piece on this story. It’s a long read, but well worth it.

    No way this guy should be spending 15 years behind bars. 2-4 years maybe. But, this is ridiculous.

  4. Rapists, murderers and pedophiles get lighter sentences, the war on drugs is such a racist joke it’s almost funny.

    couldn’t agree with you more….except that it not funny in the slightest.

  5. Horrible drug laws. 5 out of 10 professional athletes dabble in that, at parties or otherwise, in large amounts.
    The warning this will serve to everyone, is to avoid this because of the legal ramifications, not because anyone believes drugs are ‘bad’

  6. Meh, he should’ve gotten like 5-10 years. 15 years is more for armed robbery, sexual assault,
    and some homicides. But yeah marijuana should be regulated and taxed like alcohol, so stuff like this shouldn’t happen. The cocaine trafficking is what probably screwed him over, and that substance should remain illegal. But a plant shouldn’t be illegal, blaze it up fellas.

  7. He was not put away for weed…he was put away for dealing coke. I still think it is too long but I am not sure why people keep mentioning weed when talking about the 15 years

  8. I understand the legalize it comments regarding the weed……but this dummy was trying to traffic cocaine!!!! Why in god’s name would ANYONE want that crap legalized????

  9. 15 years for attempting to buy cocaine?
    I hope there’s more to the story than that, female teachers are committing statutory rape and getting probation.

  10. What is wrong with you people?

    This has nothing to do with marijuana. He was trying to traffic a massive amount of cocaine. Is that what you want to be “legalized”, some of you really need to get a clue.

    Im all for pot being legal, but coke, sorry. And when you are trying to traffic huge amounts of it, enjoy 15 years.

    You can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  11. We put too many people in jail for too long. We pretend to be a society which rehabilitates but really we just punish and forget them.

    A 10 year min. sentence for a non-violent crime is ridiculous. I am not interested in hearing about how cocaine addiction leads to violent crimes either. Those who commit the crimes choose to use drugs and choose to commit violent crimes.

  12. this is sickening. 15 years for trying to buy something. cocaine is bad stuff. but 15 years of a man’s life for trying to buy a thing.

    the only thing in the world for which attempted purchase should equal that much jail time is a WMD.

    I agree with everyone who remarks that rapists and murderers get less time.

    The judge should be ashamed of him/herself.

  13. I don’t like how a “Judge” can decide whether you serve 10 yrs or life. Their should be stringent sentencing laws that make very clear the penalty of conviction and everybody does the same time for the same crime.

  14. As a Dallas fan I loved Sam Hurd. He was one of the friendliest people to the media; always had a huge smile. I was sad to see him leave for Chicago.

    When I first heard about this I was completely shocked; I could have named you 50 players on the Cowboys roster that I thought were more likely to be involved in something like this than Sam.

    He’s a good kid at heart. But he was or was aiming to become a huge trafficker of illegal drugs. 15 years sounds fair. He was looking at life. I still feel for him.

  15. It’s 15 years because he intended to traffic. Not necessarily for “buying cocaine”. Trafficking makes the cocaine available to other people, and locking somebody away to prevent others to gain access to it is well worth it.

  16. ok all of u ppl saying that other posters must be high wanting cocaine legalized need to use some common sense here I don’t use either one but I can clearly comprehend that they are talking about marijuana u guys must be high and for the poster above saying a cowboys player goes to jail for drugs, u need to remember that this all happened while he played for the bears not even n Texas at the time

  17. He was attempting to buy TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of cocaine!! Not a hit!! He was a DEALER not just a user. Stop defending this behavior and grow a pair. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with our color and everything with the choice and intent to SELL illegal drugs.

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