Browns announce upgrade plan, working on financing


The Browns announced some exciting new stadium upgrades yesterday, but they’re still working out the tricky issue of who’s going to pay for them.

According to Leila Atassi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, team officials outlined a plan for $120 million in upgrades, which would include a new scoreboard and audio system, among other changes.

CEO Joe Banner didn’t get into details of how they’d pay for it, other than to say they had obtained a loan from the NFL to cover half.

But the local government isn’t offering specifics either, with Mayor Frank Jackson saying they’re still in discussions. A local alcohol and cigarette tax which is earmarked for stadium upkeep expires in 2015.

Banner said the project would take two offseasons to finish, with a pair of high-definition scoreboards going up the first year. There will also be escalators, and they’re taking out 3,000 upper deck seats and moving 2,000 of them to the lower level.